I loved you but not anymore… Avneil OS by Pavithra

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Hey guys,this is Pavithra here.. This is an OS by me on my favourite couple,my Avneil.. My dearest Avneil.. I am writing something on Avneil for the very first time.. Hope u guys like this one..

A girl was seen flipping pages through a diary,her diary.. (Near a window)..

The girl reads a diary entry of 2-3 years ago..

Girl: Dear Diary, I am writing with great pain.. He loves someone else. He loves Diya.. Diary, I was too sad after knowing this. I love him madly.. And he loves someone else.. What shall I do? As Diya is my best friend,he may ask me to fix it up.. He will do that very soon. And I can’t do it.. So,firstly I have to forget that I love him. So… Be friends with him now. Don’t love him.. But I will always have u in my heart.. Bye,Diary…
Yours lovingly,

So the girl was Avni..

Avni’s eyes became teary..

Avni: it happened just like I have said.. He asked me and now we all are working for their marriage which is just 1 week away.. And after that I am gonna loose him forever..

Then suddenly someone comes in.. It was Avni’s boyfriend and fiancée – Sidharth..

Sidharth: Avni,come on.. Its time.. Lets…

He stops when he sees avni crying.. He goes to her..

Sidharth: avni.. You are crying? (And cups her face)

Avni wipes her tears..

Sidharth: Kuch tho bolo,Avni…

Avni: Just got a flashback of my past..

Sidharth: Its okay.. Come on… Otherwise we will be late..

Avni: oh! Coming…


It was night.. Avni and her friend was sitting around a table in a garden. Lights were around them..

Girl 1: so,at last our work for them is over..

Girl 2: Yes,finally…

Girl 3: Avni,where is she?

Avni: Went with him..

Girl 1 & 2 together: Romance!! (Laughs)

Avni sighs..

Suddenly one girl and boy comes..

Girl 1: here comes our romance babies!!

Boy laughs and winks at the girl..

Avni: I have little more work..

Girl 1: Isn’t it over?

Avni: Just the accodomation things…that’s all.. I will be right back.

She goes .

The boy was in black top and jeans.. And the girl in a white top with printed overcoat and jeans..

Girl 2: Neil,Diya.. You both make a cute couple..

So the boy was non other than our Neil.. And girl was Diya..

They say thanks…

Later,they discuss about the marriage..Neil gets a call and excuses..

He talks in call near the swimming pool.. Avni comes to him..

Avni: Neil,you were here? I was looking for you…

Neil signs 1 minute as he was talking in phone.. He turns and talks.

Avni looks in the notepad in her hand…

He cuts call and turns..

Avni: Ha,Neil.. We have a buffet and we .

Neil: Avni,Avni…

Avni continues to say things..

Neil: Avni.. Stop it..

Avni: huh? Kya hua?

Neil takes a deep breathe.

Neil: Avni, how could you sacrifice your love?

Avni: What?

Neil: And I know you love me.

Avni folds her hands against her chest.. Avni remained silent looking down..

Neil: what? (Shakes her)

Avni: yes,I loved you.. Not now.. But in my past.. I correct you..

Neil: but how..

She signs to stop..

Avni hold her hands..

Avni: Please,don’t talk about it and please don’t make me remember those times…

Neil pulls down her hands

Neil: we have to talk about it .

Avni: Why?

Neil: because there is another story to it..

Avni: what story?

Neil: Even I love you.. And still I love you.. I don’t love Diya..

Avni: What?

Neil: Yes,I started this drama just to get close with you.. But I failed each time.. And now I am trying to love Diya..

Avni was shocked.. She couldn’t say a word.. She turned back.. Almost crying.. He hugs her from back and they boh cries..

Neil: I love you,Avni…

Avni: I loved you,Neil.. But now I have moved on… And my marriage will be coming in a year.

Neil: I know. We can’t unite.. It’s sure.. Its just that we should know the whole story of our love..

Suddenly Avni’s phone rings.. It was Sidharth. A selfie of Avni kissing Sidharth on the cheeks popped up.

