Naamkaran 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Neil and Avni try to find their son

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Naamkaran 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mowgli getting kidnapped. Neil comes to school and looks for him. He asks some kids. The kids say his mumma has come to pick him, didn’t aunty tell you. Neil thanks them and leaves. Avni gets a message. She cries reading it. She calls Neil. Neil’s phone is on silent. Avni calls Shweta and asks about Mowgli. Shweta says Neil has gone to pick him from school. Neil comes to Avni’s house and asks Sunehri about Avni and Mowgli. Sunehri says they aren’t here. Prakash calls Neil home.

Neil comes home and asks Avni why did she pick up Mowgli without informing him. Avni stops him. She says Mowgli has been kidnapped. They get shocked. She shows the message. He reads kidnapper’s message. He says kids told me that you picked him up. She asks did kids see me, someone took my name to kidnap him. He says I got bit late and this happened. She scolds him. She asks why did you take his responsibility if you couldn’t manage. She asks Shweta to see, she has supported Neil and now Mowgli is in danger. Neil says Mowgli is my son too.

She says I can see how you took care of him. He asks her to stop it. Bebe says enough, child is missing and you both are fighting, don’t know how is the child. Mowgli struggles to get free. Avni says I can’t even pay ransom for him if goons demand money. Neil says world knows he is my son too. Avni says I know who has done this, she tried to frame me in child trafficking and tried to kidnap Mowgli before, I know Kamini did this. They get shocked. Prakash says you didn’t tell us anything. Neil says she has an old habit to hide things. Avni says we should try to find Mowgli instead fighting, we should tell police. Neil says police will deal with Kamini. Avni gets another message. Kidnapper asks her not to think of taking police help, else God won’t be able to save her son, they will convey demand in next message.

At school, Neil says I need to take Mowgli and his mom to mall, are you sure to see his mom. Kid says no, an uncle came to pick him. Kids describe the goon. Neil thanks them. Neil tells the same to Avni. Avni recalls the earlier goon and says last time, that goon looked similar, when I spoke to Saisha, Kamini threatened me, she has done this to take revenge. He says come, I promise you, I will find him, nothing will happen to our son. She says I know.

Neil and Avni come to Kamini’s house. Kamini taunts her for coming with ex husband. She argues. Neil asks where is Mowgli. She says you maybe knowing, kidnapping done for revenge is dangerous than kidnapping done for ransom. He says you maybe knowing, how ex officers treat a criminal, better return our son. She says your threatening won’t affect me, this woman has snatched my son, so I snatched her son, I have nothing to lose now, but remember this, if my men don’t hear my voice every hour, they will push Mowgli down from a cliff. Avni gets scared. He asks what do you want.

She says I want Avni to take the child trafficking blame on her and go jail. He says Avni won’t do this. She says she will do this, being a mum, she will do anything to save her son. Avni cries and goes. Neil stops her. She says I m ready to surrender to police to save Mowgli. Avni says Mowgli is in bad state. Neil says Kamini hates you a lot, we have to find Mowgli. They see Mowgli’s video and read threatening message. Avni says no, I can’t leave Mowgli like this, we don’t have enough time, I have to go. She takes a taxi and goes to police station. He sees the video. Neil checks the video and hears some sound. He locates the godown and calls Avni. Mowgli says let me go please. Goon asks him to be quiet. Avni reaches police station. Mowgli gets free. He runs out. He shouts for help. Car stops. He sees Kamini and hugs. She asks how did you come here, come with me, I will take you to your mum. Neil sees her and follows. Avni reads the message. She says I want to give a statement. Mitali asks what statement. Kamini gives Mowgli to goons and asks them to keep an eye on them. Neil says your time is over, leave my Mowgli. She gets shocked seeing him.

Mitali asks what are you saying Avni. Neil fights with goons. Kamini sees Mowgli. Avni says this is the truth and my final statement. Goon aims gun at Neil.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pavithra1616

    Episode was okay.. Good to see avneil together.. That’s it.. Neil again said another filthy dialogue because avni didn’t tell him about Mowgli got kidnap.. Uff! This kamini.. I can’t bear her.. Avneil played parents today.. ACP Neil khanna was back for ten seconds..?? I don’t know what to say about the epi.. Avni was really bold with Neil in the beginning.. Loved her.. Kamini blackmailing Avni.. And I didn’t want this to happen in the last episodes.. This huge drama of kidnapping.. Precap good one.. Neil and Mowgli will come just before avni gets arrested.. That’s all.. Waiting for twms epi.. And now just 3 episodes left.. I think they will show the reunion only in the last 10 min..
    guys,U know what? Avneil united on Oct first week.. They had Goa seperation track and some other bad things till Dec18 when Neil arrested avni.. Then in January last they reunited… They on Feb20, this ten years leap.. Then after this leap its 3 months.. And the thing I am telling u is we have seen avneil separation track more than seeing them together.. wwe had avneil together just for 2 and a half months.. But separation more than 5 months.. What does this mean? Avneil grabbed our heart away so fast! Hats off to avneil?? adiza??
    And I have a request to all nk fans.. Pls don’t watch Krishna Chali London and pls try to not to watch star plus.. @9 u can watch bepannah in colours.. Its trp is low because of nk and it deserves really better.. Luv u avneil????

