Bepannah 23rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Waseem finds Zoya-Aditya together

Bepannah 23rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya and Zoya look around for her earring. Anjana wonders why the phone had to fell right under Zoya’s feet. Aditya spots and picks the earrings, Zoya wasn’t attentive. Aditya hides the earring, he blames Arshad to have stolen the earring. One isn’t necessarily what he appears. Zoya asks if he claims Arshad is a thief? Aditya advices Zoya that she learnt through hard times that not everyone is worth trust, she must not trust anyone so easily now. Anjana wonders what so intense that they are discussing? What if Sanjana was right? Zoya was now worried that it’s already very late, and her parents must be worried. Aditya complains she didn’t have such guilts when with Arshad. Zoya forbids him compare himself to Arshad. Aditya asks Zoya to eat Qeema pao with him outside Bandra. Zoya hurries him to look for her earring first. Zoya slips and was about to fell off, Aditya holds her into his arms. Soon she spots her earring clutched in his hand and asks since when he had kept it? Aditya says he wanted them to eat something together before he returned it. They had just turned to leave when Zoya finds the cell phone. Aditya snatches the phone from her claiming to be really hungry and keeps it into his coat’s pocket. Anjana was terrified as her conversation with doctor was recorded in the phone, what if Aditya recognizes the phone and turns it on.
The next morning, Noor finds Roshana in the kitchen. Roshana says Zoya hasn’t yet returned home. Noor asks why so late? Roshana says Arshad called last night and told Waseem they are late, but they haven’t returned since then. She was angry over Waseem for granting them permission, while complains that her daughters have no time except work or entertainment. Waseem returns home and finds Roshana angry. He assures Roshana that Arshad is a sensible man and will take care of Zoya. Noor wonders what magic Arshad did over Waseem. She decides to do something.
Arjun stood in the hall worried for Aditya and Anjana. He decides to file a complaint in police. He gets a call from Noor but doesn’t pick it up. Waseem asks Noor to get ready, they will go to Dargah and later to shopping. Noor was shocked to hear about shopping. Roshana says Waseem has invited a few guests home and will cook kheer. Noor was excited about the kheer but tells Roshana to go with Waseem. Zoya had forgotten the keys of house.
Aditya brings Zoya to the Qeema Pao stall. He boasts that he also know some good spots like Arshad. Zoya says she likes this one more, want to know why? Aditya instead replies that it’s because he brought her there.
Harsh was worried about Anjana who didn’t return since last night. Anjana comes. Harsh questions where she had been, what kind of a reply was it ‘she wants to clear her head and some fresh air’. He at once notices bruises over Anjana’s arm. She looked terrified and hugs Harsh crying. Harsh was worried. Anjana asks Harsh for a promise that her sons won’t go away from her. Harsh assures no one can snatch his sons from her, it won’t happen until he is alive. He sends Arjun to bring first aid and sits with Anjana asking how it all happened. Anjana was crying and says she felt really restless, she went to sea side for a walk and fell from slippery stones there. She was tensed that Aditya had Sakshi’s phone, what if she loses her son once again.
Roshana and Waseem were going in the car, Roshana tensed for Zoya. Waseem forbids her disturb Zoya as she is with Arshad. He then stops the car with a jerk watching Zoya and Aditya together. They come down the car. Waseem questions Zoya about Arshad. Zoya explains she was with Arshad but he had an emergency and had to go to hospital, Aditya was there and about to drop her. Waseem looks skeptically towards Qeema Pao. Zoya says she even got one packed for him as its his favorite. Roshana tells Zoya about a lunch tomorrow and Waseem would cook kheer. Zoya was excited that Waseem will cook kheer after long. She invites Aditya and Arjun as well though Waseem gets offensive. Aditya turns to leave.
Noor opens the door and complains Arjun for arriving so late. Arjun looked tensed. Noor drags Arjun inside to avoid gossiping of neighbors. She asks about Anjana and takes him into her room. Arjun lay his head over Noor’s lap. She inquired him about Anjana and her matters. Arjun offers to discuss about Arshad right now. Noor was also furious over Arshad. They soon hear Waseem calling Noor. Arjun asks if these were her parent’s long hour plans. Both were terrified. Later, Waseem enters the room and finds Noor standing over a few mattress, she explains she was doing a new kind of exercise. It was Arjun under the blanket. Waseem tells Noor to hurry outside, they are going for shopping together. He also minds Noor to make perfect arrangements for tomorrow’s dinner, Arshad’s family is coming over. After Waseem had left, Noor removes the blanket apologetic and goes to get balm.
Aditya comes to his room and was plugging Sakshi’s cell phone in the charger. Arjun comes to ask why there is a tooth paste ad kind of smile over his face. Aditya says even Arjun would get the same smile hearing they have a lunch at Zoya’s place tomorrow. He shares with Arjun that Arshad’s character is dubious, he is too good to be true and none can always be so calm and peaceful. They were just discussing it when Anjana comes to the room with aarti plate. She looks around and finds Sakshi’s cell phone on side table. The boys sense she was looking for something. Anjana denies saying she lost her cell phone charger. Arjun takes her along saying it’s with him. Aditya picks Sakshi’s cell phone but his own phone begins to ring, he stuffs Sakshi’s phone in a bag. Zoya gives him a call expecting to see him tomorrow.

