Fanaah 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preet says to Anshuman that there will be no more waiting anymore only love and we will be together. She kisses Anshuman’s hands and lights the fire in the mandek. Vivan is walking with Dhara and says that what is with this mansion and where is Preet Madam. He says that I think I know where to look. Preet is getting married to Anshuman who is unable to walk due to weakness. Vivan and Dhara come and look at this when Anshuman falls and Preet says that she won’t let anything happen to Anshuman and goes to find the book of magic. Dhara follows Preet Madam and Vivan helps Anshuman sit down and says that it was you the whole down. Anshuman confesses and says that he wanted to protect his life.
Vivan says that who is Anshuman exactly, Preet Madam’s love, my friend from the past or the man due to which I lost my family. Abhymanu comes with Adwik and says that a private party is going here and asks Vivan who is he. Vivan tells him that it’s Anshuman his friend from Shimla. Abhymanu says that after seeing the friendship of a vampire brought tears to my eyes. Abhymanu says that Anshuman is a vampire while Anshuman says that these are vampires. Abhymanu says to Vivan that the day you were lucky but not every day will your luck help you. Anshuman says to Vivan to leave and he won’t let anything happen to them.
Abhymanu starts to change and so does Anshuman and Adwik as well. They go into a brawl Adwik goes after Vivan and the werewolves have the upper hand. Preet madam is looking for a spell to help Anshuman when Miss Fareeda comes and says that there is a vampire in the mansion. Preet Madam Replies saying that she knows that vampire is her Anshuman. Preet says that the one she hated for so many years came back and did not betray her. She says that just as Dhara did it for Vivan he did it to for me.
Vivan manages to hurt Adwik and also catches Adrij. Anshuman tells Vivan to use Adrij as a shield as he is not a werewolf. Abhymanu says to Adwik that we need him to get the powers of moonstone so save him. Adwik bites Vivan in the leg and Adrij gets freed. Preet Madam says that there is going to be only love in this mansion. Miss Fareeda says that what are you saying you gave them the vine and told us that the love each other. Preet Madam disagrees and says that Dhara is made only for Vivan. She kisses Dhara on the forehead and says that there is only going to be love in this Mansion.
Preet Madam is busy talking while Miss Fareeda gets frustrated and starts to change as well. Rohan comes and helps Vivan in the fight but Abhymanu comes and claws Rohan. Adwik comes and claws Rohan and he dies. They gather them and Abhymanu says that I recognized you that day in the college, the most powerful vampire, in our control. He says that it will be our rule from now and the story of Witches and Vampies is now ended.
Miss Fareeda says to Preet Madam that love makes us weak. She says that you have forgotten the difference between right and wrong while Preet Madam finds the spell and says that now she can protect Anshuman. Miss Fareeda remembers the mirror Preet Madam told her about. She says to Preet Madam that your time of going has come and Preet Madam goes in the mirror. Anshuman wakes up realizing that something has happened to Preet as his powers are coming back.
Anshuman beats up Abhymanu and Adwik while Dhara asks Miss Fareeda that what did you do, you were the most loyal to Preet Madam. She says that she did all of this just because so she can become the most powerful. Dhara walks back and Miss Fareeda says that it’s her and asks Dhara if she loves Adrij. Dhara realizes that Miss Fareeda won’t hesitate to kill Vivan so Dhara says that she loves Adrij and only Preet Madam thinks that.
Anshuman choke holds Adwik when Miss Fareeda comes from behind and says to Anshuman to let him go as she holding Vivan. She says that you would want to see your friend alive and then ties them up with a silver chain. Miss Fareeda says that they must leave as they have to marry Adrij and Dhara. Vivan says that what are you saying while Adwik says that why don’t we kill them. Abhymanu says that we will but after completing our objective. Miss Fareeda says that they should get the moonstone from here while Adwik says that we should also take the mirror.
The arrive in the jungle where the tribe of the wolves is located and Vivan calls for Dhara but Fareeda tells Vivan to not say her name. Miss Fareeda says that tie the two of them while Dhara is getting ready for her wedding. Vivan asks Anshuman that why Dhara is doing all of this and what is happening in his life. Anshuman says that she is doing this to protect him and tells him of the moonstone and why everyone fights to protect them. Anshuman tells Vivan of why the both of them met and made them fall in love so that they can get her the moonstone. Vivan understands what Preet Madam did all of this and why Dhara tried to stay away from him. Anshuman says that this is all a play and they know all of this but the werewolves don’t.

Precap: Miss Fareeda says that to lovers are going to be one and announces the marriage to be started. Adrij kisses Dhara’s hand and says that finally we are together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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