Bandhan 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Darpan is moping in the house. Meethi is eating something. Shaku takes her picture. eethi throws a grain on her. Meethi and shaku giggle at her. Meethi says, clean it from there. Darpan is embarrassed. Darpan picks the grains. Meethi says shaku training is good for her. I never saw the floor this clean. Bhao comes in and says what is this meeth? Meethi and shaku are shocked. He sees darpan. He says shaku what is this all? He says do kids do all this mopping? Shaku laughs and says bhao I was thinking about you. Its good that you came. I have been asking her not to do all this but she is not listening to me. She says tell him darpan. Darpan says she is right. I wanna do all this. This is my house. Ai used to say that we should always clean our house. Shaku says she said she wont eat free food. I will work here. Bhao says to darpan you don’t have to do anything, its your house.

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Dapran says thank you uncle. Bhao leaves. Meethu and shaku laugh. Shaku says this training will give you a lot of benefit. darpan says in heart I am doing this for you ganesh. when you come back we will both return from here. These people are so bad we wont live with them.

Ganesh is with the film makers. He starts screaming. The man says he is hungry. the director says shut up and get back to work.

Shaku is eating and says these are good sweet dishes from payal’s house. Meethi says they have sent good jewlry too. shaku asks is everything ready? Meethi says no dancer is ready. Kajri has asked not to dance in dev’s wedding. shaku syas why? dev tells them everything. Shaku says let me see it.

Scene 2
Shaku takes darpan to kajri’s house. darpan says where are we? shaku syas we are here to rectify your mistake. They ge5ts it. Kajri’s mom welcome them. Shaku says my darpan wants to ask something from kajri. darpan shows the plate of money. Shaku says you the meaning of all this? you are asking me come there again? dapran says what happened last time wont happen again. We are all very sorry for that. it wont happen again I vow. Shaku says wthout your dance wedding will be incomplete. Kajri’s mom says don’t say no. She says okay I will come I cant say no to darpan.

The wedding starts. Bhao welcomes everyone. pinky says do darpan what have you done? You have not pressed my dress well. Sanju comes and sasy clean my shoes. Ragahv says I will clean it. He says meethi maa is calling you. bhao stops darpan and says there is a good news? 14 December zee risty awards will be aired. darpan says meethi maa is calling me. Meethi is dressing up. She asks darpan to make her wear the anklet. Sheetal comes in and says darpan get ready. shaku says oh darpan is helping you. The men say that in 3 dyas your brother will be here. shaku says to shetal she will change in the end. shaku syas help everyone and after that you will change.

Darpan gets ready and goes to eat some ice cream. dev grasps the ice cream and says the guets will eat and you will eat it in the end. Get lost now. kajri says you are showing action on a little girl? she graps it and gives it back to darpan. she syas where will I get ready? Darpan says come I will show you. kajri says to dev his wife will be alone in wedding night he cant do anything.

Kajri starts dancing in the wedding. Dev records her video. Dev goes to a woman and says her something. He gives her something and she mixes it in a drink. darp;an is watching them. The woman gives the drink to kajri and she drinks it. darpan sees her.

Precap-darpan says where is kajri di? why is she in the room ? dev takes kajri to the room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Hate to watch it now. Worthless it has become.

  2. I refuse to comment on this soap anymore because it is a whole pack of shit tata too too

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