Ishqbaaz 23rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Tej-Jhanvi come home

Ishqbaaz 23rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nikhil asks what are you trying to say. Anika says we both know that we don’t love each other, we have grown up together, we were friends, so I agreed to your marriage proposal, now I m able to see myself closely, I don’t think we are made for each other, else I would have not got married to Shivaye, I can’t marry you, apologize to your parents on my behalf. He asks is this a joke, you can’t call off a wedding. She says you also left me in the middle of the mandap, I m not taking revenge, else the matter would have not reached here. He asks what will Shivaye thinks. She says I will talk to him, I can’t marry, so marriage cancelled. She goes.

Nikhil asks are haldi arrangements done, I will call up Nikhil. Priyanka says its done and goes. Anika comes and says you don’t need to call him. He asks why. She says I m very happy. He asks why. She says you won’t understand, a married girl can’t marry again, Billu ji please we have talked on this topic before. He asks what do you mean, why did you call me Billu. She says Shivaye did wrong, but Billu has fixed everything. He asks what. She says I know we shouldn’t have married that way, you realized your mistake and apologized, you are trying to set things fine, but don’t make everything wrong, certain things need to be understood. He says I will get ready for your haldi. She says its our haldi. He says your and Nikhil’s haldi. She says I m not getting married. He asks why. She says I told that I m already married, its a crime to remarry in such case, you want to send me to jail right. He says we signed the divorce papers.

She says no, Billu signed it, see. He says I didn’t mean, by mistake. She says its fate, not a mistake, whatever happens is by fate, fate united us, maybe that’s why we are still together, fights, misunderstandings, anger, even then we are together, we left everything on fate. He says I only know that I want you to be happy, you will be happy when you marry the person who keeps you happy. She says what if I say my happiness lies in being with my husband, I m married, I have your name sindoor and mangalsutra, so I can’t marry Nikhil. He asks why do you have a problem when I don’t have. She asks you won’t care if anyone calls me wife. He says no. She says I will leave and won’t see you again, you won’t care. He says yes. She asks sure. He says I m sure. She throws water on his face. She says now tell me, does it matter. He says no. She says I will also see how it doesn’t matter to you. She goes.

Priyanka calls Shivaye and says everything is ready, tell me when to start function. Shivaye asks is Anika ready. Anika comes and says yes, when do you want to apply haldi. She asks Gauri to call him Jija ji. Om says sorry, its imp to capture this moment. Priyanka says make a video to send it to Rudra, say it Gauri. Shivaye asks have you all gone mad. Gauri asks how can I call him Jija ji, because I will call him Jiju, it looks so cute. Om makes video and sends to Rudra. Tej and Jhanvi come. Tej says you al look much happy. Om, Priyanka and Shivaye hug them. Shivaye says you gave me a big surprise. Jhanvi says you gave us a big surprise, isn’t that Anika, your wife? Om says yes, that’s Anika. Tej says I didn’t expect this from you Shivaye, you didn’t even inform us that you got married, we are not your parents, but we have a right to know, you didn’t bother to take our blessing. Shivaye says you are more imp than my parents. Anika says we made a mistake, please forgive us, young ones always need elders’ blessings, if you bless us, we will think you have forgiven us. Tej and Jhanvi bless them. Priyanka says Anika is so sweet. Jhanvi says she is sensible too. Anika winks to Shivaye. Priyanka says you could have not arrived on a better time, its Anika’s haldi today. Jhanvi asks what. Tej asks why is this rasam happening after marriage. Anika says marriage happened in haste, this affected Shivaye, so we are doing pre-marriage functions now, right Shivaye, tell Jhanvi. Om and Priyanka laugh. Om asks why are you blushing. Jhanvi says don’t pull his leg. Anika says he is the sweetest husband. Shivaye asks them to take rest, they are imp than haldi rasam.

