Ladies Special 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Ram Gives Evidence in Meghna’s Favor

Ladies Special 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meghna’s courting hearing continues. Judge asks Kotak to speak as he is waiting for him since 10 minutes. Kotak asks Meghna when will Mandar return with evidence, should he take next court hearing from judge. Jyoti asks him to wait as evidence must be coming anytime. Meghna asks what does she mean. Jyoti asks to trust her. Mandar locked in room knocks door and shouts to open it. His boss’ goon befriends Sachin outside school and takes him in his car. Swapna notices that and runs behind car crying. Ram enters court and Jyoti walks to him. Meghna asks Jyoti why did Ram come here. Jyoti says he will speak truth and Meghna is a family and they both can do anything for family. Mandar walks in next and Meghna takes him out where he informs that culprits are very clever and locked him in a room. Meghna informs Kotak was about to take next date when Ram entered to give evidence. Mandar says let us go in and check what is happening. Meghna walks towards court room when Baba calls Mandar and informs that Meghna returned home crying and informed that someone took Sachin.

Kangana’s father informs Bindu about her memory loss and asks her to call him anytime if she needs to clear her doubt. She says she doesn’t have mobile. He asks her to note down his number and she walks into Amar’s room to get pen and paper. After sometime, they hear sound from room and Amar rushes in. Bindu looking at their wedding pics says it is clear they are married, can he tell what they spoke during their wedding night. Amar reminisces Kangana’s father telling that Bindu wants to get well soon and he should help her. Amar tells she told friendship is a ship which can sail forever, so they should befriend first. Bindu says she must have told same. Amar says she did. Bindu continues questioning and Amar answer. She writes note. Amar says it is her usual hobby and she loves playing bluff. She asks when did they have dinner together first. He says he used to be busy in hospital, so she had come to meet him there and they have lunch in hospital canteen, often they used to have lunch or dinner there and hospital staff used to call her doctor bhabiji, she became friends with many. Bindu says let us go there again as she wants to meet them all, sees note blur and thinks of not informing Amar about it and stress him. Amar calls Punith and informing him whole situation seeks his help.

Jyoti tells Meghna this is her baby shower gift. Ram confesses all his crimes and says Meghna didn’t know about it and is innocent. Judge orders to take him in custody and file case against him and further says there is no evidence that Meghna did not plot fire accident to get insurance claim money, so she is not innocent. Kotak requests to give him some time to get evidence. Judge gives him 2 days’ time. Kotak asks Meghna and Mandar to find evidence soon. Mandar takes Meghna home hurriedly.

Amar with Bindu drives car towards hospital when Bindu continues questioning and asks if they used to watch movie and in which theater. Amar sees a theater and says this one as its on the way to his hospital. She asks which movie they watched last. He says he doesn’t remember as he was just watching her while she was watching movie. Bindu feels happy and shy. They reach hospital canteen where Punith as waiter greets them and says he will bring their favorite dish. Bindu asks Amar if he is the same man who was outside MRI room. He says yes, Punith is an all rounder here. Bindu asks him not to inform Punith that she forgot him. Punith serves dish and Bindu says it smells same. He sends hospital staff who greet Bindu as bhabhiji and she chats looking at their name plates. Amar walks to Punith and asks to not send anyone again as he wants to chat with Bindu. Punith smilingly nods okay.

Meghna and Mandar return home and see Swapna crying who informs that someone took Sachin with him. Goon boss sends Sachin’s video and calling her says Sachin is playing video game peacefully. Meghna pleads to spare her son. Goon says he will return home with an offer. Sachin returns home and Meghna hugs him emotionally.

Precap: Meghna fries fritters and Mandar asks if she wants to sell fritters next. Bindu with Amar reaches local train station and dancer dance around her.

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