Preeran SS ; Realization Part 10

Karan hires detective to find out everything about Sherlyn and Prithvi while they are distracted.

Preeta : but we have to be very careful I don’t trust them, if anybody get hint of Piyali’s background we could lose whole game

Karan : you are right, now she is also in danger with all this, we cannot trust those monsters

Preeta : don’t worry everything will be fine, come I will take you somewhere

Karan : baby doll I am not in mood to go anywhere please

Preeta drags him forcefully

Ya Nizamuddin Auliya, Ya Nizamuddin Salqa

Kadam Badhaa Le, Hadon Ko Mitaa Le,

Aaja Khaalipan Mein Pee Ka Ghar Tera,

Tere Bin Khaali Aaja, Khalipan Mein

Tere Bin Khaali Aaja, Khalipan Mein

Oooooo… Oooooo…

Oooooo… Oooooo…





Ho… Rang-Rezaaaa…

Kun Faya Kun

Kun Faya Kun

Faya Kun,

Faya Kun, Faya Kun, Faya Kun

Kun Faya Kun

Kun Faya Kun

Faya Kun,

Faya Kun, Faya Kun, Faya Kun

Preeta and Karan ties thread on the wall praying for their family.

“I know till today I have never bow down in front of you but situation forced me today, our families are surrounded with danger but nobody is even aware of that, you sent Piyali to help me now please let her stay out of this danger you have to protect my family help us, AMEN” Karan finishes prayer as well as Preeta

Both goes out for walk in evening.

“Karan look international flight” Preeta shouts in his ears

Karan : I can hear and see properly why are you screaming like that

Preeta : you promised me to take in international flight once in life

“So much noise for that, fine I will take you just let me get selected to international matches then see I will take you everywhere” Karan sits next to her

Preeta : don’t forget your promise Mr Luthra or else I will run around with this bat of yours

Karan ; you are threatening me? I will settle scores with you later

Preeta : oh please forget it, thats not your cup of tea to woo me

“Really then try it, I am very good at that” Karan pulls her much closer leaving very little distance

Preeta : what are you doing? leave me somebody will see us

“Why? you only said nothing can affect you then my one touch will really make you scared” hold her face

Both share intimate moment but are interrupted by phone call of Sarla

Preeta : yea ma I am coming, Karan I have to go home its late

Karan gets upset but drops her back home

Preeta : good night (leaves)

Luthra house 

Karan : bhai there is problem

“yea sure, I am here as your fire brigade tell me now what” Rishab ask him teasingly

Karan : stop making fun of me na, actually there is some electricity problem in our guest house where Piyali and Anu are staying

Rishab : oh yea I called electrician but he said it will take couple days to come fix problem

Karan : till then if its okay can we bring them here for few days

Rishab : you are asking as if she is your regular girlfriend come on she is going to be daughter in law of this family, I will ask mom

Karan : I love you bhai (hugs him happily)

Rakhi agrees to keep Piyali and Anu at Luthra house much to disagreement with Kareena

Karan : welcome home again

Anu : Sir but this is only temporary, I mean once your job is done we will bid farewell

Karan : quiet will you make whole family listen, and what are you standing for

Piyali : I am waiting when I can breath peacefully without all this noise

Karan : where is the noise?

Piyali : the real nuisance is in front of me why should I tell about outside (leaves with her bag)

Karan : I wonder who will handle her tantrums when somebody asks for her hand

Anu : she won’t get married

Karan (surprised) : what do you mean?

Anu : nothing Sir, good night (leaves)

“Why do I always meet people who are so confusing that baby doll, this grumpy, can’t they say something normal” Karan murmurs

Rishab : what are you talking to yourself

Karan : nothing bhai, come lets go

Sherlyn argues with Prithvi to join hands with Piyali without asking her

Prithvi : don’t you have brain? she have video against us

Sherlyn : really? even Karan had MMS of you and that was more strong how easily we proved him wrong and this girl is nothing

Prithvi : baby why are you worrying? I have solution to every problem you really think I would trust that ordinary girl, once I get her biography then just wait and watch she will be out of Luthra family in no time and that cricketer won’t be able to do anything

Sherlyn : if you really want to do something for me, then break this engagement with Preeta

Prithvi : what are you saying? you know if I do this that player will easily manipulate Preeta and I can’t lose her right

Sherlyn : what do you mean? wait have you started loving her

Prithvi : nonsense I have no feelings for her okay

Sherlyn : thank god (hugs him)

“Once this marriage is finished and my job is done ruining Luthras then I will also get rid of this problem and only me and my Preeta” Prithvi shows obsessiveness for Preeta

Unaware to them Anu have fixed microphone in Sherlyn’s bracelet which is not known to anybody in group except Piyali.