Jhanvi asks Om to call Rudra and ask when is he coming. Om says he will call back when he wakes up. Tej asks how is business running. Om says perfect, Shivaye cracked the Australian deal. Tej asks what did you do. Om says the deal belongs to both of us. Tej says Shivaye will get the credit, he will go ahead of you. Om says he is my brother, I will be glad if that happens. Tej says he isn’t your own brother. Om says he is more than my own brother. Tej says who leaves parents to run after cousins, we have a bad fate that our sons love Shivaye more than us. Om says the day who forget this difference, you will understand why Rudra and I love Shivaye so much, will you get angry just on me, what about Rudra, I know you love coffee, I will send special coffee for you. He goes. Tej says when will he turn smart, what are you thinking. She says about Shivaye, who will think about him if we don’t, I feel there is some problem, he isn’t comfortable with this marriage. Tej says he didn’t ask us before marrying. She says he never keeps secrets from me, there is something he is hiding something.

Shivaye calls Nikhil and says why isn’t he answering. Anika says Tej and Jhanvi will be happy seeing our haldi. Shivaye says I know I should have told them our marriage truth. She asks why, everything is fine. He says your and Nikhil’s marriage… She says I m married to you, I have a husband like you, I m not interested to marry again, our loves and fates are intertwined, they can’t be detangled now, I m your wife, you are my husband, you are not agreeing, come for haldi. He says I won’t do haldi rasam with you. She says you will have the rasam with me, I challenge you, you will come to me and apply haldi to me before the day ends, you will prove how much you care for me. He says it doesn’t matter to me. She says we shall see. She goes. Biwi no 1…plays… Khanna says special lilies ordered from Paris have arrived, decorators are putting them up. Anika sneezes. Gauri asks what happened. Om asks have you caught a cold. Anika says no its an allergy. Om asks why. Gauri says she is allergy to some flower. Anika says Lily. Priyanka comes. Gauri says Anika is allergic to Lilies. Shivaye looks on.

Anika shouts cockroach. Om asks where is it, shall I do something. Gauri says let him do. Shivaye says I caught the cockroach. He sees the cockroach and faints.

Update Credit to: Amena


    So happy today finally after a long time ishqbaaZ entered top 10 with 2.2 trp and also it has become slot leader now. Hope it increases more in coming weeks. So Tej and jhanvi are back and tej is same in redux also no change let’s see what new twist comes with their entry and without promo in is at 10th position and slot leader so star should promote it now. Ajivika tashan is going on and background sound of biwi no 1 song . An also the jijaji moment of gauri was good. Preacap is damn funny ??? shivay ne cockroach pakad liya aur behosh ho gaya??.

    1. Yes aayush I am so happy trp went up and congrats to you for being number dear. Waiting for cockroach episode. Shivaay was always afraid of cockroach even in old Ib

    2. HI Aayush dear…….
      Yes really happy for trp..hope it will stay like this……
      Precap is really hell funny…………??

    3. Precap has to be the funniest precap of IB history?

    4. Luthfa

      Go AAYUSH GO.Congratulations on being first..?
      Hehehe…..Yeah,Shivaay fainted seeing cockroach in his hand.Happy for the trp and the position IB got,being slot leader.Let’s see what happens next?

    5. Oh…..Aayush bhaiya …….
      I am reading ur comment after two months i think….
      kaha the aap ?
      mei gyi aur aap aa gye
      nice……very nice …….

      ok …..jokes apart ……
      Go Aayush bhaiya Go
      congo on being first.

      baat to khushi ki hai aakhir humara ishqbaaz top ten mei aa gaya
      badhai ho badhai .

  2. Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals..
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 49….

    @Sindhu di..yes I am drooling…what to do???shivika are doing such things….I have no fault all blame goes to my shivika..thanx di

    @Lu…oooo you got headache..take care..waise Shivika ne acchi care li TUMHARI???????,??? thanx yarr…
    No I was not in fridge..yes but after drinking cold water I wrote my comment.(, I AM STILL BLUSHING)

    @Maaggi dear thank you sooooo much……………….love you

    @Neha dear.Sso ruined Annika’s character in front of society and later married her forcefully and said her the word mistress…only bcoz of MU created by Daksh.And Now bcoz of guilt he thinks He don’t deserve Annika..he wants to make things right..

    Ok come to.episode..

    What re Cvs.once again same..I wanted Sso make realise love or connection first and make Annika realise.but here Banda is in FARAK NAHI PADTA MOOD…what tart???