PRECAP: Aditya boasts about being a good cook. Arshad comes there boasting about a cook biryani cook. Waseem announces a competition and appoints Zoya as the judge.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Neha1

    Today’s episode best part was when Arjun came to Noor’s house and Waseem enters in Noor’s room and found that she was standing on few mattresses but it was Arjun under the blanket….I and My mom laugh out loud….?????
    Anjana saw tSakshi’s phone on Adi’s bed…don’t want she get that mobile… And 2mrrow is friday….so probably, the biryani competition will run till next week…!
    Loved that AdiYa spent some time but still want more Adiya scenes….

  2. Noor and Arjun romance was superb and so was Aditya and Zoya
    But now there should hurry up

  3. Today’s episode was better than yesterday’s…I didn’t want to watch it so didn’t c on tv but couldn’t hold myself from watching it online…stupid zoya will declare Arshad as winner…but hope she does it for a good reason like she wanted to eat Adi’s biryani all by herself n not give it to anyone!!!:)…if she doesn’t do it for a good reason then makers are making me get more irritated with Zoya…if Arshad wins biryani competition then when it comes to best gift of the day all credit must go to Adi…:)

    1. Hahaha.. I swear if her reason’s not like the one you just said,my brain will declare her as the biggest ‘ehmak’ ! And it’ll be really hard for me watch her do anything then..
      I miss the old zoyaaaaa.. (minus the depandant,afraid waala part).
      Her character’s being degraded,I feel.. she just smiles and looks at Aditya cluelessly now.. ofc she’s a successful woman now.. but apart from that.. on a daily ep basis.. she hardly has any dialogues… Woh toh Jennifer winget hai that’s why her screen presence only is highly impactful .. otherwise as Zoya.. idk anymore.
      Also,poor Aditya . His face had lit up when she tasted his food and then.. aditya’s stars are not in his favour.. since his realisation.. no,wait.. since the first ep only! ???????

    2. Stupid Zoya will start her ‘mere osool’ n “fair play” jaap if Adi gets angry with her for choosing Arshad’s biryani…n while she says such cliched dialogs I will fill cotton in my ears…anyways her ‘best friend’ jaap has started bugging the audience…
      In our world if a showpiece reads ‘I love u’ it means ‘I Iove u’ but in successful businesswoman’s world it reads as ‘I love u best friend’?????

  4. Seriously? Biryani Competition?
    Bepanah makers you are terribly disappointing me. Get along with the story at a sensible pace. We want to know the story and not whether Adi or Arshad cook better biryani. Please I must say, this month has been a terrible disappointment. All I am saying is to get the story quicker. Seems like you are trying to unnecessarily trying to stretch the plot.
    Please reply if you agree with any of my points

    1. Evelyn you are right. Story is stalling but its waaaaaaay better than Kum Kum Bhagya and Kundalini Bhagya. Because of those two shows dragging like a snail I got hooked to Bepannah and now my entire family and friends are watching Bepannah. But yes they need to get on with their story and make it different and interesting as it was before.

