Piya Basanti Re 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Piya Basanti Re 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Savita snatching Kabeer’s marks card from Piya and burning it telling she will not let her tell truth to Kabeer and get in good books of him. Piya says they are enemies of Kabeer and not mothers and they are the first mothers who are harming their son. Neeta asks what she knows about motherhood and says she will separate her from Kabeer at any cost. Piya walks out saying she will tell Kabeer everything. Savita asks Neeta not to worry, they will definitely win over maid’s daughter.

Piya eagerly waits for Kabeer and once he comes, she tells him about his 80% marks and all the incidents happened till now, that Savita and Neeta does not a servant’s daughter as their bahu and did all the drama to separate her from him. She hugs him and says nobody can separate us.

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Savita comes with Neeta clapping and tells Piya she cannot lure Kabeer with her cooked up stories and says Kabeer before telling anything, he should think about their mamta/motherhood. Piya says they have forgotten motherhood and even did not hesitate to trouble him and get happy seeing him. Savita says she is trying to separate them from Kabeer and they have been holding him since he was born. They both start brainwashing Kabeer that they accepted servant’s daughter for his happiness, but Piya is trying to separate them for him. Piya tries to intervene. He stops her and asks Savita and Neeta how can they think that he will doubt them. Piya again tries to intervene. He says they are his mothers and cannot think of harming him at all. Piya says even she thinks them as her mothers, but they are adamant to separate her from him. Savita asks her to stop telling lies and asks Kabeer to think who is trying to mislead him. Kabeer says Piya that she is wrong and his mothers are right, today she ruined his trust towards her. Piya says husband and wife’s main bond is trust and wife comes to husband’s house leaving his parent’s house with a trust and always woman has to prove her innocence always.

Piya says now she will prove that she is right. Savita says she does not have any proof and is telling lie. Piya says she will bring poof, goes to her room an brings Kabeer’s original 80% marks sheet. Savita gets tensed and thinks she just burnt marks sheet, how can it be. Kabeer is shocked to see his 80% marks. Piya says it is his original marks sheet and says Savita that she burnt fake one. Mahesh comes home with Jatin and is shocked to hear that. He asks Neeta and Savita why did they do this. Piya says she agrees that she is servant’s daughter and her and Kabeer’s worlds are completely different, so even after loving Kabeer, she agreed to marry Himesh, it is pure destiny that she married him unknowingly. She says she tried her best to become a Shah family bahu and changed herself, but could not change her soul, only thing that held her is Kabeer’s trust and love and today Kabeer does not trust her at all.

Precap: Kabeer says his family that he will leave house with Piya for everyone’s betterment.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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