Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd August 2018 Written Episode Update : The snow man.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu gets message from Tiwari to call on landline in kidnappers voice, Vibhu makes a call and gives location details,Anu hears that. Daddy and Tiwari at location,daddy scolding Tiwari,Tiwari thinks i will take all of abuses today for the sake of money,Daddy says what’s the guarantee that my daughter will be realised,Tiwari says they will,Daddy says you look very confident are you involved with them,Tiwari says we need to be co-operative you see let’s go.

Vibhu and Tiwari look at the money,Daddy and Anu walk to them,Daddy slaps them both,Vibhu says Anu,Anu says shut up,Tiwari says I needed money, Daddy asks wheres my daughter,Vibhu says she is fine,daddy says i wont leave you if something happens to her and slaps him,and leaves. Anu asks wheres Angoori,Vibhu says she is at hill station heres look she is on cctv,they watch Gorilla take away Angoori.

Anu Tiwari Vibhu and Prem reach the hill station ,Vibhu scolds prem,Prem says I got on greed of 2500, Tiwari sayz i paid you huge now look she is in danger because of you,Vibhu says you are responsible,Anu says stop the blame game and think how will we find her,what is that,Vibhu says its a snow man.

Angoori in snow mans cave scared,she sees its shadow. Anu wakes Hapu, Vibhu says the what kind of cop he is sleeping on duty,Hapu wakes up and asks whats wrong you all at this hour,Anu asks you sleeping shame on you,Tiwari says and my wife is being kidnapped by snow man,Hapu says then why bother me,Vibhu says lets complain about him to commissioner,Hapu asks what proof you have,Tiwari says cctv footage,Hapu says it isnt working, Commissioner in jail says i am here and have seen everything, shame on you hapu,Anu says we will deal with him later lets focus on Angoori, Commissioner says dont worry i wilp assign whole force behind her.

Malkan asks tika what kind of gas you producing,Tika says it makes me uneasy,Tilu says let’s burn a matchstick and find,Tika says stupid,dont a man smoking beside me his moustache caught fire when i farted.Malkan says if you producing LPG we will be into great business.

everyone reaches the resort,Hapu tried,Vibhu says look at his fitness what will he protect us,Hapu says shutup, commissioner says they are right, Anu says look theres a house lets find details,Anu asks a man where’s the way to the mountains,He warns them about snow man, Vibhu says oh god bhabhiji i hope she is fine,Anu says dont freak Angoori is very brave.
Boys selling Tikas gas in cylinder,they sell 15 cylinders by now,Tika says god im tired. Malkan says produce some more gas,Tika says dude its natural process,Tilu says calm down,your gas is our way to sucess, I will build a temple inbyour name and worship every day,Malkan says me too,Tika says oh I will do all the hardships and you will have the fun, Tilu and Malkan ask him to calm down and leave.

Snow man walk towards Angoori,Angoori gets scared

Pre cap: Everyone reaches cave,Anu walks towards the snow man.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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