    2. @Patricia…u r right way better than kumkum n kundali bhagya…since conception the stories of these serials hasn’t moved forward at all but still they are top shows!!!!!…Indian audience has very poor taste!!!!
      But this week kundali Bhagya slipped down to number 7 in trp chart n I was super happy about it!!!!???

    3. I agree with all your points.. at this point when we’re already disappointed with the pace,this biryani competition just brought it to the edge.. ofc Zoya taking arshad’s side even there pushed it off that edge for sure.
      There was absolutely no point of these eps.. like wth?!
      I feel like there’s no concrete story left and they’re just making stuff up each week!
      I’m not saying rush the story but at least give us something and by something I don’t necessarily mean adiya moments but just an idea that we’re at least getting somewhere… otherwise these days,the entire episode is a filler,I feel.
      Idk ya,I too am truly disappointed.. I had high hopes from this show,loved its premise.. but now it all just seems really stupid.
      I hope I’m proven wrong soon!!!!
      Bepanaah needs to make a comeback ASAP!

    4. You are right… This month episodes were utterly boring.. Initially I thought that Arshad’s entry will bring a new twist in the story but now gradually I feel the show is loosing its track. Previously I used to wait eagerly for 9:30 pm but now I am not at all interested to watch this drama.. I thought that this time AdiYa romance will attract the audience but I am quite offended to see that its more like a teenage love where both of them are trying to win each other’s hearts and families coming in midway….. Please show us some good story ….

    5. I agree that serial is dragging especially last two weeks…biryani competition would be ok if Adi wins but Arshad is gonna win…who wants to see Arshad winning?..

      N they are copying plot of ‘humpty Sharma’…Adi will try to prove Arshad as a flawed personality but he will turn out to be flawless…at the end of two weeks as per serial which is equivalent to probably a month for audience imperfect Zoya should realize that she is not perfect for perfect Arshad but for imperfect Adi…in the launch interview they talked about the core concept – two wrongs make a right or two imperfects make a perfect pair.

      Anjana is gonna create hell lot of challenges for Adiya especially Zoya..she will get then married but within a hidden motive of keeping an eye on Zoya or killing her at the right time…if she refuses Adiya n arnoor marriage she runs the risk of losing Adi love!!!

      But makers pls soon at least start Zoya realization track!!!

    6. I have stopped watching the show cause its stupid. It has so many errors and it doesn’t make sense and they are trying to show some teenage romance. I find it nuisance.

  5. I hope arshad is only for 20 episodes

    Too much irritate with this arshad and anjana sakshi cat mouse game

    1. Neha1

      Yes, but I hope these 20 episode ewill not take 1-2 month coz Mid-July to This August 3rd week had only showed 35th Anniversary party Preparation and the Event itself…. So, I just hope that within a month Arshad’s character take exit from the show…!?

  6. Yes I agree with u and I hope when Zoya and adi gets married they won’t just end the show . I want to see some romance between them.

  7. Bring back maahi,then only zoya realised her feelings towards adi…then only she understand, how adi felt when she and arshad together….

  8. Evelyn you are right. Story is stalling but its waaaaaaay better than Kum Kum Bhagya and Kundalini Bhagya. Because of those two shows dragging like a snail I got hooked to Bepannah and now my entire family and friends are watching Bepannah. But yes they need to get on with their story and make it different and interesting as it was before.

  9. Loosing focus now a days. Zoya has become business women but her brain has not yet developed nor her dressing. It wud look interesting if her dressing was like Maya atleast after she winning the best entrepreneur award. I am used to see Jennifer as style icon not like Zoya. Adi shud stop going behind Zoya n she shud realise her feelings on her own n not with force. A new entry/ beautiful frnd of Adi is needed n I really want to see Zoya falling for Adi badly n deeply. I heard love n intense feelings of Adiya will be shown in such a way that it was never shown between any pair in telivision but nothing looks going in the same path. I am just reading updates n not watching anymore. Maker’s think big please.

