Sasural Simar Ka 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
sunnaina goes inside simar’s body. vikran says how did you get this burn? she says I was working in the kitchen. He brings her a burnol and says apply it. And do take care of yourself. Simar can’t open the tube. Simar says vikran will you please help me. Vikran holds her hand and applies the ointment. Sunnaina says in heart the whimo to live with you here has brought me back I have waited so long for this. Vikran says I am done. he is about to leave, sunnaina runs back to him. vikran says if you want to sleep alone I will take sanju with me. simar says no I am fine. He says okay take care of yourself.

Roli wonders, this means till sunnaina’s intention was right she could go inside the temple but since she started using her powers in negative way she can’t enter the temple. sunnaina isn’t a good soul anymore so all her powers are worthless in front of God. Sid gets up and says why aren’t you sleeping? He swipes her tears and hugs her. he says everything will be fine. Don’t you believe God? he will make everything okay.

Scene 2
next morning, Suunaina as simar get ready. she is really content. She tries to wear a bangle but her burn hurts and all the bangles break. she says till I was fighting for justice I could go in temple and use all my powers. And now when I thought about my happiness everything is taken from me. this time won’t let anyone take my happiness. I have to be careful. I won’t go to any temple and have to take care that no one should know about my weakness.

Roli says Anjali is going school after so long she shouldn’t be late. she knockes the door of prem’s room. Surbhi opens the door and says I know why you are shocked. You can’t accept me as prem’s wife when simar is alive. I want to take Anjali’s responsibility. I am her mom I have to nurture her. please I request you to stay away from her. This is what prem wants to. prem says surbhi I am going to bring Anjali get her ready. Surbhi says okay. Anjali comes running to roli and says massi I wanna go to school. prem says come here. surbhi mama will get you ready. Anjali says no. Anjali recalls when prem got angry on her for not accepting surbhi. Surbhi takes her in. roli is in tears.

Sunnaina takes the paper from vikran and says take the tea. he says okay keep place it here. She says no you won’t like if it gets cold. sunnaina says in heart he is drinking my tea after years. Vikran says simar it is really good. I want to talk to you about something important. Siamr says me too. simar says we have to get sanju admitted in some school. he says I will make her cover up. I will go back to Ahmedabad when your matter resolves. Sunnaina says my problem will never resolve. vikran says don’t think like that everything will be fine. sunnaina throws a cup and says I won’t let that happen. Vikran says are you okay? She says yeah I am fine. I can’t tolerate the way prem threw me out of house and the way he treated me. vikran says I understand simar. For the people you lived two years of obliviousness are doing this to you but truth is that whole bharadwaj house and prem love you. Your daughter is waiting for you. don’t let a little anger ruin your whole life’s happiness.

Sunnaina goes in the room and locks the door she says simar simar.. I talk to him as sunnaina and he considers me simar. sunnaina says what am I doing? relac. I have to clam down and figure a way out. I don’t vikrant to doubt me. Everything will end.

Precap-Prem asks surbhi whats wrong ? Surbhi says Anjali isn’t in school. I looked for her everywhere but couldn’t find her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think anjali has gone to meet simar. Hahaha Surbhi you can never replace prem’s simar,anjali ma and bahu of bharadwaj family

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