Devon ke Dev Mahadev 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with rohitang goes with shankchur and thinks about tulsi. ROhitang asks, what happened? Shankchur says, i dont know, i am expecting something wrong. ROhitang says, we have planned already about it. Now look our soldiers, they believe you. Now we will convert everybody into properous life. Look they all focus you because they know that only shankchur can make them happy. How will you break their trust. THis win is not for you and me unless this is for complete asur. SHankchur thinks about mahadev. ROhitang says, now we get the opportunity. THIs time is not for doubt, this time, we all will win everybody’s trust. SHankchur says, yes, you are right and this time, i will show that asur can also run swarg very well. Everybody gives slogan of shankchur. Dev kampan says, it’s really priviledge for me to do owner of shankchur. Kartikaye gets surprised about shankchur. Dev kampan gives turbon to shankchur. TUlsi looks unhappy.
ROhitang says, now see everybody, shankchur has done it for us and main role in it is of mahadev. If mahadev will not give birth to me or else he doesnt kill my brother. THen i will not give under supervision of Maharaj shankchur. I have given answer to mahadev and spoil tridev. Where are you mahadev. I just want to ask that where you gone. None of the person can save narayan. Look there is nothing happened in the world when narayan is not present. then i dont know why we will give them importance. Narad ji comes. Rohitang comes and says, what i am listening, narad ji is not saying narayan, narayan. Narad ji says, i didnt came here to celebrate your win. ROhitang then scolded narad ji. Dev kampan stops him. Narad ji says, i came here to remember you something. once upon a time, i was impresssed by you but now i am seeing that you have spoiled your energy. YOu born by positive energy of mahadev’s tandav. YOU can change the world but now you are totally waste.
YOu dont know that you are standing here only by mahadev. WHen you were unconscious, i gave you birth and dont you know that mahadev had sent me to give you life. ROhitang interrupts narad ji. THen narad ji says, i had said you that dont interrupt me and you cant differ me and narayan. ROhitang gets angry and put sword on narad ji. Mata gets angry and arise in front of him. ROhitang gets surprised. Mata says, i can kill you anytime and from now onwards, if you will break rules then i will not intimate you.
Narad ji says, narayan, narayan and disappears. dev kampan says to shankchur that rohitang doesnt know about adi shakti. ROhtiang says, kashi. Dev kampan surprisingly says, what did you said. ROhitang says, i will destroy mahadev’s lovable place.

Precap:- ROhitang gives oath to tulsi that i will save your husband till my last breathe and i am taking oath of my own that i will destroy mahadev. Mata parvati says, rohtiang has seen tridev’s power now he will see tridevi’s power.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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