    Oh God I couldn’t stop laughing……..
    His face?????????bande ki chop toh hogayi bit I am scared what he will do now?????
    He can be dangerous for shivika..Bit still.. Thnx Annika finally you are taking good steps..

    Once again thanx Annika…for interrupting Sso.if he was going to say JO KUCH BHI HUA WOH AISI HI HUA.
    I AM SORRY I would bang my head on wall

    Pannika is back…yehhhhh..

    TEJVI ARE BACK..( seriously I have no.interest whether they came or not)huuuhhh….( waiting to see Bunny’s reaction)
    But two things happened so early…..
    1 .Annika called Bade Papa and Badi maa which was never happened in RU
    2.Om called Tej as Dad….and hugged him happily.
    It was also happened first time in ishqbaaz…..

    So Annika is full on wifey mode.and that wink..????????Sso you have to crack a hard is not easy at all…….???..And she gave you challenge too..let’s see who will win

    Nothing surprising at all.As always he is cribbing about business property….arghhhhhh…

    And you Sso plzzzzzzzz.stop hiding your feelings…
    It is getting torturous…yes jyada thik mat baat bigad jaye..And you are flipping from your words..
    You said you want Annika’s happiness…but Now she is clearly saying HHER HAPPINESS IS WITH YOU..
    They why are you forcing her??????I want explanation
    And STOP thinking you don’t deserve Annika

    After sooo many months Annika called BILUJI awwwwwwwww….

    Ok one thing I am scared if Nikhil will do emotinal drama..And to make Annika marry Nikhil.if Sso will say some hurtful words????????( ok I am not assuming anything)

    Gouri calling jiju…awwwwwwwwwwww……

    Chandu Di your cheeks are really gone..That akal ki daant is really painful..but still you are looking spool cute..ummhhh??
    Take care..
    precap???????????????????????????????waiting for Tomorrow.i think it is Gouri’s plan….
    Sso????th great Sso behosh..

    1. Sry it is chapter 54…I make it wrong…

    2. Pasta he,me abb class 9 me hu aur mera last daat Jo toota tha usko mujhe todh na para tha?wo bhi me jab 8 me thi.?im such a kid.
      Aakal daat ka pata nahi jabbhi mere daat aate hai,mujhe bohut pain hota hain.? gws,chandu di.?
      (Wese real life me chandu di ko akaaal daat aayi aur reel me Annika ko akaal aayi?)

    3. Annika ki daat ko kya hua????

    4. NSK dear.actually Chandu Di ko akal ke dant aarahe her cheeks are swalloen. And it really pain so much
      That is why her right cheek was little chubby..

    5. Oh Arpu nice description of your shivika. You are right dear .I am afraid that jhanvi will say something else to Shivaay and confuse him. As of now he is already confused so jhanvi please don’t confuse him and let him realise this on his own. Don’t interfere. Just do you job as shivaay’s mother and that is all.

    6. Luthfa

      Meri itni acchi kismat kaha jo mujhe Shivika milegi meri take take care karne ke liye.My Eid got ruined completely because of that headache.Thanks for the concern?

    7. Luthfa

      Episode was full on entertainment mode.Khidkitode Anika is back.Let’s see,for how long Billu is going to be in that Shadi-karni-paregi-zone.Nice analysis.Enjoyed reading?

    8. Hiii meri khidkitod Arpu
      kesi ho tum?
      I missed ur long long comnent a lot.

      sahi kha Arpu ,baat ko itnizyada theek bhi mat karo ki baat aur bigad jaaye .

