Abhigya – Obsessive love Episode 55 (Last Episode)

Hello guys …..First of all…sorry sorry sorry sorry …….1000 times sorry for not updating regular as TU members knows it’s all becoz of my tution classes…..More twists and turns are waiting ..so let me stop my bak baks and quickly jump onto the next episode ……..

Recap – Abhi makes plan to know who is blackmailing Pragya from Pragya’s mouth ..Finally he succeeds in it and came to know that he is Ranvir . Abhi gets hell angry on Ranvir …Now Abhigya Ranvir’s face off ..Will Abhigya be united ?…

Episode 55
The episode starts with Ranvir saying to Pragya in front of Abhi….
Ranvir – Today you will come to me ..And you by your mouth ask me to marry you ..Infact you will beg infront of me to marry you..MARK MY WORDS !!..
Pragya is shocked …Abhi looks on..Ranvir laughs…

Ranvir leaves with a shock giving to Pragya…..

Pragya breaks down ..and cries…..
Pragya – Abhishek !..Abhishek ..Comeon let’s pack and get lost from this city ..No he will take me with him..No…
Abhi shouts – PRAGYAAA !!!!..
Pragya gets stunned and remains silent …
Abhi – Relax !!..Relax ….I am there with you …Always
Pragya hugs Abhi …Judaai song from Badlapur plays…….

Image result for abhi pragya hug scene  Image result for pragya hugs

AT Home …..
Ram – Whaattt ??!..This much happened and you all haven’t said me anything !..

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Aditya – Actually dad we all came to know abt this yesterday only ..
Pragya starts to blame herself..- This all happened only because of me ..All the fault is on me ……
All sees her feeling sorry ……
Priya goes to Pragya – No no beta !..There is no fault of yours in this ….Stop blaming yourself …You are innocent dear !..
Pragya hugs Priya ……
Ishani – Pragya we all will see how he make his intentions true ?!..
Raghav – I made full security around the house..so no chances are there …..

Rv – Ya Raghav ..he can’t ecape ..

Image result for meri aashiqui tumse hi shikhar and ishani

Abhi takes Pragya to her room …..
Abhi – Pragya today you have to smile ..Because we both are going to marry na ?..
Pragya nods and smiles ….
Abhi – Pragya ..I promised you that i will always be there with you ..And you promised me that you will never leave me ……You know why ?..
Pragya looks on ..
Abhi – Because we do not want to leave each other ..
Abhi holds Pragya’s hands ..Pragya gets tears ..Mann chala man plays…….

Image result for abhi holds pragya hands

Abhi – Here is your wedding dress…Now no tears from your eyes ..Wear this ..I will be there seeing that everything ok ..
Pragya nods ..She wears the wedding dress and looks beautiful in that …….

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Suddenly she gets a call ..Pragya gets scared …
Her hands were shivering ..and she attends the call – h..hh..helloo..
The voice – Hello sweetheart ..
Pragya – Rrr..Ranvir ?

Ranvir – Arreyy you guessed right ?..It seems that you were thinking about me only ..That much lovee ?
Pragya – My foot !..Now i am not scared of you ..I cried more..now its time for me to smile ….I am getting married today with..
Ranvir – With me !!!!!..
Pragya – Never ..If that happens too i will die !..
Ranvir – No no Sweetheart ..How can i leave you die ?..If you are not there in this world ..Then i too should not be there in this world ..
Pragya gets so angry …
Ranvir – And remember what i said ??…
Pragya recalls Ranvir’s words – ( You will come to me ..And you by your mouth ask me to marry you ..Infact you will beg infront of me to marry you..MARK MY WORDS !!..)
Pragya is freezed ..
Ranvir – And ya ya ..One min one min..Someone wants to talk to you ..Wait haan !..
That voice – Helllooo !..Pragyaaa ?!..Pragyaa beta..

Image result for sarla in kumkum bhagya phone


Image result for sarla in kumkum bhagya phone

Pragya is shocked – Maaaa ??!!!!!!!!!!!..
It is her mother Sarla …( Do you all remember her character ?)

Sarla – Pragya beta !!..
Pragya – Maa ..you ?..What happened ?..how are you ?..You are there ??..Oh Goddd !!..
Sarla – Beta don’t cry ..I can understand onething ..That this boy wants to create problems in yours and Abhi beta’s life..Please don’t come here beta..Nothing will happen to me..
Ranvir snatches the phone – Heard na ?..Don’t listen to her words ..You know what i will do if i say…I know everybody’s where everybody are so protective ..You thought about Abhi Abhi Abhi and forgot your mom ?..Now choice is yours .. your love or your mother ?..
Ranvir angrily cuts the call …..

