Life took a turn! A long distance love story. Three shots

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Helloo my readers! This is my first attempt in this page with three shots! Firstly, thanks for choosing this and taking your time to read this. Hope you enjoy!

“This song for all the gorgeous couples out their”Shouted the Disco guy And the song played with full volume. Girls and boys kept on matching their feets and hands with the song.

“I’m exhausted. Going to have a drink”Anika shouted. Other three girls nodded and kept on dancing with the partners they got that time. She walked towards the drinks area.

“one coke please”she said.

“One coke please”Came a male version with the same request.

She looked back to figure out which male in the party Hall is excluding himself from having a drink. As she looked back,she saw a him.
His eyes were blue,lips uttering the song that played,nose quite long and cheeks that are chubby enough and can make any one go straight and cuddle it. He had a lean figure,but well maintained. He had worn a black shirt and blue denim coat matching to his blue denim.

“2 cokes”Barattender interrupted her while she was scrutinizeing him.

He took his coke,opened it and looked at Anika.She opened her’s and started drinking. He laughed looking at her and gulped his coke.

“What happened,why laughing?she questioned looking at him.

“Was waiting for you to open and make a cheers”He said.


“It’s ok dude,But why coke ?”He questioned looking at her. She was a lean girl with long hair that was left loosely. Long Eyelashes and twinkling eyes. Smiling lips and chubby cheeks. Off-Shoulder top matching her shorts to her ankle length boots and long nails that are polished blue matching her top.

“Because I never drink”She answered.

“Oh,tats nice!But your style speaks something else.”

“You have girl friend”Suddenly she asked.

“What!”He exclaimed and laughed. “Nah,I don’t” He replied.

“But your looks say something else!”She repeated his words.

He laughed and said “Neither do I have a girl friend nor a party person in me.”

“What you hate parties?”She asked.

He drank his coke and replied “Yeah,I hate parties, beer, smoking and all sorts”.

“You are not a men then, you are a kid still,Not a person I can date”She announced.

“I’m a boy my parents want”He proudly announced.

“Opps!Tats was a glass breaking answer” she replied quite happily with the answer and continued “Actually I too hate parties,beer and all sorts. Actually it was my friends who took me here. If I was in Delhi,My dad would had kicked me.”

“what Delhi?What you doing then in Mumbai?”He questioned.

“Can we go out!”She requested.

“Off course!”

She looked towards her friends and saw them dancing with their newly found partner. And therefore decided to message them. They both led towards the sofa outside the room.

“Sorry,Forgot to ask your name,What’s your name?Myself Anika Verma” she said while they moved towards the sofa.

“Shivaay Singh oberoi!”He answered moving his hands towards front and said “So Anika can we shake our hands towards a friendship”

Anika giggled and made a handshake. They sat on the sofa and relaxed while Anika drank the coke and completed it.

“So what are you doing here in Mumbai,then?”

“Came here, in relation with my articleship.”she replied.

“Under whom?”

“Verma and Verma assosciates!Dad is a partner Soo… ” She replied proudly.

“Wow,they are top assosciates!Soo basically coming from a CA family nah!”He said

She giggled and nodded.

“What’s your dad doing?”She questioned

“A small business”

“Tats nice,Then what are you doing,my future entrepreneur?”

He smiled and blushed when she said “my”. He never knew why it happened to him. He felt nice when she looked into his eyes,smiled at his words and kept looking at him.

“MBA in HR at TATA business school” He spoke.

“wow, interesting!”

“So what are your interests?”He questioned.

“I love reading, scribbling my thoughts, then chatting with my friends, playing batminton tats it!What about you?”

“Reading, pen down my thoughts, badminton,business.. thats all!” He replied.

“You like to write.. me too… I’m crazy on it!” She commented

“Wow!That nice.!”

“Dissimilarities with others made them similar with each other!” He quoted summing up their present situation.

She one eyebrow indicating she is impressed and clapping.

“She wanted him to be her prince,all he became was friend “she summed her thoughts. And blushed.

“Not bad at all! Seems to be a heart broken!”

“Nah,I’m proud single!”she spoke.

He smiled and nodded. They shared few glances.
Neither did he nor she knew what had happened to them. Only the universe knew,that it had sprinkled the essence of love in them.

He suddenly remembered that he didn’t told his friends about being out,so excused himself and went to call them.

Anika kept on looking at him. She didn’t knew what was happening to her. She was glancing at him.she was deeply thinking how adorable she was. She felt on cloud nine when she remembered he saying he has no girl friends and that almost all of their interest match each other.

Was that the sparkling of love or the same sharing interest that broke the distance! Unaware of the answer and happening around her she stared at him.

He came back after a while saying “They are not picking the phone” and messaged them.

“Why can’t we start a page then?” She questioned.

She gasped. He didn’t got the meaning so he asked her to repeat!

“Actually we share a same interest on writing! So why can’t we start a page. I have this idea from long back but was waiting for a partner. So if you can.. ”

“Ohh.. like that! We can think of it!Not bad idea. Let us think!”