    1. Totally agreed by every word of u abt serial

    2. Neha1

      Exactly, I agree with you @AdiYa…That’s the same I thought…I too think that Adi should avoid her for some time and The new female entry is needed who will be a very good friend of Adi and she should be as successful and Independent as Zoya but her dressing style should be Modern…. And that girl will help Adi to get his love Zoya back by making Zoya jealous or she should felt like Adi’s giving importance to that girl which definitely irked Zoya and she didn’t hold her emotions fr Adi that she decides to talk and tell him her feelings to Adi…!
      So, something like this should be done…. coz the way Adi felt when Arshad did entry in Zoya’s life…may be Zoya will feel the same….I may be wrong but Now a days it’s looking like Adi is a one sided lover….and Zoya is clueless, she treats him as his Best Friend… which is boring and irritating for Adiya Fan’s… I’m irked to listen that “Best friend” thing from Zoya….. Being a younger sister Noor is much better than Zoya….

  10. I as a fan and a loyal viewer of bepannah would really appreciate if the director will have the series running on Adi and Zoya’s love already. We are on 100 and more episodes and still no LOVE realisation between Adi and Zoya! It would be great to have the lead roles Adi and Zoya realised their unconditional love for each other and no matter what issues they will face during the series, they will never gets affected by any barrier and even if it faces some, it has the power to overcome all hurdle. Storyline should be like this instead of having Zoya in not realising mode about her LOVE for Adi, and Adi in one way street love. Just suggesting.

  11. No Arshad today. It felt goooood.
    I am waiting for tomorrow’s promo to see where the story will go next week. After Biryani competition there were pictures of an injured Aditya. Don’t know if he will fight with Arshad or will find Sakshi in the jungle or something else.

    1. I think something will happen in the kitchen due to arshad’s negligence but the blame will go on Aditya even after him saving the fam..
      Just speculating though..I might sound pessimistic here.. But just trying to think like the makers xD.. It would be something trivial only.. Chill!

  12. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahah….. I hope that no any main characters will die, like quboohai and that stupid kumkum bhagya that the don’t want to end#####

  13. I don’t usually like a 3rd person in between the lead pair but just because Adi loves Zoya that doesn’t automatically mean she needs to love him back, she’s come out of a traumatic situation, the last thing she would be thinking about is remarrying.
    I actually find it quite reasonable, Zoya is a daughter who has hurt her father really badly, who went against him and then found out that the man she gave her family up for betrayed her, so it makes sense that even though she’s not ready for marriage as respect for her father she’s compromised and given Arshard 2 weeks. She doesn’t show any feelings apart from friendship for Adi, I actually don’t mind Arshard, until he does something to prove he’s a bad guy he hasn’t done anything wrong to receive negativity and just because Zoya doesn’t swoon over the first guy in her life after becoming a widow doesn’t make her stupid. Just my opinion and thoughts

    1. @Lucy : Zoya is stupid not because she doesn’t love Adi but because she is not even understanding the direct signs of love that Adi is giving her….even a layman will easily understand when someone has madly fallen for him…even Noor said in one of the episodes that how could her sister be so stupid irrespective of being so smart…she is supposedly a businesswoman n she is not even doubting that Adi might have fallen in love with her!!!!!!

      Secondly, even if Adi n Arshad both are her friends she herself knows the number of times Adi has saved her…she owes her life to him n irrespective of that she is giving so much footage to Arshad…ok you may argue that she is doing so for her Abbu…but then
      1. Why did she invite Arshad to Hooda party?
      2. Why she readily started dancing with him?
      3. Why she had to eat noodles from the same plate?
      4. Why she asked Arshad to drop her home when she was miffed with Anjana aunty?Why did not talk about it to Adi?
      5. Why she tried to clarify to Arshad when he saw Adi feeding her noodles in the office?
      Isn’t this too much footage to a person who u hardly know!!!!!
      When Adi was behaving like this with Mahi it was Zoya who scolded Adi for giving her wrong signals!!!.What is Zoya doing now?

      So in short, makers have not sketched her character properly. It is Jennifer Winget as Zoya and thus it has not become a flop character. Jenny has the ability to create impact even with the most poorly sketched characters.

