Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode staarts with Neelima seeing Poorvi and Arjun meeting in the market. She wishes Poorvi to prove her doubt wrong. Poorvi smiles seeing Arjun. He sees Neelima in the mirror. He walks past Poorvi and hugs Tanu to show Neelima. Poorvi is shocked. Gauri is recording them and is shocked seeing Arjun with Tanu. Poorvi recalls Arjun and Tanu’s dance in her party and cries. Neelima smiles. Gauri sees Neelima and says what is she doing this. Neelima thinks Arjun is so cheap, he is doing love acting like Gauri and hugging someone else here, I was wrong, Poorvi does not love him, the memory card was blank, Poorvi did not delete it. Tanu smiles and asks Arjun how did he hug her today, her love magic has struck him now. Arjun claps and says don’t imagine too much.

He says he knows black magic and can get rid of it, he is not his type, my GF’s mum was watching me, so I hugged you, and asks her to use deo as she is stinking. She asks why is she smiling, yellow yellow dirty fellow. She thinks his rudeness is also sweet, but I have to find who is his GF. Neelima comes office. She talks to Shankar and Karan. She says our plan failed to make video, we have to get some other proof. Karan says we should do sting. Shankar says no, its risky. Karan says I don’t know how did the memory card get blank. The peon hears them talking.

Arjun stops Poorvi. She says why should I listen to you, if you were hugging someone else, you say you love me, but how can you get mad about that girl. He says let me say something, I did not dance by my happiness. She says you hugged that girl, do you think I m fool. He laughs. He says Neelima was seeing us, so I hugged that girl. Poorvi thinks about Neelima’s doubt on her. She says she followed us, its serious now. He says Lakshya and Neelima are playing my band before marriage. She says don’t say anything about them. He says he always keeps his promise, when he said he loves her a lot, then it means he is only hers, and he knows she does not love him as much he loves her, but she can atleast trust him.

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She says sorry, I trust you a lot, but I love you so much that I got angry seeing you with someone else. He says its fine, I also love you. They smile and hug. Gauri takes their pics and thinks she will cut their love feathers today, when everyone see this pic, and Poorvi’s name will be spoiled, your family will not forgive you. Arjun asks for gift. Poorvi says you first. He says wait for four days, its surprise. She says even my gift is surprise. She says its matter of four days and then no need to hide anything. Gauri comes and asks Poorvi to come. Arjun asks them to go home and leaves. Gauri thinks her work is over, she has to find good chance and expose them.

The peon tells Bachcha Singh and Bhanupratap that Neelima came to make a video in party. Bachcha Singh asks him to leave and asks Bhanupratap why did he invite her in party, if her plan did not change, then we would have gone. Bhanupratap says what would I do, kill her like Nirbhik told me. He takes a gun and says I feel I should give supari for Neelima.

Bachcha Singh says are you mad, and asks him to be patient. He asks him to keep the gun. He asks her to kill on their weakness, kill their respect. Bhanupratap says fine, tell me what to do. Bachcha Singh says I showed them trailer by making Watan marry Nisha, it was a slap for Neelima, but she did not change, I will show her the full movie now, I will hurt her that she will cry blood tears. Neelima is happy seeing her family happy. They hear the public protesting against Lakshya. They all go out and everyone speak against Lakshya spoiling doctor’s name. Neelima asks how can they blame him without any proof. They show Lakshya and a lady’s pics in paper.

They are shocked. Neelima asks Lakshya. He says I did not do anything, they are trapping me. The lady says why will any girl ruin her respect to trap you. Lakshya says its lie, I did not do anything. They start beating Lakshya. Poorvi stops them and says its misunderstanding. The lady comes and says he is the one who tried to take advantage of me. They beat Lakshya and make his face black inked. They make him wear slippers and beat him. The police comes and arrests Lakshya. He says we have attempt to rape case against you. Lakshya is taken away. Neelima asks Lakshya not to worry, as they are coming after him.

Bachcha Singh gets many clothes for Arjun, as its birthday is after 4 days. Arjun laughs and thanks him. He thinks he will tell about his love soon. Sujatha thinks she will ruin his love. Arjun thinks his life changed in love, he is thinking about Poorvi’s choice before his. Sujatha tells Bachcha Singh that she will do what he wants, so she will tell Arjun about engagement, you don’t tell him anything. Bachcha Singh thinks she might be having good idea. Watan sees the news and is shocked seeing Lakshya beaten up by public. Bachcha Singh smiles while Nisha is shocked. Watan says Lakshya gone mad in frustration, it this good to fall for anyone. Arjun thinks he has to go and meet Poorvi.

Lakshya tells the inspector that he did not do anything. Poorvi and everyone come to him. Lakshya says they are not listening to me. Neelima and Shankar say they trust him. Poorvi asks Lakshya about the lady and the pic. Arjun comes to the police station and makes his friend give phone lost FIR. He tries to know about Lakshya.

Poorvi pacifies Neelima and says Lord tests good people, and sends an angel to end the worries, I m sure he will send some angel to wend our problems.

Update Credit to: Amena

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