“No please,I see a good writer in you!please can you “she pleaded with her eyes anxiously waiting for an affirmative answer.

He couldn’t resist himself from saying a no.she nodded with a smile and asked her with giggles,
“So, what’s the name of the page?”

“OH MY GOD! You aggreed !!” She exclaimed with happiness covering her face and smile that has no bonds.. she was Soo happy that she jumped with joy.

“Words penned up! How’s that name!” She asked

“Stupid name! No doubt! Will think and message you!” He replied

She was laughing at his honest comment and they shared their Facebook names and added each other.

It was the time when both their joys had no bounds. Both were more happy for being connected via internet more than starting a page. They both didn’t knew what was happening to them. While shivaay was stubborn with his words, the magic Anika sprinkled on him made him nod with all her words. On the other hand was Anika who never ever use to speak anything to strangers neither stare not glance was now sitting , chattering and glancing more over added him on her profiles.

While both were thinking what was happening to them,Anika’s friends came out and interrupted their thoughts.

“Meri Jaanu, can you do a help can u drive please tonight, I think I can no more drive”she said scratting her eyes.

Anika looked at her friend’s condition with wide eyes. They were not even able to stand of their own. Anika felt little embrassed to see her friends in that manner. She knew they will be out of the hall in such a condition and she accompanied them to drive the car back.But introducing her friends to shivvay in such a manner made her embrassed.

“Rab ne banathe Jodi”one of her friends commented looking at shivaay and Anika.

Shivaay laughed,But didn’t corrected her. Instead Anika and shivaay looked each other carving each other’s emotions deeply. The eye to eye talk they shared that moment made it clear for them that they were in love, “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT”, as the words says.But they didn’t had the courage to have the words their eyes talked on their lips. As their eye lock continued which not locked their eyes to eyes but also locked their emotions deeply that left an impact on them which they realized late that night.

“Lagtha hai u need your own space”commented other girl.

Anika was not able to handle her shyness and embrassement much more, but both shivaay and Anika we’re enjoying these comments within them.

Anika with shyness on her face and angry look in eyes towards her friends introduced the three friends to shivaay. Shivaay smiled at each and made a handshake, but girls bent towards shivaay for a warm hug. Though shivaay disliked that, each hug by her friend’s with shivaay made Anika jealous and burn with anger and jealousy. Shivaay sensed that and giggled and continued with the warm hugs instead of shaking it off. Moreover, he complimented them for their looks. Anika was now fully loaded with jealousy that she interrupted them and spoke “It’s time to leave,we are already late,come let’s move towards the car”. She looked at shivaay with anger and frustration of not able to tell her feeling of hatred of complimenting and hugging her friends to Shivaay,she walked away without waving a bye to shivaay like a great warrior who lost his battle. Shivaay went with Anika and helped her friends to walk.Anika looked at shivaay exclaimed, rather than saying, “I know to handle my friends leave them and handle your friends” and carried her friends towards the car and she took the charge of the car and fled away. Shivaay kept on looking at her and laughed and laughed reminscining the Anika’s jealousy face and shoutings.

“Oyee.. why are laughing?”

Shivaay turned back to answer the familur voice.
It was his friends bashing out from the Disco.

“Are you blushing?”

Questions kept on hitting him,All his three friends kept on questioning but only his mind answered those questions through a picture of blushing Anika. He waved of all those questions and all led to their car.

Anika and Shivaay though are playing the role of drivers for their friends, That night along with that they were playing the role of would be girl friend-Boy friend. While the slow music kept playing, They both kept remembering the moments they shared with each other. They drove the car too fast Soo as to reach their rooms and start their first chat. They reached their respective destinations and opened the chat box.Before she could type or think of their first message ,which ought to be special, A message popped up.she opened it. It was from shivaay .
Shivaay: Emotions penned down! Hws it?
Anika: what’s tat?
Shivaay:Name of our page.
Anika:ohh.. Not bad
Shivaay:oh!really thn u say a gud name thn?
Anika:Unspoken words
Anika:ok thn v wl post our first post tmrw
Shivaay:likes?who wll pst?
Anika:Bth of us .. u on insta.. me on FB.. u post one I wl take screenshot and post on FB and u do vice versa
Shivaay:snd me d pst frst.
Anika:done.Bye.. sleepy ?Gud nght
Shivaay: gud nght.

But both were not able to sleep. Their urge to speak more,know more continued but all they could do was wait for the sun to rise again and wrap an another morning. Thinking about their first post both Anika and shivaay screwed their brains. But nothing made sense to them. Both of them wanted their first post dedicated to each other. Anika turned to one side then the other over the bed but neither sleep nor the words strike the right place. Shivaay kept on thinking the words to phrase a quote and ended up with making a collash of Anika’s face on his mind. Smiling and blushing all he waited was for the next day to wrap so as to text her again.

Anika ,on one side, and shivaay ,on the other side, took their respective mobiles and re read the conversation they had. They could no wonder were not able to stop their smiles. Anika went to his profile and looked at his each picture.. she went through the comments and each girl’s profile who commented or was tagged. No wonder Shivaay with mind full of Anika and Anika with shivaay’s image in front slowly both went to deep sleep.

