Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dayal and Neelima making card for Bachcha Singh and family. Poorvi comes and asks them why did they keep the function at Bachcha Singh’s home. Dayal says sometimes we have to do things we don’t like. Poorvi is anger as she has to see Arjun’s face again. Bachcha Singh comes to know that Neelima Dayal that stopped his file and says Watan has given our house hall to them. Watan says I did not know this, when they come here, you talk, maybe we can get the work done, but can’t cancel the hall as my friend is in trouble. Bachcha Singh says till when are you seeing other’s trouble? He says you don’t even scold anyone without your benefit, how did you give the hall, tell me.

Arjun says I came to know they are coming, I will welcome them as they always remember, I have an idea. The preparations start. Arjun says think, if we give them good arrangements, what will happen, they will pass our file by making them happy. Bachcha Singh smiles. He says Arjun is like me, he uses his mind and you both have old minds. Arjun says I have full hope that I will do good arrangements. Watan says they will not see in their dream too.

Poorvi and her family come there. Watan and Arjun welcome them. Poorvi makes faces seeing Arjun’s face. Watan acts sweet. Lakshya thanks Watan. Watan asks them to come in. Arjun flirts with Gauri. Arjun says you are going to stay here for two days, what do you say to do, we are not afraid. Poorvi hears this and leaves. Watan asks them how is the arrangements. Dayal says its superb. Arjun’s brother Nirbhik gifts Sujatha’s saree to someone and she gets annoyed. He says Watan told at last time to give gifts and see the time, I could not go to market.

She says you are the eldest here and they don’t value you, why do you do what Watan and Arjun say. He says they are my brothers. Sujatha acts sweet to her mum in law. He says why did you not complain to Maa. She says what to tell her, to change your name. Poorvi says she will get some food for Dayal aand goes. Arjun smiles seeing her. She stands in the queue at the food counter. Arjun compliments Neelima and talks to her. He says on whom did Poorvi go, I think on uncle, but he is also smart. Neelima goes. Arjun says you are the Pakao item in your house, others are cool.

Poorvi gets angry and says good people did not see evil so think everyone is good. He says tell her about Mrigank chatting, as they should know what you are. Lahu muh lag gaya……………plays…………….She asks Gauri how does Arjun know about Mrigank. She asks how can she tell him her personal things. Gauri taunts her back defending herself. She says you told my dad about me and Arjun. Poorvi says I did not tell him. Gauri says Arjun heard you. Poorvi says you trusted him, not me. She says you know I don’t lie, but I lied to save you from your dad. She says call your dad and ask him what I told him. Gauri sais you said you hate Arjun. Poorvi says yes, I hate him a lot, it does not mean I will tell your dad, our friendship is so old. I feel its nothing infront of Arjun.

Gauri apologizes to Poorvi. Poorvi says she is cheating on you, did you not see the girls there. Gauri says leave it, forget this now. Poorvi says it means Gauri did not meet those girls and does not know anything. She calls someone and talks. Bachcha Singh and family comes and everyone greet them. He gifts them a shagun. His wife comments on Neelima’s short hair who looks like a man. Sujatha says see no one is having pallu on their head except us. Watan hugs Nisha’s dress and feels obsessed. He says the one who will wear this is more beautiful than this.

Watan’s sister sees him hugging the dress and says Bhaiya……….. She is shocked. Watan is tensed and leaves the dress. She asks what are you doing. He says what are you doing here. She says what are you doing, its bride’s clothes. He says you know a lot, its not hers. She says then whose. He scolds her and asks her to leave, not spy on him. He says what you saw here, don’t tell anyone, else you know me. She leaves. She says what is Watan doing, I feel he has something in his mind which no one knows. Poorvi meets the girl. The girl asks why did you invite me here. Poorvi says you have to make my Bhabhi ready, you are a cosmetician so I called you. She agrees.

Arjun sees the girl and she smiles seeing him. Poorvi asks him to do some work, and he got two works now, be careful, as anything can happen, the two girls can know you are dating both of them, and thanks for doing so much for my brother, so I promise I won’t do anything. He says it means Poorvi wants to ruin me, very good, but my name is Arjun.

Arjun shuts the door and gets closer to Poorvi to scare her. Lahu muh lag gaya……………plays………….. He says I won’t leave my work incomplete and says he will not leave her. She gets tensed. He says I m giving you chance to be able to see me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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