Happiness forever – character Sketch

hey  hi guys this is my new story on Shiv Om Ru & their bond of friendship, In this story ShivOmRu are friends

Shivaay Singh Oberoi 

An arrogant , stubborn and rude person , loves his friends very much , his friends are his life , partner of a advertising company with his friends , hates girls & marriage wanna be a single forever

Omkara Sharma

A happy , flirteous guy loves his friends a lot , partner in a advertising company with his friends , most of the time stays with Shivaay & Rudhra , can do anything for his friends , loves shivaay’s dad  his hobby is flirting with girls

Rudhra Chabbra

A fun filled & cute boy loves his friends a lot, always pull his friends legs, always go for party , most of the time lives with Shivaay & Omkara, loves shivaay’s dad very much , can do anything for his friends . A partner in a Advertising company, wanna be stay with his friends forever

Shakti Singh Oberoi

A caring, humble and kind hearted dad , dad of Shivaay, loves Shivaay Omkara Rudhra equally , a famous painter by profession, wanna see his son to get married before his death

Anika Trivedi

An educated & sweet girl loves his Mom &  younger sister a lot , works In a advertising production company, believes in love & love marriage , have best friend named Vikram thappar

Priyanka Trivedi

A cute & bubbly girl , loves her Mom & di lot , college girl share everything with her sister

Jhanvi Trivedi

Single mother of Priyanka & Anika loves both of them equally , loves Anika’s friend Vikram & want Anika to marry her friend & get settled down

Saumya Iyer

A cute & a charming girl RJ by profession , sister of ShivOmRu friend
But ShivOmRu doesn’t know that

Sai Pallavi

Daughter of Omkara’s father’s friend  , a modern & sweet girl, by profession a heart specialist , loves Om in one sided


  1. Amazing CS.. but for once i thought rudy and somu are brother and sister..heheheh..so stupid of me.. looking forward to it..

    1. Astmasiddika

      Thank you Prabha , ?? nice thought, will be updating soon

  2. Luthfa

    Waiting for the first episode.All the very best ?❤️

    1. Astmasiddika

      Hey Lu ,
      Will be updating soon , thank you ??

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