Porus 23rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander plans to attack Paurav Rashtha

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Chanakya says I have done my work. Now go , complete your work. Puru agrees and leaves. He continues his Pooja.
Alexander is sitting alone and reminisces his childhood moments with Olympia. He gets sad. Rukasana comes there. Alexander reminisces how his mother blessed him everytime. Tears roll down from his eyes. He hears Rukasana calling his name from behind. She consoles him and asks him not to worry. Alexander holds her hands. Hebestian comes there and says everything is ready. Ambhi Raj wants to meet you. Alexander looks at Rukasana and wipes his tears. He goes with Hebestian. Rukasana says you have done a big mistake by kidnapping Alexander’s mother. Now get ready to be destroyed.
Queen Ausuya is shown laying on bed. King Bamni is holding Queen Anusuya’s hand. Puru looks at them and looks back at Laachi. Laachi gives him a gesture not to worry. Queen Ausuya gets slightly concious. King Bamni calls out her name. She opens her eyes. Everyone gets happy. Queen Anusuya looks at King Bamni and tries to say something. King Bamni says, no Anusuya you don’t need to say. We know everything. We stopped Olympia. You don’t worry. We all are fine. She questions about Puru. King Bamni looks at Puru. Puru goes near Queen Anusuya. She gets up. Puru asks how she is and says I got to know by seeing you for one time. Queen Anusuya holds Puru’s hand says, you won’tgo anywhere. Puru says that nothing will happen to him and he will win. He says I’m here because I want your blessings .
Ambi Raj discusses his plan with Alexander. Alexander asks Hebestian to go for Jhelum river. Alexander says to Ambi Raj that they should not come to attack Paurav Rashtha with him. He asks Ambi Raj to be ready in a different place. Ambi Raj gets shocked. They have an argument. Alexander threatens Ambi Raj saying that if you want your son alive, you should do what I say.
Queen Anusuya says , I have my faith on you. But how can I explain you. I feel something bad might happen. King Bamni says, it’s normal what you feel after what Olympia has done to you Anusuya. You don’t need to worry. We will handle everything. Puru also agrees with him. Queen Anusuya questions about Olympia. Puru says everything. Queen Anusuya gets shocked. Puru says , now give me your blessings mother. Queen Anusuya blesses him. Puru gets happy and keeps her hand on his forehead.
Chanakya is chanting mantras. Pooja continues. Chanakya takes out the diamond which Olympia used in her black magic. He throws it on fire. Chanakya covers his face with his hands. One person runs to him and asks whether he is fine. Chanakya replies yes. Then he says Alexander has got to know that Olympia is with Porus. Olympia’s well being is extremely needed now.
Alexander and Ambhi Raj have an argument again. Alexander again reminds him that Ambi Raj should do what he says. He says I will do anything to get back my mother.

Precap: Puru and Laachi talk about Dasyus. Hebestian goes to meet Dasyu king and Queen and threatens them to build the river by night. He raises sword on Dasyu king. Dasyu Queen gets angry and says I won’t let you raise a hand against him. They fight.

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