Neil sees it.. Avni tries to hide it.. Neil breaks the hug..

Neil: Oh! Yes.. I forgot about Sidharth.. You both will make a lovely couple.. (tears rolling down his cheeks)

Avni turns .

Avni: Neil,please.

She wipes away her tears .

Avni: its all over. Forget this.. Try to love Diya OK?

Neil smiles.

Neil: so simple huh? I will never forget you.. 

They hug tightly..

Sidharth calls again . avni takes call..

Sidharth: Avni, where are you? Your father called and said you haven’t reached home yet. He thought you were with me..

Avni: Actually, I am with my friends at the usual spot..

Sidharth: I will come and pick you up.. And I can meet your friends too.

Avni: OK! That’s cool…

Her tears were still there..

She looks at Neil who smiles at her..


Sidharth arrives…

Avni goes to the parking area..

Avni: Glad you came!

Sidharth: You should be glad na!

Avni: Naughty.

Sidharth: Give me a hug yaar

Avni hugs him..

Sidharth: Now feeling much better!

They arrive where everyone was sitting..

Avni: So,guys.. Meet Sidharth..

Sidharth: hi everyone..

Girl 1 : heard about you so much..

Girl 2 : Avni’s fiancee right?

Girl 3 : Avni, you are lucky yaar..

Avni introduces everyone to Sidharth..

It was Neil’s chance..

Avni hesitated..

Avni: Sidharth.. And this is..

Neil cuts her…

Neil: I am Neil,Neil Khanna..

Sidharth: oh! Ya! You are the bri… Oops! I mean the groom,right?

Neil smiles.

Avni looks at Sidharth and Neil.


The day before Neil’s and Diya’s wedding..

Neil calls Avni. Avni takes the call..

Avni: Ha,Neil.. Bolo..

Neil: I want to talk to you about us..

Avni: I told you. Its all over. Its impossible for us to be together now.

Neil: But.

Avni: No but.. You will be my favourite always.. And I know its the same for you. So won’t you do what I say? So,Neil. Enjoy your life..(controlling her tears)

She cuts call..

She sits on her bed and cries remembering their long lost love story..


Wedding day. .

Neil and Diya was in the mandap..Guruji was doing the rituals and chanting mantras..

Avni: At last, everything is over.

Girl 1 : Yes, really happy .

Avni thought.. Yes, everything is over.. Even our love..

Guruji: its the muhurat..

Avni gives Neil a thumbs up standing away with Sidharth,controlling her tears. Neil smiles faintly..

Before he put the mangalsutra ,he looks at Avni who was ready to cry. She stood against Sidharth who held her.. That look of his made her cry…

Neil looks at Avni and puts the mangalsutra and sindoor to Diya..

Neil (in mind): me acche tarah se janthe hai ki me galath kar raha hai.. I am spoiling Diya’s life.. I will treat u as my wife,Diya.. For me,Avni is my wife.. I will love u just like I love avni.. And will always be with you.. I love you,Avni and will always love you.

Avni and Neil looks at each other….

Avni (in mind): I have loved you truly.. And will love you.. But by doing that I will be wrong with Sidharth.. U will be in my heart always. You are my neilu.. And I am your Avni.. Forever…

They keep looking at each other…

Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays…

Hear ends a sad story of Avneil.. Hope you guys liked this one.. Actually, today will be 1 year since I have started to see NK.. 1 year with them.. But they will be no longer with us.. Will miss you Avneil.. And I can’t find any other word to say that I can’t live without you..Will miss Nk too.. love you avneil???

Ignore the spelling or grammatical mistakes. Ignore the short forms, if any.. Sorry for only two images..Do let me know what you think of the story by dropping in a comment. Don’t forget to hit the like button. I want all your love and support… Thanks for reading…


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  1. Riana

    Such a sweet and emotional os pavi ❤️?
    Really loved AvNeil here, they did a big sacrifice !! ??
    But the os was amazing ??
    Lovyou & tc ?

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thank u di… Thanks a lot..???? luv u too..?

