Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini falls on Manik as she enters his room, Manik looks at her and rolls her over. He ties his hand with and kisses her on the neck. Manik is about to kiss her when Nandini says but Aliya, Manik gets up and she comes downstairs and all the guests are arriving. Navya and Harshad come as well and Nandini says to her that why did you come so late. Navya explains as Harshad told her to that he will be picking her so she couldn’t come. Harshad says that the same thing as Manik as who comes on 8 0’clock on the dot for a party. He tells Nandini to relax as this is not Raghav’s lecture they were going to miss. Nandini replies saying that why didn’t you tell me all of this and Navya says to her to come and enjoy the party now.

Navya asks Nandini if she is looking bad or not. Nandin says that you look beautiful and that you have nothing to change as your simplicity is the best thing about you. Navya says that you are right as my face is not that bad. Manik is getting dressed up and the words which Nandini said earlier about Aliya are going through his mind. Aliya comes and tells Dhruv to go talk to Nandini, Dhruv says that not now but she sends him to go and do it now. Dhruv goes and approaches her and starts to talk, he looks at her and says Beautiful Nandini asks that what you are saying and Dhruv says that he was talking about the decorations. Nandini is confused and as soon as Dhruv is about to say it to her Shahid comes and takes her for something to talk about.

Dhruv comes back and ALiya tells him to not be sad as they have all night. Muktii comes and says that what are you talking about and ALiya makes up the excuse about musicana. Aliay says that I have been calling you for so long where were you. Muktii says that she might have been getting ready so couldn’t answer. Muktii asks Aliya of where the love of her life is and Dhruv changes the topic asking Muktii of how ALiya is looking. Muktii replies saying that ALiya always looks good when Manik comes down as well.

He comes and looks at Nandini and then comes to meet his friends. Muktii appreciates him and says that you are looking great Manik replies saying that you also look like a girl for the first time. Muktii says that she knows and this is so difficult to do. Manik then hugs Dhruv and ALiya comes forward to meet him as well. Nanndini watches him from the distance and he looks around at her. Muktii says that look who is here and it is Rose. She comes in and meets everyone and starts to hit on Dhruv. Muktii says that where is Cabir when Manik covers up for him.

Neunika comes down as well and catches the attention of everyone but Harshad is the first to look. She starts to address everyone and welcomes everyone and says that everyone present here is a winner as the word doesn’t exist in her dictionary. She says that today we will celebrate the victory of musicana although she knows that musicana is two days away but she is sure that they will win. She calls up Manik and says that she has something special for him. Manik says that there is nothing to call him up as everyone knows that she doesn’t care about him. He leaves and starts the party

Nandini goes in the side and Manik goes to get the drink while Muktii looks at Navya and Harshad as they dance. Rose is following Dhruv and he is trying to avoid her while Aliya smiles at him. Cabir is calling someone and is much tensed; Muktii comes from behind and says that is there another girlfriend. She says that Rose is over there then who are you waiting for, he runs from the scene while Muktii follows him. She ends up stopping where Harshad is dancing and looks at him, Harshad notices her as well. Muktii takes another pill and just smiles and dances with someone else.

Cabir is texting Raghav as he wants to meet him. The see each other from one room to other, Raghav decides to leave when Neunika comes and says to him that you are in love again. Raghav says that this is not true and why are you saying that. Neunika says that you were never a good liar as you always start to freak out and look worried when you are in love. Raghav says that this complicated while Neunika says that we have to hide our love in this country and says that I saved you once and won’t do it again. She says that I won’t let my name get hurt because of you so be careful of that.

Manik comes and takes Nandini aside while Nandini says that you can’t pull me like this all the time as this is not correct. Manik tells her about him and Aliya saying that they are not together at first Nandini doesn’t believes it but he says it again that they broke up.

Precap: Manik confesses his love to Nandini while Dhruv is looking for Nandini in the same place and almost turns around.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Chandni Mitra

    sana…u r a lifesaver…i was so damn waiting for this…thank you sweeetheart :*

  2. Wow!!!!!

  3. waiting for that lovely episode …atlast manik confesses his love..:-*

  4. Wow wow wow awesome episode.love manik and nandu

  5. dhruv now get away from the new love birds

  6. deepthi annagowni

    wow awesome superb excellent i want to find words fr expressing…………. really its damn good episode… and i love dis serial alot bcoz it wont sounds like other daily soaps…

    1. Yes I completely agree with you because it’s not so boring as the other daily soaps

  7. deepthi annagowni

    manik dialogues r excellent in precap… he says i am changed after u cme… i never feel dis feeling ever before…. really its excellent

  8. i luv this episode ..,

  9. It was superb ohhh I can’t wait for tomorrow episode

  10. I thnk manik get apart 4m nandini whn he get to knw abt druv lovng nandini

  11. now I a waiting for when manik will expss his feeling of love…………o nandini

  12. m so happy. love u Manik n love the chemistry. between nandu and Manik..plz confess it fast Manik


  14. Diwali Gift ‘s soooooo cuteeeeeee…!!.:-) Nandu…!:-)

  15. I just love this show. its just awesome 🙂

  16. Ohh what a beautiful episode!just love the show.thiss is the best Jodi ever:)

  17. wishing the cast a very very happy diwali 🙂

  18. Dhruv, just get out of nandhu’s life.nandini is 4 manik..they both r made 4 each other and manik u r just a real hero..I LUV U..

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