    1. Sana.

      Dear Krishna chali London koi nehim dekenge. I will definitely unsubscribe starplus from my channels list after naamkaran goes off air.many fans will do the same.

      1. Pavithra1616

        Ya, I just hope so..

    2. me too. i will shut the shop of starplus for ending naamkaran . i will not watch krishna chali london . we don’t care if krishna goes london or paris. just go to hell krishna chali london .
      bapannah is nice than this upcoming crap.

  2. Sana.

    Disgusting episode.after all its Neil’s mistake even after knowing this he again behaved like a jerk and apni galti accept Karne ke baajay avni ko danta he.disgusting Neil and kamini is uff….only three episodes are there still its going very slowly.instead of bringing out each and every truths why they are showing stupidity.i hate nk for Neil and its abrupt ending. I will definitely unsubscribe naamkaran once naamkaran goes off air.also I’m not at all a supporter of avneil’s reunion as Neil doesn’t deserve avni.

    1. What did Neil do disgusting today, he just asked her y did she bring Mowgli back,he accepted his mistake so he didn’t ltell any thing when Avni was scolding him,he only reacted when Avni said her son ,so he said he is also his son

      1. He asked her to stop it. When he was acting like jerk Avni should listen and didn’t you notice his reactions while Avni was scolding him as if he didn’t commit a mistake at all.

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    3 more episodes will drag like this only… And show will have happy ending in last 10 min…

  4. Deepi

    Today’s episode is okkkkk.Love to see avneil together.But as same as he will change again…….but I am really worried that there are only three more days ???

  5. This is NOT FAIR after all this huge crappy drama fans deserve one whole episode of avneil they cannot do this with us by giving us only 10 mins of an abrupt ending
    Nk is not such a show I HATE STARPLUS FOR THIS ACTION

  6. M curious about the statement Avni gave.
    I hope it shud be regarding Neelama’s murder.
    I want that Neil to be totally broken before his marriage and honeymoon planning with Bafoon Mitali.

    1. No she gives the statement about child trafficking and not about neela’s murder. More over took the blame on herself to save mogli. They are shutting the show without revealing the truth. Moreover neil will exchange garlands with that bafoon mitali and mitali will break the marriage and the due cup each others face and neil will kiss that mitali and will go back to Avni. This is upcoming.

      1. nahiiiiii… I don’t want that climaxxxxx… I want to see that stupid Neil regret of losing a gem..

  7. Epi was OK neither good nor bad. But today again Neil was shouting on avni as if bcoz of her Mowgli got kidnapped but the fact is that bcoz of Neil only Mowgli got kidnapped and that too for so called cheap and disgusting reason of planning honeymoon with that stupid mitali.If he don’t want Mowgli then give him back to avni only why he is just pretending of taking care of Mowgli but today even I don’t liked khanna family when avni told them about the attempt to kidnap Mowgli in the garden they blamed avni for not informing them but now when Mowgli got kidnapped bcoz of Neil they didn’t utter any word against Neil. Atleast that day avni saved Mowgli from getting kidnapped but today he really got kidnapped and specially I have not expected this from prakash as he was the only one who supported her in all situations. Anyways only three days to go……I don’t know what will I do after may 18. Even nk don’t deserve this rush ending. Hate you star plus you will surely pay for ur injustice you have done to nk and adiza. Guys don’t watch any of the shows of sp plzzz its humble request then only sp will regret their decision and beg before makers of nk to restart nk…. Its just a suggestion after wards ur own choice…..From 21st May I’m going to restart watching old episodes of nk same at 9pm each day each epi…..

    1. Sana.

      Me too.i will watch old episodes of naamkaran and also bepannah and I will definitely unsubscribe starplus from my channels list.

  8. NK deserves a better ending. Avneil doesn’t want anyone else to realize their love for each other.
    I wish Prakash uncle wud make Neil to drink the patiala wala coffee so that he gets some light in his confused dhimag

    1. Sana.

      I wish Neil to get stone hit on his head else his brain won’t work

  9. Whats thr trp of nk now

  10. Guys don’t miss naamkaran episode today…..the thing which we all are eagerly waiting for is going to happen…..Neil is going to learn the sacrifice done by Avni……yahooo…..I want to see Neil shattered

    1. whaaatttt??? Neelama’s murder”s truth will be revealed????

      1. I wish to see Honeymoon planner’s getting shattered

  11. Where is today’s written update..?

    1. It’s here

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