      and really akal ki daat bahut pain causing hoti hai


  3. Hay me marjawa…aaj bohot zyda comment karne ka mann kat raha he.?
    Coming from the day before yesterday’s episode.
    When episode started i was like no don’t do this.but their challenge!?when SSO wore that red suit and was coming everyone was like “how the hell is it possible!!!Billu wore red!KYA KYA KYA!!!”?the BG music and everyone’s expression.THE DANCE? Precap ka first part dekhke i was like ? aur jab Tia baby ne interrupt kya me to bas “tujhe EK JHAAP ME DIWAR ME SATWA DUNGI?”…
    yesterday episode:
    DANCE WASN’T DREAM? pool me dono gaye and i was ?.? TIA BABY KI TOH TAI TAI PHISSSSSS HO GAYI.aab kabhi maat aana shivika ke samne.Warna FANDOM SE BURA KOI NAHI HOGA? and that divorce paper thing.BILLUJI ka toh paata tha,par ANNIKA DI BHI!?arre yaar Mene sabse zyda blush kya divorce papers scene ko dekh kar.GUL MATA AUR HARNEET JI KI JAI?.
    Paannikkkaaaa is back today???? that “FARAK GAME” has began??? kyse batauoo…farak game was my favourite of all time.Billuji ki aachi khasi chop ho gayi.?aur GAURI G pls aap SSO ko baade Bhaiyaa bolo.i miss that immensely.

    Omkara calls TEJ dad!!!kya kya kya???? actually i loved that scene…? AND JANVI IS SOOO PRETTY! i love her.? chachi aur Rudy ko miss kiya.Chachi is funny nowadays.Aur Dumbell Oberoi ka koi jawab nahi hai+MANSI DI,ily n imy a lot.?
    Wtf…SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI COCKROACH PAKAD NE KE WAJAH SE BEHOSH HO GAYE…???????????????????????????????????????????
    harneet ji maar dala.? i mean really? Plus they were on the Dining table!???
    Bohut he khatarnak episode tha.ME TO PAGAL HO GAYI.??
    BILLU IS BACK AS BILLU.Khidkitod Annika the Wifey is back.Comedy is backkkk!??? zabardasssssttttt…..And trp is increasing,means fans are loving the track.?
    Mujhe “billu ki shaadi hogi…”WO song phirse chahiye???
    mera Profile pic aur header nahi change ho raha.?
    Koi madat kardoooo….????

    Anyone in Social media pagals?
    Im on so ??
    My insta account- noushin._.SK
    And my snapchat- noushinsk91
    Do drop urs if u have.
    Good night pagals.?
    @arpu di,luthfa di and all others ILYSMMM.?

    1. NSK you are right. In today’s episode I noticed Om is very respectful to Tej unlike the old IB. I only hope Tej does not become the villain for the brothers

    2. Yes i too hope so.tej has the same attitude like bfr.?

    3. Hiiii are totally gone in shvika love
      Waise Accha he ki tia ke upar galiyan padi.kisi aur ne interput ki hoti toh…..sara gussa ussi par nikalta..
      Le lo mere comment se bilu song
      Your fev part is farakpada
      My fev part is DARDHUA….
      Hyeeee shivika.
      Ys..Narbhi deserve to win….

    4. Dard huwa….? WO toh realisation ke baad ayega but ayega ! ?
      Abb villains go away from our Shivika?
      Billu song toh Annika di aur Rudy se hi lung I?
      Waise aapka bhi mene le liya?

    5. Luthfa

      NSK dear,khidkitode episode ki khushi main itna lamba comment kiya or reason kuch or hain????
      Anyway,Billu and Billi will continue their fight like that and we are going to have real fun.Waiting for today’s episode.And me too ILYSMMM?

    6. Khidkitod episode , annika saying billuji and Eid ki khushi me mera comment chotu se lambu ho gaya

    7. Hay mei marzawa
      itna lamba aur itna accha comment
      nice NSK
      aaj ka episode dekh kr mujhe bahut hasnre ka man kr raha hai
      Surbhi ki akal daat ral mei aa rahi hai aur akal unko serial mei aa gyi …….he. ….he……he…..
      .bahut hi sahi pakda hai

