Piya Basanti Re 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with all college students laughing on her when she enters her college. She sees her principal and apologizes him for not attending internship. He says he was angry on her at first, but when he spoke to Mahesh Shah, his anger turned into love and says he has seen parents working for their children but is seeing a daughter working for them for the first time, says he is proud of her. She thanks him.

Ganga is busy preparing food in Shah kitchen. She gets calls from all family members to get their breakfast. She gets irked with continuous calls and starts singing her usual witty songs, prays god to get well Geeta soon and break her legs instead. Neeta comes to the kitchen and sees vegetables scattered all over and says she does not think breakfast will be ready soon. Ganga says she will prepare in 5 minutes and will prepare it better than Priya. Neeta asks her to cook food from now and to get a girl for cleaning floor. Ganga thinks nobody can trap Ganga.

Aditi asks Kabeer to get a choregrapher soon for Neeta’s wedding anniversary. Priya comes there and asks why are they looking tensed. Aditi says nothing is wrong. Kabeer gets a call from choreographer and says if he does not agree, they will not dance. Aditi asks Ayesha to bring sandwich for her. She asks Priya instead to bring sandwich. Akshay scolds Ayesha and says Priya is not at our home now. Ayesha says work is work, if it is at home our outside. Priya brings sandwich for herself, says Ayesha she is her senior and can rag her and says she is Shah family’s housemaid and not Aditi’s personal assistant and asks her to behave, else people will think her as a villain. She asks her to bring water to her. Ayesha asks if she knows whom she is talking to. Friend says senior is ordering junior and asks her to get water now. Ayesha brings water hesitantly. Priya thanks her and leaves. Ayesha asks Aditi and Akshay why didn’t they help her. Aditi says it is her mistake to order Priya in front of everyone.

Neeta calls Mahesh to give his measurement for their wedding anniversary dress. He says he will give it later and says he may lose weight. She says he has gained 3 kgs in 3 months and will not lose in 3 days. He asks about guest list. She says Savita is preparing it. Savita gives her a list and asks her to call guests now. Baa calls Neeta and she escapes.

Kabeer sees Priya’s pic with award as a best choreographer and thinks his problem is solved, miss intelligent is allrounder.

Neeta, Savita, and Baa taste Ganga’s prepared food and scolds her for adding more salt. Ganga starts crying and says she has not prepared food even in her house since she started housemaid business. Baa says it happens. Neeta taunts that salt has changed since 5 years. Ganga thinks she purposefully added salt to escape from working. Neeta says she can perpare food, but to call her before adding salt. Baa says they don’t want to disturb Priya’s studies. Neeta asks Ganga to bring fruits to her room and call before adding salt. Ganga thinks since Priya came in her life, she has made it a hell. She gets a call from someone and says she will come right now.

Priya says Kabeer she cannot choreograph for him. He says it is his parent’s wedding anniversary in 3 days and he will give her anything. Priya agrees and says she will do it for their friendship. Kabeer says she has answer for every question. Aditi and Askshay ask if he found a choreographer. Kabeer says yes and says it is Priya, says Aditi she should treat her as a friend, then she will not mind dancing with Priya.

Ayesha complains her mom about Priya’s insult. Mom is Ganga who says she will teach Priya a lesson and hugs her.

Precap: Savita hears Priya talking to Kabeer and getting into his room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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