Anu : di I am telling you this guy is upto something and he can ditch Sherlyn anytime, its good that girl deserves this

Piyali : shut up please first you took such big risk by fixing that microphone, and if somebody finds out about us the whole game will be flopped

Anu : thats why I fixed it, to keep an eye on their every plan, we won’t let them reach our truth

Piyali : right i am only worried for Preeta that girl have no idea she is going into deep well

Next day Akshay comes to meet Kritika who is busy organizing her room.

Kritika : hey you here (asks softly)

Akshay : why can I not come here? my fiancee is not missing me at least I have to check on her

Kritika : of course I miss you (walks backwards)

“Then why didn’t you pick my phone , neither you answered my texts” Akshay twists her hands

Kritika : please you are hurting me

“Now you see how much I was upset when you didn’t pick my calls” Akshay gets more violent

Kritika’s hand bleed little but he leaves her when Kareena comes.

Akshay : hello mother in law

Kareena : after long time you came, are you upset with us or something

Akshay ; can that ever happen and you should ask that to your daughter, she is avoiding me, I called her so many times

Kareena : Kritika? dear be careful, Akshay come with me, bhabhi wants to talk with you

Akshay : you go I am coming

Kritika holds her hand tightly with pain While Akshay is leaving the room he leg slips due to marbles on floor. He shouts in pain when whole family comes to his aid

Kareena : are you okay? Rishab, bhai come fast

Mahesh : dear get up you alright?

“I am fine, just my back is aching” Akshay shouts

Kritika brings water for him when she sees Anu hiding few marbles in her fist but does not say anything to family.

Rakhi : I will bring turmeric milk for you and see how your pain vanishes

Anu helps Kritika put dressing on her hands.

“You did all this na” Kritika ask her

Anu : you know what my di says, don’t tolerate wrong or do to anybody, sorry didi if you felt bad

Kritika : he is my would be husband, and this is India we girls have still some limits

Anu : what is the use of those when you lose self respect, you might be thinking I am more wisdom than my age but life has taught us

“Anu” Piyali calls for her

“Coming, okay di your dressing is done and sorry” Anu leaves

Shrishti is at bouquet store looking for flowers when she spots Sameer to nearby place. She buys different colors to make small bouquet.

Sameer : which one should i buy? that tall pole choice is also like her

Shrishti : I love to read action novel (comes from back surprising him)

Sameer : of course the one who believes in violence obviously loves those books

Shrishti : and just like this flowers shorty is very delicate to hurt (hands him bouquet)

“Thats for me, how sweet” asks lovingly

Shrishti : I thought I would give to my favorite star but he is not here so I have to deal with you

Sameer : I don’t want it, give that to your favorite celebrity whoever that is

Shrishti : you got offended? this is for you

“Don’t think I would take it easily do something special for me” Sameer does not resist

Shrishti : okay lets have lunch, treat is on me

Sameer ; I am tired of eating outside food and at house too

Shrishti : then I will make something special for you does that sound good

Sameer ; please I am not in mood to eat burned or uncooked food

Shrishti : now you are pushing it, I am not that bad cook maybe not like your Rakhi aunty, or preeta di but at least can try

Sameer : okay lets go but what about aunty, dadi

Shrishti : chill they have gone out and will come later in evening even di is not at home lets go

The duo goes to Arora house

Prithvi gets clue about Piyali’s past with Luthras.

“Yes now the real fun will begin” Prithvi holds newspaper

Sherlyn : what is it?

Prithvi : look at this baby, our evidence for freedom

Piyali is not able to know their plan due to problem in microphone.

Sherlyn : I don’t believe this, I cannot wait for Kareena aunty to kick those sisters out and even Karan won’t be able to save them

Arora house 

Karan comes home with Preeta when both are shocked to see Shrishti and Sameer enjoying food

Preeta : look at them, here we both are working hard and they are eating peacefully

Shrishti : who stopped you? its your house

Sameer : Preeta you didn’t tell how do you handle this big problem

Preeta : this is my another job handling crazy people around

Karan : hello both of you me and Shrishti are standing here at least show some respect

Preeta : wow Mr Luthra wants respect? I will show you right now (starts hitting him with pillows)

The four of them enjoys friendly banters hitting, running around house.

Precap : Kareena throws Piyali and Anu out of house without Karan’s knowledge. Karan Preeta helps Sameer Shrishti confess their love

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