Pragya cries seeing Abhi’s photo and writes a letter ..- Sorry Abhishek ..I can’t be so selfish to leave my mother to die and live with you happily ..I have to go…I am going to Ranvir ..I am going to save my mom’s life …..But my love is only for you …No one can take the place of yours…I love you Abhishek ..I am Sorry ……..Yours Pragya…Mein phir bhi tumko chaahungi plays ……

Image result for pragya cries seeing abhi photo

Pragya cries and leaves without getting seen by anyone and leaves…..

At Ranvir’s place..
Pragya shouts – Maa !!..Maa ??..Where are you ?..
Ranvir – Your Maa is there where she wants to be !..

Ranvir looks Pragya’s dress..- Wow sweetheart you are looking beautiful …Just like my bride ..
Pragya – First tell me where is my mom ?..
Ranvir – I said na ..She is safe..But till then if you marry me ..
Pragya looks on..

At Abhi’s home …
Abhi comes to room and sees Pragya is not there . He gets shocked ….
All comes in..
Ishani – Bhaiya what happened ??..where is Prag…
All gets shocked …..
Naina – Bhaiya see this !!!!!!…
Abhi reads the letter Pragya wrote ..and cries ….
Abhi – Woh jaa chuki hai (She went)..
Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays …………….

Image result for abhi cries  Image result for abhi cries
Back to the scene
Ranvir drags Pragya to the mandap ..
Pragya – Leave..Ranvir leave my hand…Its paining ..
Ranvir – Sweetheart only for few more mins..Then i will not ever give you pain ..
Pragya thinks – God please i want to see my Abhishek once………..

Image result for pragya and suresh marriage

Ranvir starts to take rounds ..and drags Pragya to take rounds …Soon it comes for the 7th round ….
A voice comes there saying STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!..
Pragya sees and gets tears…Ranvir gets shocked ……It is none other than Abhi……
Abhi – Leave Pragya’s hand …
Ranvir – You don’t know what consequences her mother is going to face …
Abhi – You know what..You have to face the consequences when you underestimate mothers ..And Pragya is so smart as her mother ……And Ranvir how can you be so careless ?..Seems that you were flying in your false victory ..

Ranvir – What non sense you are talking ?..
Sarla comes and slaps Ranvir …
Abhi – Whaatt ?..Surprised ?..Have you checked where is your mobile phone ?..
Ranvir checks and sees it is not there ..
Abhi – Saasu mom i think its better you itself explain ..
Sarla – I don’t know who you are ..but i can easily get to know who is creating problems in my children’s life …..When you were tying me with the rope ?..I saw your phone lying up when you angrily cut the call from Pragya …..So i made effort and called my son and he saved me and save my daughter too…

Image result for sarla in kumkum bhagya phone

Abhi – Dekha Ranvir ?..This God na ?..Don’t know how he will keep twists ?..Small or big twist..But twist is there hi there !..
All laughs ..(Ishveer Raina Bulbul Adiya)


Image result for ishveer laughs


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Pragya smiles …

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Ranvir – What do you think uh ? hero?..Now i am going to marry her..
Abhi looks on..
Pragya takes the sand splitted down and sprinkles in Ranvir’s eyes ..
Ranvir shouts with irritation ……..Pragya goes and hugs Abhi ..Tere sang yaara plays ……
Adi , Rv and Raghav holds Ranvir ..

Abhi – Shall we marry madam ?
Pragya nods – Pakka !..(Sure)

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Abhigya takes 7 rounds ..And Abhi ties mangalsutra (wedding chain) in pragya’s neck and fills her maang with sindhoor (vermillion)..Pandit says The marriage is completed..

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Ranvir thinks No …I will not leave Pragya ..
He sets him free from Adi , Rv and Raghav’s held ..
Ranvir shouts – Abhiii !!!!!!!!!..

He takes out the gun and points it towards Abhi ..
All shouts – Nooo !!..
Ranvir – No body should step forward..Otherwise i will shoot …I have no other option left for getting my Pragya ..
Ranvir shooootsss !!!!!!…
All closes their eyes ……
Abhi gets shocked …………Pragya got the shot and falls down ………

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Abhi shouts – Pragyaaaaa !!!!!…..
Ranvir is stunned …….