    8. Thanks dear ? keep commenting ?
      Wese mene masti me baada comment likh diya …?

  4. Luthfa

    One thing is very common in our society and that is-when it concerns about marriage,men have the upper hand in everything related to it,be it getting married or to call it off even applying for divorce.They can do whatever they feel like,owing to their choice or to fulfill the demands of the situation.When a marriage proposal comes for a girl,a great deal of talks get exchanged between two families.But it’s always groom’s side who decides the major part of an upcoming marriage-dowry to decorations,menu selection,list of guest,how the bride will be ready,ornament selection,time of farewell etc.every other things has to be done after their hearts.Traditionally this is happening since quite long time.But if something happens out of the way,going beyond tradition,it doesn’t look good at all and it raises the questioning eyebrow of the society.Such incident takes place when a girl does something which gets clashed with the age-old tradition.Today Anika has refused to get married with Nikhil and it’s an exact step for her to be taken.She has taken the right decision for herself and her life.Her this decision proves her power of self-reliance.And most importantly,the power of saying NO.Often time it happens that a girl doesn’t like an expecting proposal but can’t refuse it because of this or that pressure,family,at last for society.She has to compromise on certain things.Here Anika has felt she can’t go on with this marriage because she has already sorted out her priorities for someone else.Anika said NO and it solved her every problem and rescued her from that unwanted,extra marriage mess with Nikhil and a simple NO did the magic.But in real life,not every girl is fortunate and capable enough to say NO while facing something inappropriate regarding marriage,the most important event of her life.Here Anika has her back-up and support in the form of Shivaay Singh Oberoi but it’s not the same thing with every other girl out there,in our man-made,patriarchal society.

    1. Yes Luthfa you are right. A lot of women are not able to speak out. They are succumbed to society’s taunts and especially the family’s reputation. So they are mum about it and just listen to what they are told to do. I love the khidkhithod anika who stood bravely and went up to Shivaay and declared you are my Husband and there is no turning back. Only Shivaay will take very Long to realise it. I don’t know when he will realise it.

      Nice analysis my dear lu. ?

    2. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      You are right.Girls have hardly any say regarding the important decisions of their life.They have to follow the advices of other in most of the cases.But I am very glad that Anika opened up her feelings and is not shying away from those.

    3. Luthfa

      And she did the right thing in my opinion though few are not liking it.Anyway,thank you sooooooo…very much for your love.Love you?

    4. are right……Our Annika is really unique.
      Finally she has some sense unlike Phattu Bilu?????

    5. Are billuji ko itna bhi maat chirao na? WO to bichare pure ke pure Billu hain!?

    6. Luthfa

      Aab kisi na kisiko to samajdari dikhani paregi na?Agar sab Shivaay ki tara unnecessarily ultra-smart banne lage to golmal ho sakta hain??????????

    7. Aap bohut khatarnak likhte ho di?
      Aapke bhari bharkam words have much melody?

    8. Luthfa

      Really?Hahaha….Lagta hain meri bhari bharkam words tum par bhari par gayi???Just joking.Thank you soooooo…very much for your love.Lots of love?

    9. Luthfa

      I want to tell you something.Those emoji you use make me uncomfortable.Kindly avoid those using here.Use normal ones like us.It’s a humble request from your di?

    10. OK di me wo emojis abb aur istemal nahi karungi.mujhe nahi paata tha ki apko issme uncomfortable lagta hai,sorrrrryyyyy sorrrrryyyyy di.hope ur headache gets over soon.gws.sorry for the scattered comment. Reply option isn’t there.again sorry for making u uncomfortable. N aapke words mujhe bohuuut pasand hai.?
      @all pkjians
      (Well im kinda new na,n tbh i can be called a kid bcoz im childish hehe.mujhe nahi paata tha emojis ke bare abbse kheyal rakhungi.jinko bhi mere emojis ke liye uncomfortable laaga,un sabko baaaara sa sorry.)
      Aur ek baat,me Indian nahi hu?toh meri Hindi ajeeb hai.Shayed pkjians ko meri baate samajh ne thodi problem hoti hogi.par kya karu,Hindi is not my mother tongue. Sorry for the language too.

    11. Hii Luthfa di .
      itne samay baad aapki meaningful analysis padh kr kaafi accha laga .
      ur right di Every girl is not fortunate enough to say no .
      Some don’t have courage and some remain silent for some other reasons.
      once again……
      nice analysis di .

  5. Agga4102

    Waiting for tomorrow’s epi!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sameeeeeee dear?

    2. Luthfa

      Me too???

