Please.. love me- Ragsan Episode 2

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A hospital is shown where few members were praying standing outside of OT.
Two family were standing outside. Janki and shekhar. Ap and dp.

Ap: god.. pls save her.
Jan: don’t wry Ap. Everything will b ok.
Doc comes.
Doc: m sry. She has less time. We cant do anything.
Ap and dp started crying.
After few days.

A decorated hall is shown. Marriage preparation was going on.
@bride room
Jan: beta, r u ready?
Girl: yes mom. Just few mins.
Jan: m really very happy. U r looking very beautiful.
Some one entered saying
‘ofcourse mom, akhir di kiski hai’
Jan: ragini, u r not ready still? Get ready fast.
Rag: mom, di is dulhan. Not me. She has to look beautiful today. Hai na kavita di.
Bride is kavita.
Kavita smiles.
Rag: mom, where is dulha?
Jan: shekhar went to see him. Pandit ji can call at any moment.
@groom room
Shek: sanskar, r u ready beta? All r waiting.
San: yes uncle. M ready.
Shek: not uncle. From now m ur papa.
San: ok papa.
Sanskar sits in mantap.
Pandit: call the bride.
Jan: ragini, bring kavita.
Rag: ok mom.
She goes to call kavita.
Rag: di. Come soon. They r calling.
No one was in room. Ragini goes and looks in bath room. She was not there also.

Rag: where she went?
Janki comes.
Jan: how much time u both need to come?
Rag: mom, di is not here.
Jan: where’s she?
Rag: don’t know. When I came she was not here.
Janki saw a letter on the table. She took it and read.
‘dear mom and dad. M not happy or ready for this marriage. I always had a dream of having husband of my choice. U both dint even ask my decision. I don’t like sanskar. So m going. Forgive me. Bye.’
Letter fell from janki’s hand. She sits on sofa there. She doesn’t know wat to do.
Ragini took paper and reads it.
Rag: mom. Where she went?
They heard shekhar calling.
Rag: mom, I’ll tel dad to wait until di comes.
Jan: she’ll not come.
Rag: y?
They again heard calling. Janki was tensed. She looked at ragini.
Jan: ragu, wil u do one help?
Rag: yes mom.
Jan: get ready for this marriage.
Rag: wat?
Jan: get ready fast.
Rag: mom, how can I marry him. Di will marry him. Wait for her.
Jan holding her hand: she wont come. Get ready fast.
Rag: mom pls. I don’t want to marry. M just 18 now.
Jan: u r matured ragini.
Rag: but mom pls.
Jan: get ready fast.
Ragini has teary eyes. Janki made her ready. She covered her face with veil.
Jan: don’t speak anything ragu.
Rag crying: mom. I don’t want ….
Jan: sshhhh. Dad is coming. Pls beta. Get marry. Sanskar is good boy. Don’t tell anyone abt kavita. Just marry him beta. For me.
Shek: how much time u both wil take.?
Jan: coming.
She took ragini. Ragini was quite. She sits beside sanskar. Pandit started chanting mantra.
Ap: janki, where is ragini?
Jan: her frnd came. She doesn’t know address. So she went to take her..
Ap: janki, m really very thankful to u that u agreed for marriage this much soon. We r doing for her.
Ragsan took pheras and marriage completed. They took elders blessings. All guests left. Only family members were present.
Ap comes to ragsan.
Ap: sanskar beta, kavita. Sit here. We will take a group pic.
They both sit.
Ap: kavita, lift ur veil up.
Ragini was quite.
Ap: u r very shy. Let me do.
Ap lifts her veil and shocked to see ragini.
Everyone including sanskar was shocked to see her. All started questioning janki. With sad face she told everything.

Dp: but janki ji, u cud hav told us.
Nurse came from a room.
Nur: she woke up.
Shek: lets go there first.
All go there. Old lady was on bed.
Dp: maa, see. Ur sanskar got married. That too as per ur wish she married shekhar and janki’s daughter. Bless them.
Ragsan goes to her.
She blessed her.
Lad: now I can die peacefully. I fulfilled my promise which I gave to shekhar’s mom. She left us long back. Now my time is also over. Thanku for helping me in fulfilling my last wish.
Ap: maa ji. U take rest now.
Ap made her sleep. All left from her room.
Dp: we cant change wat has happened. But I want to say something. We don’t have any prob with ragini considering as our DIL only if u agree.
Shek: happily: y we shud hav any prob? We r happy that our ragu got sanskar as her life partner.
Ap: then lets do grahapravesh.
All rituals happened. Ragsan entered their room.
Ragini changed her dress and slept on bed without talking with sanskar. He too understood her situation. He dint say anything. He too slept on bed’s other side.
Next mrng shejan also present with ap and dp. Ragsan came for bf. Ragini was in her shorts.

Jan: ragini, wat r u wearing.? Now u r married.
Rag angrily: so wat mom? I shud do whatever u say? U already made me married without my wish. Again wat u want me to do?
Shek: wat r u telling ragu?
Rag: don’t take my name. I’ll not forgive u all. Never. U all ruined my life.
San: ragini, don’t blame them. If I knew it was u, then I wud hav cancelled this marriage. M sry for that.
Rag: by ur sry, everything wil b alright? M just 18. Just now entered college life. U r more elder than me.
Shek angrily: ragu,
Rag: I said truth. He’s 25. He already completed his graduation. I wanted to marry guy of my age.
Jan: 7yrs is not much elder.
Rag: for me it is. Now pls don’t disturb me. U did whatever u wanted. Now I wont do anything that u’ll tel.
She took her bf plate and goes to her room. Sanskar was looking at her only.

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