Piya Basanti Re 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Piya Basanti Re 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Piya and Himesh praying god before their engagement. Just when they are about to exchange ring, Kabeer reaches there.

Ganga while walking on the road with Ayesha says Kabeer is mad to think of marrying Piya. Ayesha says what is wrong if a poor girl marries rich guy. Ganga says it is better not to marry and says even she will be insulted like Piya when her truth will come out.

Piya and Himesh’s engagement completes with ring exchange. They both touch elder’s feet and take their blessings. Piya sees Kabeer there and asks why did he come back. Kabeer says he left his family for her and says he will not go until she accepts her love for him or she gets married to Himesh. Piya says she does not love him. He asks if she loves Himesh. She says marrying Himesh is my papa’s dream and she has to fulfill it. She again says that she does not love him. He says he will wait until she loves him.

Aditi and Akshay try to console Neeta and Savita. They say Kabeer did not even think of them and left house for that poor girl Piya. Neeta calls Ganga and asks her to take care of Kabeer as he did not take anything from home. Ganga asks her not to worry about Kabeer.

Geeta takes Kabeer out and asks him to please leave until the situation calms down. He touches her feet and says before leaving house, he could not take her mom’s blessings. He is surprised to hear that and asks why did he leave house and should go back. He says she is like her mother and asks her to bless him to get his love. She says she cannot bless him. Piya comes there and hears their conversation.

Kabeer goes to a tea shop. Owner asks if he needs tea. He says he needs water. Owner asks him to drink it from the drum. Kabeer says unhygienic water, but drinks it and pukes and says owner that it is stinking. Owner says for 5 rs tea, he cannot give 10 rs mineral water and laughs. Piya watches the whole incident from her window and as soon as Kabeer looks at her, she closes her window.

Savita consoles Neeta and asks her to stop crying and have something. Neeta nods no.

Kabeer asks tea stall owner if he has a house where he can stay overnight. He says no. Customer says if he has deposit and rent money, he can get a room. Kabeer says he does not have money. Customer says then he should go back where he came from. Himesh walks around and clashes with Kabeer.

Piya asks Geeta to convince Kabeer to go back home. Geeta says he will not listen to her. Piya says he does not have money. Geeta says what will his parents think if they will know that Kabeer is staying here. She says she will tell the truth to them.

Himesh asks Kabeer why did not he go home yet. Kabeer asks him to stop his drama and asks why is he ruining Piya’s life when he is already married. Himesh says what proof he has and who will believe her. He says then that girl was telling truth, he was just having doubt on him and now after telling this, he is convinced. Himesh says he is married and he will stay with his first wife in Mumbai and to take care of his parents, he is marrying Piya. Kabeer asks how can he stoop to that level. He says he is and says both Piya and Geeta will not believe him and asks him to get out. Kabeer says he will not let him marry Piya. Geeta comes there and sees Kabeer holding Himesh’s collar. Himesh changes his track and says Kabeer is trying to hit him when he asked why is he still her. Geeta says Himesh is my jamai and asks Himesh to walk out. Kabeer thinks he cannot tell Himesh’s truth now.

Precap: Police on night patrol duty asks Kabeer why is he roaming around. Piya comes and says he is her guest and takes her with him, holding his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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