Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Soniya gets Rathi ready in a beautiful sari and brings her for paghphere rituals. All sisters get happy seeing Rathi in a sari. Rathi shyingly goes and sits next to Pavan.

Suhasi throws banana skin on Ratna’s feet. Ratna gets irked and asks who is this mannerless person. Suhasi turns back. Ratna says she should have understood it is Suhasi. Suhasi scolds servant to get her another tea and says in Dubai people meet with a smile and says Ratna should remember that she is her nanad. She sees Abhiman and starts pampering thinking him as Raghav. Ratna says he is my office employee. Suhasi says in Dubai, we dont get our employee home. Ratna takes Abhiman in to complete presentation.

Raghav gives money envelope to Chintu and says he had promised to help Soniya in every step of her life and will not break his promise. He asks him to hand it over to Soniya. Chintu reaches Soniya’s home and Raghav also hides behind door. Anjali watches them both. Raghav signals her to take envelope from Chintu. Sisters pass envelope to Anjali. Before Soniya could give envelope to Pavan, Fruity drops it on floor and Anjali exchanges it. Soniya says Pavan’s mom that she had dreamt big about Rathi’s marriage and thought of gifting something good, but for the time being she can give this. She is surprised to see money is exchanged with chain. Pavan’s mom says even gold chain is not a small gift and says she is happy to get Rathi as her bahu. Anjali signals her to keep quiet. She sees Raghav outside door and gets annoyed. Pavan thanks Soniya for her gift. His mom says she will get back to Indore and fix marriage soon. She asks Soniya not to be formal and take her help anytime. Pavan says his life will be very beautiful getting her as a life partner and thanks her for getting into his life.

Soniya angrily walks towards Raghav. Chacha sees her and congratulates her. He apologizes for not attending the ritual. She says it went well and would have been more better if someone would not have interfered, pointing at Raghav. Chacha senses the problem and walks out saying he has some important work. Soniya says Raghav that she has to talk to him. He ingores her. She holds his hand and takes him to a corner. He says he thought to hold her hand and take her to her in-laws, but she instead took him to his in-laws. He says Rathi is his sali/SIL, so it was his duty to help her. Soniya says he is trying to show his richness by favoring her and gives him 50% chain money, says she will return another 50% money soon, asks him not to interfere in her family. He holds her hand and says it is not his show off but his love and right on her and her sisters and nobody can snatch it from him, not even her. He says he will arrange Rathi’s marriage from start to finish till bidayi and will also follow all the festivals.

Deepu scolds Anjali and Fruity for taking Raghav’s help and hurting Soniya instead. She asks if Raghav is their dear one than Soniya. Fruity says she and Soniya are her favorites. Deepu says they don’t realize how much Raghav has hurt Soniya. Rathi says though Raghav’s ways are wrong, his intentions are right always. She tries to tell her about the morning incident when Anjali stops her. She says Raghav loves Soniya a lot. Deepu gets annoyed and gets into her room.

Pavan looks at Rathi’s pic and says a person can sacrifice anything to get back his love and even he can sacrifice anybody to get back his love, even she. He burns Rathi’s pic looking at Soniya’s pic.

Precap: Anjali asks Raghav’s help to drop her to college. They both hide seeing Soniya. Soniya sees them hiding.

Update Credit to: MA

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