Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita waiting at the garden trying to know about Raman. Mihir calls Raman and asks Raman to come soon, as Ishita is waiting. Ishita prays for Raman and asks the people about accident here, and white car. The man says we did not see any accident. She says why is Raman not here. Few goons see her and says I think she is the one, as he said she will be wearing saree. The man says I m downloading her pic, I think its her. He calls the boss and says your wife reached here, what now, fine. He says Sir told us to kidnap her. They come to her and asks is she finding her husband. She says yes, where is he. He says in that car. She runs to that car and asks where is Raman, he is not here. They make her sit and says they will leave her after taking money from her husband.

Raman comes there and hears Ishita shouting for help. He shouts Ishita and runs back to his car to follow the goons. Mihika comes to meet Ashok at his home and asks his plan. The servant says he tried to stop her. Ashok signs him to leave and welcomes Mihika. He says you came my home for the first time. She says stop it. He says chill, drop your attitude. She says don’t touch me, stay in limits. He says its ok if you are anger, I have a solution to cool you down. He shows her the necklace and says surprise. She is shocked. He says anger gone? Its for you. Did you not like it? She says its Shagun’s necklace. The necklace falls and he says he did not say its for Shagun, its for her. She says what?

She scolds him and he smiles. She explains their relation and asks how can he flirt with her. He says you are not understanding, Mihika I love you. She is shocked and looks at him. He says I can’t do this drama further, as I m yours by the first sight of yours, everything is out of control, look at me, I can give you any happiness, I can give you anything, Mihir is Raman’s working hand and he will always be that, you need a very successful person in your life, I want to become that man, you know why, as I love you, because I really do. He holds her hand. He says he wants to give her happiness, he does not know what is she doing with Mihir being a smart girl, what can Mihir give her, a middle class life, he can give her the best lifestyle in the world. He asks her to think what does she want in her life. She starts crying being in shock.

She says disgusting, you are such a cheap man, how dare you tell this that you love me, chee Ashok, Shagun loves you a lot, her expectations are from you. She says game over, I will go to Shagun and tell everything. He laughs and says you make this mistake always to underestimate me, what do you think, I will tell you my feelings and you will tell Shagun, no one can break Shagun’s trust, she is desperate to marry me, women are enemies of yourselves, she won’t listen to you and will hate you, game over. He says lets play my game.

She says you can’t leave Shagun, as she is pregnant with your child. Ashok looks on. Mihika says no one can separate you from her legally, get that. She leaves. Ishita says let me go, leave me, help……….. Raman brings his car infront and stops them. The man asks who are you. Ishita sees Raman and is shocked seeing him fine. Raman says who are you and why did you kidnap my wife. The man says who, your wife? Raman asks them to leave her. They asks him to come. Raman starts beating them. Raman gets beaten up and wounded. He touches his blood and gets angry. He beats them further and frees Ishita. He asks is she fine, are you mad. She asks about him. He says I m fine. She says who are they. He says goons.

She comes out of the car and sees his wounds and blood on his face. She cries and hugs him. Raman holds her. Music plays………………. She says you got hurt. He says what if anything happened to you. She says your accident… He says there was no accident. She is shocked. He says you were not talking to me, so I did this drama. She says what and you lied to me. Did you think what will I go through, I came here rushing my car, I would have met with an accident, I was mad and trying to find you. She says you don’t care, I got caught by goons because of you, why, you wanted to say sorry for one mistake and you did much bigger mistake. He says I m sorry.

She says I won’t accept your sorry now, you told me a lot and scolded me, you did not see anything good in me, its ok, as I can’t bear doubt, you doubted on me, I came here leaving everything, I do care for you, you don’t. She cries and says how can you doubt on me, I got that gift by love and … Raman, I m your wife and its enough for me, I won’t give any character certificate to you, there is nothing without trust. He says Ishita. She signs to stop and says there is no relation without trust, this means we don’t have any relation between us. She leaves. Shagun talks to Ashok and says she is pregnant with his child. Ashok says you already have two kids. She says they are Raman’s kids, are you not happy. He says he is happy. She asks him to come with her to the doctor.