    3. mei bhi

  6. what nonsense! worst precap in the history of indian television! now we know why ishqbaaz is no longer a popular program! the fact that the program is no longer having repeat shows at 12:30 am, 1 pm & 3 pm proves that it is no longer a popular program. obviously, with scenes and precaps like these, how can it remain popular? it was destined to lose out! also, the entire concept of redux is nonsense

    1. Singh saab ji.. Cool ji…
      If u enjoy watching ishqbaaz.. Then u love it.. Tis redux is history… If u enjoy.. everything will make u feel gd nd superb…take everything into positive… U will love it ji…
      Hv a great day ji ?☺️


    3. Well, maybe u hate the precap bcoz its unrealistic. But its a show and unrealistic things are to be shown.moreover the concept of precap is fun,the writers want to entertain the audience through funny acts.
      Ishqbaaz is actually quite popular.without promos and repeats it still remains on top 10,in fact this week its on the 10th position and its slot offence to u or ur opinion.
      But we,ib fandom like to appreciate the actors’ hard work and writer too.yes sometimes, fans are dissatisfied. But still,the story has a special concept to the fans.
      U might not like the show and the recent track but many of the fans are loving it.please stop being so negative. If u don’t like it,then don’t waste ur time watching it.
      sorry if i have hurt u.

    4. hi nsk, let me issue this clarification. i am the biggest ishqbaaz fan! no one can love ishqbaaz as much as i do! i am the biggest fan of nakuul and shrenu in the entire universe! no one can love them as much as i do! i have seen every episode twice! i see it twice because i can’t live without watching shrenu again and again! only i know how much i love my shrenu! only i know how much i love my chulbul! during the second viewing, my entire focus is on shrenu! during the second viewing, i just look at shrenu! i don’t look at anyone else! so i am not being negative. it’s just that i didn’t like the precap as they showed that horrible insect in it! also i don’t like the fact that the serial is not having too many repeat shows like the previous times. they must show as many repeat shows as possible so that i can manage to watch every episode twice! they must show as many repeat shows as possible so that i can watch my shrenu again and again! and of course you haven’t hurt me! by the way, what is the full form of nsk? is it nakuul surbhi kunal?

  7. Hello pagals wow nice episode. Episodes are getting better and brighter each day. Now I wished it was 45 minutes instead of 22 minutes of episode.

    Coming to today’s episode. One thing is established. Tej is the bad guy. He is going to cause division among the brothers and Anika is is the one going to make sure they don’t get divided but that will be developed later I think.

    Anika and Shivaay are so cute. My again she challenged about the haldi. Yes she will be right. He is going to do that rasam because now she has the allergy and he will be fretting here and there and worried for her. Oh Shivaay for goodness sake please put your ego away and just accept anika. Why this drama on your end? Anika is so clear headed now and she is sure you are meant for her and loves you deeply. Why do you allow your heart to deny this beautiful embedded deep love that both of you have? Come on Shivaay don’t be stubborn. Just accept and go along the flow and display happiness. I feel Shivaay only will realise his love for Anika when anika gets kidnapped by Daksh. I am sure something like this will happen. I don’t think the three goons are going to keep quiet especially Nikhil. His money machine is gone. Oh I love the way anika told him that you also left me half way the mandap. Wow finally she said it and told nikhil straight off that marriage is cancelled. That was what I was waiting for. I love panika and Shivaay reaction water oh his face. He can’t get angry with her. His ego is at the peak of Everest mountain. Only anika can bring it down. Hope anika will continue with the challenge.

    I wonder when they will show dadi and sakti. I really hope pinky also returns. I love the senior oberois. I don’t mind them. Tej is quite a good actor.

    Today gauri and om had a lot of scenes together when she tried to call jiju. That was nice.

    Tomorrow willl be another fabulous episode. Shivaay fainting seeing the cockroach and gauri and Om together screaming together. Oh I think it is going to be one funny episode and I am going to be laughing throughout. Gul and her creative ideas.

    Nice one people. Looking forward to watch the repeats and tomorrow’s episode.

    1. Yes dear ?

    2. But pinky and shakti are dead in redux honey ?

    3. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      I don’t know what is Shivaay’s problem to accept Anika as his wife.I think he needs some solid jhatka then he will understand Anika and her words.Tej is definitely negative and this is confirmed from his words.Me too would love to see Shakti and Pinky’s return but they are dead in Redux.Cvs can show them through flashback,by the way.Nice analysis di.Enjoyed reading?

