Piya Basanti Re 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Piya Basanti Re 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Piya getting tensed that exam time has finished and she has 1 more question to finish. Teacher collects papers from other students and gives her 10 min grace time. Piya gets happy and completes her answer.

Akshay sees Ayesha crying vigorously for not writing exam properly and Aditi trying to console her. He thinks he will not let Ayesha down and will be with her always.

Rekha asks Piya where were she during exam. She says she had gone to wake up Kabeer as he was asleep. Anchal asks what about her hallticket issue. Piya says she left her hallticket in Kabeer’s car by mistake and she ran to get it back and lost some time in between. Kabeer hears her conversation and asks her why did she waste time on waking him up instead of writing her exam and asks her not to worry about her from hereon and boast about her help in front of everyone. Anchal says he is overreacting and should be thankful to Piya. Kabeer asks Piya to not interfere in his life and walks out.

Neeta and Savita talk to Anchal’s mom and say they are thinking about Kabeer’s alliance with Anchal. Mom says Anchal is very lucky that they are thinking about her alliance with Kabeer, but it is too early to think about it and kids should know each other before marriage. Neeta/Savita say marriage can happen later, but they need her opinion. Mom says she is okay with it, but she needs to know Kabeer and Anchal’s opinion. Savita/Neeta say friendship’s next step is love.

Anchal says Kabeer that he should not have overreacted on Piya and says he is hiding something important. He says nothing important and asks her to go home and study well. She thinks something has happened.

Piya informs Geeta and Himesh about Kabeer’s anger today unncessarily. Himesh says he is a rich guy and must be tensed about something. She says she knows Kabeer well and he would not react unnecessarily. Geeta asks her to stop thinking much and get back to study well.

Ganga asks Ayesha to estimate the marks she will get in exam. She writes marks and counts them slowly. Ganga calculates before her and says she has an offer for her. Ayesha excitedly asks what is it. She says she has a maid work for her. Ayesha gets irked hearing it.

Kabeer reminisces his happy momemts with Piya and gets sad. He picks up Anchal on the way and reaches college. Piya sees him and tries to talk, but he ignores her and walks out. Bin tere… bin tere… song plays in the background. He while studying imagines Kabeer in his room. He meets her after exam. Anchal joins them and asks how was their papers. Piya says it was good and walks out while Kabeer watches her going. Anchal watches that silently.

Ayesha says she wrote exam well and will get 100 marks. Aditi says gujrati paper is of 150 marks. Akshay joins them and asks Ayesha about her maths exam. Aditi asks why is he stressing on maths exam. He says it is because she is his friend and he is worried about her.

Kabeer reaches home with Anchal and is surprised to see both their family there. Neeta says they are thinking of their alliance. they both are shocked to hear that. Piya reaches there and says it is a good idea. Savita asks Neeta why is she here. Neeta says she called her as she will force her friend Kabeer to accept this alliance. Kabeer looks at Piya and says he accepts this proposal. Anchal surprisingly looks at him and Piya both. Baa asks Piya to get sweets from kitchen. Kabeer silently watches her going into kitchen and Anchal watches him.

Precap: Piya asks Kabeer to tell the reason for him to accept his marriage proposal. Savita hears their conversation, hiding.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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