Porus 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru’s Trick To Show His Presence To Barsin

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Porus 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru looking at Alexander reminisces Rajguru telling his fate is related to Alekshen, fore-teller telling same and telling Alexander is coming to take over his country. He thinks this is the man who wants to rule my Bharath. He is surprised seeing Barsin with his mother and siter walking behind Alexander. Alexander asks them not to worry as he not brought them to kill, he just wants them to address Farsi people with him. Puru thinks what must be Alexander’s motto. Alexander sees his soldiers killing Farsi people and shouts to stop, victory brings a responsibility to protect people, will they kill their people their family like this, they are part of Macedonia now and deserves respect like Macedonian people. Ephastian asks what is he saying. Alexander says he is right, they are Macedonian citizens now and it is our duty to protect them. Puru says Macedonia is amazing, firs the kills people and then acts protecting them. Alexander addresses people and apologizes for whatever happened. He says fight happens between kings and not their families, from hereon Darius’ family is his family. Laachi tells her team that means Barsin and her family will be under Alexander’s grip. Puru says he will try to save Barsin and family somehow. Ambhi asks not to go alone as they should not be noticed by anyone. Puru who said he will.

Alexander continues addressing Farsi citizens and assures that they are safe under his rule and invites them for a party and feast. Puru returns. Laachi asks what did he do. He says nothing big, he gave a gift to Alexander for victory. Alexander continues addressing people. Fire erupts suddenly. Alexander and his team panics. Laachi asks Puru how did u give signal of his presence to Barsin. He says he did the same which he did in Pourav rastra, Barsin will realize his presence easily now. Soldiers show zooming glass to Alexander. Barsin seeing it reminisces fire incident in Farsi market and Alexander accepting he did it and smilingly searches Alexander. Puru says Barsin’s smile depicts she realied his presence. Laachi says even Alexander.

In Pourav rastra, Bamni in raj sabha chats with his team about neighbor kings not accepting to support him to protect Bharath from Alexander’s intrusion. Ambhi raj says without their help, they cannot win over Alexander. Shivdutt eagerly looks at door. Kanishk asks what is he up to. He asks to wait and watch. Shivdutt’s puppets enter and start crying. Bamni asks what happened to them. They cry that prince Purshottam is no more. Shvidutt acts as frightening them to speak truth. They say they saw Puru’s sunken boat with a hole in it and crocodile around wit blood all over boat, they could not get even a single dead body. Shivdutt holds his neck and warns to not lie. Bamni stops him and asks not to harm his messengers and says he is confident that Puru and his team is alive, they are very brave warriors and are expert in aquatic fight, he is sure they are alive. He orders Shivdutt to send their expert divers to search Puru and his team. Ambhi Raj says even he will send his team.

Puru shows him team that Alexander has kept Barsin and her family here. Laachi asks how will they cross Alexander and his arm and reach there. Puru tells his plan to them, how they will cross all barriers disguised as Farsi and reach Barsin’s room when Alexander and his army are busy in celebrations. Laachi asks if Alexander will not identify them disguised as Farsi. Puru tells Alexander showed him a way, nobody will identify them as Farsi.

Precap: Shivdutt’s puppets show Laachi, Ambhi Kumar, and Puru’s belongings and they are sure Puru and his team is no more. Puru reaches Barsin’s room, and she gets happy seeing him.
Alexander enjoys Farsi dance. Ephastian says Alexander should be renamed Sikandar.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nothing interesting for me today. The only scene I liked today was Barsine knowing the presence of Puru and Alexander noticing Barsine’s happiness.
    The makers have made Puru and Laachi ‘s side sooooooooooooo boring and life less ?? in 2 weeks. My super hero looks idiotic and aimless. Acts impulsive. He already lost to Alexander. Nothing more to lose. THANKS TO THE MAKERS TO MAKE PAURUAV RASTRA act brainless. Hopefully they do something to change things around.

    1. Yes agree. I was waiting for alexander barsine meet. Expected to have some fire n intense scenes. Was wawaiting for their hate love track. There was huge scope. But makers didn do any thing. They just portrayed Alex as some cunning cruel man. But history tells even though he was cruel n ambitious he was not heartless. I thought the makers will show the start of change in his mindset after he meets barsine. But in vain.

  2. This is not my SUPER DUPER HERO, YUVRAJ PURUSHOTTAM, why is he acting like this?? I love the Puru with brains, courage n bravery.. this is not him. Ofcourse he did a nice thing to make Barsin know his presence n liked it but he is acting so boring… I like the Puru who is fearless n has the courage to take Barsin in front of everyone… Though I know it is not possible now but still… N I wish King Bamani uses his brains at this situation… Where is Anusuya?? I am missing her??

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