    2. It’s all perception she doesnt see Adi’s love because she sees his affection as friendship, she herself has said she has never really had any friends so she can’t distinguish between the two and has confused the two, as for Arshard she is giving him a two week chance to convince her for marriage, Arshard knows she needs convincing whereas Adi mislead Mahi, Zoya isn’t misleading Arshard and that’s why they have agreed on 2 weeks. Noor is seeing it from another angle so her perception would be different, everyone knows Zoya is innocent It wouldn’t even cross her mind that Adi’s feelings have changed. Each person have different perceptions and see things from different angles, as viewers we get to see the broader picture whereas a character can only see things from their point of view.

    3. @lucy ,
      I completely agree with you.. and we’ve actually been saying it from the beginning only that it is going to be hard for her.. no one’s blaming Zoya.. in fact we are still also complaining about Aditya still being childish in the situation where he’s again and again comparing himself.. not bothering about zoya’s feelings.. etc.. .
      But it’s just that listening to Zoya speak the same line in every episode is cringey.. “best friend” , oblivious smiles.. that’s all she does now a days and if she’s not thinking of remarrying then this much importance to arshad is also cringey..
      I don’t think she is stupid.. but i feel that now this is all that there’s left to the character.
      This is what’s sad..
      As I Said.. we are not asking to rush anything.. I toh also disliked that Aditya realized his ‘bepanaah’ love for Zoya this soon( as in in day only he said he knows what this feeling is and it’s of love). so naturally I understand what Zoya must be feeling. But even then if adiya are bound to happen as per the premise then the realization track should at least start..
      Or like I said before also.. fine,don’t give us adiya moments.. but just let us know that there is a story line.. and not some elementary
      effort to create cringeworthyy teenage romance with biryani competition.. we are disappointed not because Zoya is not falling head over heels for Aditya but because everyday things happen that don’t matter.. and story is being stretched like anything..also,while arshad sure does seem a nice guy.. he is boring. His presence fail to make an impact for me. But anyway..
      Crux is if you notice,we have been seeing the same to for almost 2 weeks now where nothing has happened apart form anjana revelation.. Ang again by nothing I don’t mean adiya moments but just anything at all… and again in the end aadi is like.. I will confess.. blah blah..
      It’s become wolf’s cry. At least if he says and then even if Zoya rejects( which would seem legit if she does,I am not expecting her to say but all) even that would be interesting to watch than whatever’s being shown now!!

    4. Basically show boring ho Raha hai kyunki kuch ho he nahi Raha! Kya dikhana chaahte Hain yeh? Mujhe toh kuch amajh nahi aa Raha .( Jaise Aditya ko pichle 3 eps mein kuch samajh ni aa Raha tha na.. waise he)
      Hindi mein likhna pad Raha hai kyunki bhaisahab Jo jasbaat Hain woh kuch is tarah he Hain ki aise he express honge!
      Zoya and Aditya need some time apart,I guess.. they need to be shown as individuals for sometime.. I can’t watch this same best friend,I will confess,ehmak, same old things again and again and again kyunki na toh woh best friends Hain exactly.. friends waali harkatein toh karte nahi . Pooja and aadi ki friendship ya woh chhodo arnoor ki friendship ke baad inki toh kuch lagti he nahi h.. aur na Pyar ho raha. Dushmani bhi khatam Kar di . Woh realtives nahi hote.. jinke saath na chaahte hue bhi small talk karni padti hai.. woh lag Rahe Hain yeh dono.. ki Kal mile Hain aur ek doosre ke baare mein koi idea nahi h. Kya chal Kya Raha h unka? Aisa lag Raha h woh 6-7 saal ke bachche ko toffee ni de dete . Ki le ro mat,khush hoja woh de dete Hain makers humein har ep mein.. yeh ‘mere abbu banenge’, ya Zoya falling and adi catching waale moments deke.. yahi reh Gaya h ab bas.. biryani nahi birbal ki kichdi ho gayi.. kuch toh Karo Bhai . Woh ek hafta Diya tha with adiya dance,car scene,drunk Zoya waala.. bas ab 6 mahine katekar Kota Pura ho Gaya Inka.. public paagal h kuch bhi Karo ghanta farak nahi padta!
      .rehne do Yar
      Bhai apni bhi life hai! Jab 3 weeks ke baad story 0.1 cm on a 100km track aage badhegi toh dekh lenge..