All are hell shocked ………

Abhi takes Pragya’s head and kept in his lap and cries – Pragyaa ….

Pragya – Abhishek..Nothing will happen to me …
Pragya looks on Ranvir – Rr..ranvir ..I said you how many times that i don’t love you ..And what you had on me is not love ..Its zid ( Stubborness) to fulfill your intention to make me yours …..In love ..Life will not be taken ..will be given ..Now itself you see whether it is love or not !!..

Ranvir starts to beat himself – Oh no !!!!!!!..I made a mistake ..I made a big mistake .. He cries..

Pragya – I forgave you Ranvir……..Abhishekk..I ..love ….you…..
Pragya starts to breathe heavily …
Abhi – No no ..Pragya ..see open your eyes..look at me..look..
Pragya closes her eyes
Abhi shouts – Pragyaaaaaa……

Image result for pragya dies

Ranvir – Abhi take the gun..and shoot me ..I am not fit to live ..Please Abhi…..
Abhi takes the gun and was about to shoot ….But stops…
Abhi – My Pragya forgave you ..Go and surrender yourself to the court ..Accept the punishment given by the law..That is enough…..
Ranvir puts the gun down and leaves ……

Abhi cries …
Rv – Abhi control yourself …
Pragya’s fingers move a bit ..Ishani sees it..
Ishani shouts – Bhaiya ..Pragya’s fingers moved i saw !!!!..
Abhi quickly holds Pragya – Pragya …!
He gets tears..They rush to the hospital …..

Doctor – Mr.Abhi it is a miracle that she hold her life for a long duration..But now she is not coming to full conscious ..But she can hear everything what you are saying ..and respond ..Hope she comes to conscious by hearing any of your voice ……
Abhi breaks down…..

Maya – Abhi ..come on go inside and speak ……

Abhi nods and went inside and sees Pragya in the bed …..

Image result for pragya dies

Abhi has tears while talking – Hey my wife ..Just now marriage happened and you are sleeping here ..Comeon..wake up ..wake up Pragyaa..(cries)..Pragya you know what ..Even i was like that Ranvir at first ..To get you work in my company ..Make you love me ..and marry only me ..But your true love ..Your true love ..Made my obsession into love completely ..You are the person to make me a full hearted person ..But you itself not there means what matters if i live or not ?..Without you i am nothing ..Remember the promise ?..I will always be there with you and you …
Abhi suddenly sees Pragya getting tears from her eyes ..
Abhi – Pragya ?!!!?!..
Pragya opens her eyes – And i promised i will never leave you ..

Image result for pragya dies

Abhi smiles with tears ..Pragya hugs him with tears …Allah Waariyaan plays ………..

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All knocks in..Bulbul – Hello guys..Seems like romance is disturbed ..
Purab – Ya Bulbul you are right …
Ram – Come on don’t tease them..
Priya – You are fine na Pragya ?..
Pragya nods ..
Ishani – My Pragya is very strong !!!!..
Rv – Finally all bad days are over..
Raghav – You are right Rv ….
Naina – Bhai marriage is over..when is the treat ?..
Abhi – soon my behen !..
Maya – Guys i was thinking that……
Aditya – We were thinking that why can’t we all take a groupfie ….
Maya makes funny face – Copy cat !!..
All smiles……
RamPriya , Ishveer , Raina , Adiya . Rabul and Abhigya says – CHEESE !!!…

They all smiled and they lived happily ever after………………..

***************************************************************HAPPY ENDING************************************************************************

Written by ,
Ragela (Yours Reji)

So guys this is the last episode..I know this is a little shocking..But soon i will return with a new and fresh story..Now i showed you all what is obsession on my point of view..Many are being victims because of this dangerous feeling…My main concept was only one ..Like as said in Beyhadh..Hadh se zyaada kuch bhi acha nahi hota….Pyaar bhi nahi (Nothing will be sweet if it crosses it’s limits..Not even Love..)..I hope my creativity potrayed well according to……
I didn’t even think that i will get all your love and support for my ff of Obsessive Love..I am feeling so grateful to it …Thank you so much …Without you all ..This is not possible at all ..Love you all ..
This is Ragela (Reji) signing off..Take Care..Bye ..See you soon…..

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