Suraj hears Ashok and asks whats this, will she give birth to your children now. He says shut up, I want to be free from her. Suraj says how did this happen, can’t you control, she is at Mihir’s home, it means you went there. Ashok says its not confirmed, she just feels it.

Ashok and Shagun come to the doctor. The doctor says its hormonal imbalance, maybe she missed the dates. Ashok asks you mean she is not pregnant. Shagun says we should plan kids. Ashok pacifies her by sweet words. Shagun says don’t you want your own kids. He says I want, why not. He asks her to go and he will come. He gets Suraj’s call and says nothing like that. He gets the report and is shocked seeing positive. He asks whose report is this, its written she is pregnant. The nurse says her name is S Bhalla, your wife. He says no, she is Shagun Arora now, its her old name. He sees the report of S Bhalla, with Raman address. He says that means someone is pregnant at Raman’s home, Simmi? She is Simmi Khurana, then who is it, and how is he related to Raman.

He scolds the staff and asks about S Bhalla. The nurse apologizes. She says a lady and Sir came and said the report got to wrong address. The doctor asks the nurse to call Raju. Raju comes and says this report is for Bhalla house, a man came with that Madam, he gave me money and made me like that report is not theirs. Ashok asks who was that man. Raju says his name was Romi. Ashok thinks twist in story, if Romi did this, I will publicize this scandal so make Raman find tough to live.

Ishita talks on phone and Raman looks at her. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays…………….. She goes to sleep as Raman leans to talk to her. He says Ishita………. She rests and turns.

Raman sees Ishita sleeping and talks to her sitting in darkness. He says I m sorry, I tried hard but could not do right things, I promise you I will make everything fine, good night. Yeh hai mohabbatein………………plays……………… Raman gets tears in his eyes looking at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i dn’t thnk shagun is pregnt coz she is divorcee thn hw “s bhalla”.

    1. I think S Bhalla is Sarika Bhalla as Romi was after her.

  2. It can be shagun!
    Not sure!

  3. wat a cute scene(hug)nd cme n ishra acept ur lve nd it s nt a crme.

  4. thanks amena luv fr fast updte.thnk u so mch.i want 2 ask tht what is ur age.

  5. @amena., tnx for a quick update…and u donit daily..
    Tnx again

  6. To whom dud anyone want to kiddnap….I thing ashok plan to kidnap sagun

  7. wow yaar raman ishu ur hug scene r amazing and raman ishu ka anger tho right hai boss. think when she heard ab ur accident.u should apology to ishu.ishu will be annoy phir bhi try till when ishu forgive u.and plz get more scene of raman ishu not that stupid ashok ka.

  8. What ishita told was totally unfair.raman is doing many things for her but she is not understanding it

  9. the story writer gonna hit the road! jack

  10. Raman and Ishita Amazing awesome.

  11. This mani is come and all things are abnormal between ishu &raman
    before his entry all things are normal

  12. Raman n Ishita most omantic hug sence of yeh hai mohabbatein serial and Raman Ishita love is slowly slowly……

  13. hope things don get severe between Ishra. Ishita naraaz hai, accha hai is tarah dono ke beech mein pyaar badega. Raman, u need to do something extra ordinary to plz her. pyaar se karo sab theak hoga. Tumhara pyaar batao Ishita ko. She shld not be under the impression thatu don love her and u don have any feelings for her. Batado ki jab ek mard pyaar karta hai to kis hadh tak kar sakta hai dikha do.

  14. touching precap. makers, plz understand that this is Ishra’s story. u r giving less weightage to them and giving more to mihika/ashok episode. make a love story that can be remembered for ever.

  15. I also think the same….this s bhalla is non other than sarika bhalla

  16. La Belle Broken N'gel

    Awesome and amazing Ishra

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