    5. That’s cos Indian show unfortunately can’t do anything without adding a love triangle in, most shows have months of trauma and separation and then 5 mins happiness before another lengthy separation and misunderstandings

  14. N one more thing to add…when Zoya knows she is going to reject Arshad after two weeks then why she is giving out wrong signals by giving him so much importance !!! This implies that probably she is having second thoughts!!!

    1. Neha1

      Excactly @Arch….That is the question… but makers are dragging the story that there’s no story left…..This Biryani Competition is of no use…..There no need to do this competition between Arshad and Adi….and for what.?? By this Biryani Competition isn’t proving who’s better than the other….And if the spoiler to be true, Zoya choose Arshad the winner of Biryani competition doesn’t proof that he’s best for Zoya…. Actually I’m angry on Waseem, he created the competition and must say that papa Siddiqui and Zoya are both so stupid…And the other side, Zoya is giving importance/2weeks to Arshad for his Abbu’s happiness doesn’t makes any sense coz it surely indicates by Zoya’s behavior and gesture that she’s gonna change her mind within 2weeks… And this is what makes me angry on Zoya… No doubt, that Jennifer is very nice and finest actress in TV Industry but the way makers trying to portray her character is not sensible at all…Makers didn’t give her dialogues like before they did instead of her Oblivious smile…And I also angry on Arshad that he’s quite sure that she’ll agree with this alliance but he’s nt completely wrong in this as the1st fault is Zoya…If she’s isn’t ready for remarriage then it’s enough… no need to give time to Arshad…*sigh* but anyways, let’s see what makers gonna show..!

    2. We have seen Zoya is very truthful so if she’s given her word for 2 weeks she will giveto justice to it, also at the beginning before Arshard showed up she was actively avoiding his phone calls

  15. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice Episode after a long time! Arjun and Noor is really cute! Few zoya-Aditya moments are really beautiful! Wasim saw zoya and Aditya eating keema pao is sweet! Zoya invited Aditya and Arjun for lunch! For one episode, I don’t have to watch Arshad that’s really best part of the episode!

  16. I suggest everyone to quit watching the show…Bakwaas show hai..No chemistry between lead actors, there are plenty other shows like ishqbaaz which are much better…Yeh show off air ho jana chahiye jale se jald

  17. I suggest everyone to quit watching the show…Bakwaas show hai..Poor performances and no chemistry between lead actors, there are plenty other shows like ishqbaaz which are much better…Yeh show off air ho jana chahiye jale se jald…

    1. It is anytime way better than kumkum bhagya and kundali Bhagya…even yrkkh which run at the same time as ‘bepanah’..the chemistry of leads is awesome n the driving force of this serial…it has become annoying only since the past 2 weeks as story not moving forward at all!!!

    2. Ya I wouldn’t put it like that.. as for chemistry.. dude,without even doing anything.. with such a plot these days.. harshad and Jen still manage to show amazing chem as Zoya and Aditya.. which is why I am still watching.. so the chem between the leads is for sure the best! And yes,I realise the story is weird now but I also know what the makers are capable of.. so hence,I still have hope. And I won’t give up in them just yet.. let’s wait.

  18. Every show have ups and downs. That doesn’t mean it is not worth watching it anymore. This is the same team that created episode 1,2,3,4..
    packed with strong emotions, beautifully directed, beautifully executed. Still hoping the magic to be recreated.

  19. Chill guys, hum negative comment karenge aur dekhna band kareche, toh humara serial trp list mein down ho jayega..itna toh achha perform kar raha hai
    Baaki log apne serials ko support kar skte hai toh why not us. Watch bepannah on tv..Don’t quit watching it, give it time..Jald hi adiya saath honge…We love them yaar… Negative comments mat karo aur tv pe dekhte raho.plzzzzzzzz

  20. Why the written updates coming very late?? Before it was early a bit and now it’s becoming late.. so understand bepannah fans concern and try to release it earlier.. hope u would consider it and understand us.

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