Next morning Shivaay was having a lazy Sunday while Anika was going back to her home place DELHI That evening. Anika was packing her bags when a message popped up. With anxiety she opened it and all her anxiety died. It was from her friend. Later she serched for few of her friends and texted them a hi as a reply she got the same. Though their were bunch of people to chat and that those bunch were her loved ones, her anxiety for his message popped out her enjoyment in chatting with others and drowned her feelings.

On the other hand Shivaay was cursing himself for running out of words and therefore started to think for a quote.

“Why can’t he message me, He would have woken up.. err.. What a man he is.. Why can’t he text me.. stupid boy..” thought Anika. She after a battle of whether to text him first or not , with all her strength opened shivaay’s profile on messenger and dropped a good morning..

Shivaay knew no bounds when he saw that.. he was on cloud nine.
Shivaay:good morning.. wats d plan for weekend?
Anika: Back to delhi.flight @ 3 pm. Packng.
Shivaay: today retrn??
“Err.. Anika why you send that sad emoji.. stupid he doesn’t know your feelings stupid..” she thought after sending it.

Both had widened smiles on their faces. After each reply they both wished to view their message with in an micro second and send the reply within another micro second. They were Soo anxious to know more. But all they could was limit their words so as to hide their feelings within them.

Shivaay:Have a good flight. Hope u enjoyed in Mumbai!
Anika:yah.. had a damn work.. hectic schedule.. but lazy mornings.. it’s a different life here..
Shivaay:heheh.. yah.. it’s different..
Anika:Soo. Had break fast?
Shivaay:yup.. u
Anika: nah.. have to
Shivaay:ok thn have soon..
Anika: sure

Later Anika finished her packings and went to have break fast. Later she went to airport. Their she saw.. she saw him waiting.. yah.. he “Shivaay”.
Shivaay was himself thinking what happened to him. He who refused to have a drive on weekend especially afternoon as their will be a heavy traffic was now “waiting” for Anika to see her glances and save it for lifetime. Anika could do nothing but her excitement was on it’s peak that she welcomed him and showed her gratitude and happiness through a warm tight hug. Shivaay too clasped her like he never want the moment to die. He never want she to leave him. But all they could do was a micro second warm hug. Though it was for a micro second they could keep it alive in their hearts for thousand years. Neither Anika nor Shivaay spoke that moment,instead they let their eyes do that. All they did was eye talks and stealing each other’s heart Soo firmly. Later Anika move ahead. With tears in her eyes, emotions suppressed all she could do was walk away from the land that gave her new meanings of friendship, new definition of love and above all with his heart with her.

Will they ever meet again? Will life take another turn? To know more wait for the next shot which will hit this page within few days!

Hope you enjoyed my shot.. please convey your thoughts through comments and likes or dislikes.. It’s my first attempt also in writing a long distance love story!

Apologies if I have used wrong words and for grammatical errors.

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    1. Shanitics

      Thanks mrinal didi.. I’m happy u enjoyd! It’s my first experience ?
      I’LL make sure ur waitng won’t go to in vain..

      Ur comment meant a lot??

  2. Niriha

    Awesome??loved it update next part soon

    1. Shanitics

      Thanks niriha fidi.. I’m happy to read your comment and to know that you enjoyed. Will post the next shot soon. It’s on process?
      I wl make sure the next shot will be worth your waitings.

  3. Really very gud, pls update soon. I m waiting

    1. Shanitics

      Thank you simrat didi. Wl soon update the next shot! Soo happy to know that I didn’t wasted your precious time you took to read ths shot?

  4. Wow! Wow! Wow! That’s all I can say. That was wonderful ,please write the next episode I can’t wait no longer

    1. Shanitics

      Thank you juliet didi. Wl soon update next shot!

      Your comment means a lot to me??

  5. ItsmePrabha

    Wow..So interesting..Will be waiting for the next……..

    1. Shanitics

      Thanks lrabha didi. I still remember you. You was one among those who askd me to write again. You cnvyd ths through your cmnts on my os “Late night adorable tale and few kicks!” I don’t know whthr u remebr me or nt thght. Happy to knw you read ths?

  6. Shanijiii…it’s awesome girl….most of scenes are very romantic…and a big surprise by shivaye waiting for anika in airport is mind blowing girl…
    Though it was ur 1st 3 shots about Shivika..really nice starting dear….
    Please post next one as soon as possible…
    Take care shanijiii. ..
    Keep writing OK. ..
    Love u…

    1. Shanitics

      Thanks lalitha did?
      I am damn happy U read my shot and u r satisfied with it..
      Next part is on process and almost ready.. will update within 2 days?
      Yeah wl keep writing?
      Love u too????

  7. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely

    1. Shanitics

      Thanks Nikita di.
      Please keep reading my next two shots too?

  8. U rocked it chottiiii…superb….nice with wordsss…awesome… Interesting… Update soon and let me know when it is..okk…

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