    4. Hello Sindhu di
      how are you?

      yes di absolutely right Shivaye always confess his love for Annika when she is in danger.but
      we can’t do anything bcoz he is
      Buddhu Singh Oberoi.

  8. Singh Saab ji..
    I can’t understand why you hate precap…..
    And ishqbaaz is still popular.
    It is getting good online also it has big fan base….
    And without repeat telecast..without promo show is going good
    And redux is something different concept that first time happened in indian television…….Alternative universe concept..
    Ok I hope you will get from ishqbaaaz what you want to see.

    1. Arpu di rocks…?

    2. hi arpu, i didn’t like the precap as they showed that horrible insect in it! please read the clarification that i have sent to nsk

  9. Guys tell me about tia she came in yesterday episode what did shivay do did he accpet tia or did she leave what happend i am not able to watch ib these days

    1. Abhishek Tia told anika that Shivaay is her fiancée but before that Shivaay stopped her and told anika to go back to room. Then he spoke to Tia alone and told her off that she still dare to claim that she is his fiancée after what her daksh did. Tia tried to defend herself and said she has no part in this but Shivaay told her he has proof and fb showed Tia hitting anika on her head.

      Tia was stunned and Shivaay threatened and told her to get out if not he will call police and send both of them to prison.

      She goes out and threatens anika and tells her not to be too happy because Shivaay is only angry for a short while but he will soon accept Tia and marry her. Anika gets crazy Tia a hug and thanks her because if they did not do all these nonsense Shivaay would not have known anything and Shivaay would not have married anika so indirectly she thanked Tia and said sarcastically to go home as she needs to go and see her husband Shivaay.

    2. Aap update bhi parlena di ?

    3. No no maybe aap Bhaiyaa ho …sorry for that gender thing ???

    4. Luthfa

      Hello Abhishek,
      Tia came for only one episode to claim Shivaay as her fiancee but Shivaay dismissed her completely.He knows her true self.

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    1. Yes yes..precap ?
      After Friday 2 days kaise katenge???

    2. hiiiii Jessei
      same here me too couldn’t atop laughing.
      so excited for today’s episode

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Jessie,
      Hope Shivaay will understand everything in time.He is behaving like so low in feelings but it’s not true.Let’s are what is going to happen next.Take care?

  11. Hiii everyone.
    Today I am so oooo……..happyyy……yyy……coz I am commenting after a long time …
    I missed u all .
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    Janhavi aunty if I have not seen ur real face during Vanwaas track then I would think that u r good at heart and love Shivaye as ur own son ,unlike Tej uncle .
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    I liked when Annika said “Hena ji ”

    Farak padta hai game has started………….

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Ishita,
      Finally you are here.I missed you sooooo…very much.Welcome back to PKJ with sweet love.How are you and where have you been?Very happy to have you back????
      I liked those teasing of everyone of Shivaay.Precap was one of a kind laughter riot.Waiting for today’s episode.See you soon.Lots of love?

    2. I am fine di and what about you?
      Mene bhi aapko aur PKJ ko bahut miss kiya .
      actually I was busy with my studies so couldn’t comment.
      i am really very sorry for that.
      and thamk u so much di for ur warm welcome.

      love u so much di .
      take care

    3. HelloooHellooo….welcome back !!!

    4. Thanxy dear NSK

  12. Luthfa

    Hello SINGH SAAB,
    If you are finding it worst then feel free to avoid it.Don’t make your BP shoot up just because of a serial.Thanks.

    1. hi luthfa, how can the biggest ishqbaaz fan find it to be worst?! please read the clarification that i have sent to nsk

  13. No……….NSK not at all
    I can easily u understand ur Hindi it is not sooo bad
    and don’t e sorry for that .

    about childish thing i think u r the most youngest member of our pkj family so u have full right to do childish things .

    hume tumhari baatein bahut acche se samajh mei aati hai kyunki jinke dil jude hote hai na unko baat kehne k liye shabdo ki zarrorat nhi padti.
    and we all are connected through hearts so how can language be the barrier between our conversation.

    by the way u r from which part of the world?
    i mean from which country?

  14. Ishita dear I am so glad that you are back dear.I missed your comments very much and also missed you too.

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