  2. Sonakshi5

    It was so emotional ?? yet nice…will miss avneil

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thank u shouldnt say thank u but still I have to! YA,will miss avneil like hell…

  3. AIHA19

    Sweety, the story was too good and it literally made me cry??? for some people not realising is the only mistake many of them do. Sometimes that’s the only reason true love breaks down.

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thank u di! That was really sweet of u to comment.. Really? It made u cry? Ya,I agree with u..and I wanted to ask u this, is the 2nd part of ur OS updated?

      1. AIHA19

        Yes, the next day I updated the second part.

  4. Somya13

    Awesome dear….

  5. Dear Pavi,it was just awesome.no words to describe.it made pain on me.such a loving story..Love your creation always..Keep rocking.Love you aniyathikutti..my Pavikutty…

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thank u Chechi.. Thanks a lot.. It was really sweet of u to comment.. I love u too??? glad u love them..

  6. You made me cry hun,it was very emotional, sacrifices are very hard for persons to abide by only those who are true by heart can make sacrifices.

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thank u so much.. Glad u liked it.. Ur support was so good.. Thanks a lot..? and I totally agree with u..

  7. Avneil_adiza_fan

    Amazing Os but it was really emotional ? but do write more…

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thank u di!! Thank u so much.. I will wife more for sure.. How can I not write more on my dearest avneil?

  8. Niyati

    It is really emotional Pavi ….Loved it till the end I told u I love sad ending as sometime they are so relative …Your os is sweet …Both Avni & Neil sacrifice their love ….Your describing style is beautiful…Totally loved it …Write more on avneil….I am proud of you my lil sis …You are such a talented writer in very small age …..Love u ? ? ?

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thank u di??? thanks a lot.. Yes, I know u love sad endings.. Ya, they sacrifice their love.. Thank u di.. Glad u loved it.. Don’t u think I will write more on avneil? How can I not write on them? They are my favourite.. Oh! So sweet of u.. Once again thank u.. A and I know I am not meant to say thank u but still I have to.. And di, its the last three episodes of nk from today to Friday.. And I know u used to be a fan,so why don’t u watch or follow till the end? Pls,it will be a support for nk.. Luv u??

      1. Niyati

        Yup, will surely watch ….I am currently following Naamkaran & Bepanah only ? ?

  9. ImRagela

    Wow Pavi…That was so emotional..I really cried..Avneil…They did a big sacrifice..just loved ur writing..And love u lotts ????????

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thank u reji… Thanks a lot??.. Glad u liked my writings.. And luv u too??

  10. Devikaaa

    hey Pavi, it was faaabbb !!! I didn’t think u would come with a dark story… but u surprised me and i loved the ending which tells us that always things don’t happen in our favour !

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thank u Chechi.. Thanks a lot.. Yes, I wanted to show that meaning.. Thanks a lot for reading.. Luv u?

      1. Devikaaa

        love u 2……..

  11. Riyaditi

    Awesome one pavi.. loved it

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thank u di.. Glad u loved it??

  12. Mansi

    Very emotional OS????Loved it from the start till the end❤❤❤U are really an amazing writer??Both Avni n Neil sacrifice their love….Such a touching story!!…Keep writing more on them???

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thank u di.. Thanks a lot.. I maybe an amazing writer but will never be like u..? I will definetly write more on them.. How I cannot? Because they are everything to me…?? luv u??

  13. Nila_27

    Emotional OS… Both sacrifices their love??….Nice one !!

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thank u so much di.. Glad u liked it..

  14. Ghvpriya

    So so awesome OS. I totally loved it ???

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thank u so so much di? glad u loved it! Luv u ??

  15. Arshiya_princess

    Such a emotional story nd seriously I can’t live without avneil nd the ending of the show has literally broken my heart just can hope to see them together in any other show or same show season 2 like devakshi show ???

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thank u di.. Yes, I just hope to see avneil back in Nk 2.. But I don’t think star plus will ever come back with nk.. Avneil will be always with us.. ??

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