Piya Albela 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Naren’s Ghost drama scares Angraj

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The Episode starts with Danish coming to Naren and telling about Angraj escape from window. Naren is shocked. Pooja hears them. Naren tells Danish that he knows that Angraj must have went to the grave and says he has to go there before Angraj opens the coffin. Pooja asks him to relax. Angraj checks the box and finds Naren’s dead body. He checks the pulse and says he is dead. He thinks to burn the body. Naren asks Pooja why did she stop him. Pooja tells him that Mama took his mask from Dr. Kiran and covered it on dead body’s face. Satish calls Naren and shows him that Angraj is burning the dead body. He asks Naren to make Angraj believe that body can destroy, but not soul.

Neelima tells Surbhi and Rahul that Angraj can cheat them when he was not loyal to Naren. Surbhi says Rahul has Tribal head in his captivity and tells that Angraj shall be afraid of them.
Dada ji talks to Harsha about his sons. Harsha says she is ashamed of Hardik’s doing and talks about Harish. Pooja tells Naren that she will go to Angraj and asks him to go to Rahul and Surbhi’s room. Rahul and Surbhi are drinking in their room, when Naren comes there. Surbhi gets scared. Rahul says he is Angraj. Naren asks if he don’t identify him and makes the things in the room move by signing on it. Naren says you both are responsible for my death too and says Angraj has burnt my body, but can’t burn my soul. Danish is moving the things with technology. Surbhi and Rahul apologize to Naren. Naren sits and says I can forgive you both, but I have a condition.

Harish talls to Angraj’s pic and says your Maa went to Haridwar to do shanti puja for his soul. He says your Maa can cry, but how shall I cry. Harsha comes there and says Pooja’s sister had killed Mayank and then her brother had killed Angraj. She says she feels worried for Naren.

Angraj tells that he will go to his Pooja. Pooja comes there and talks in Naren’s voice, tells Angraj that he is fool to burn his body, now he will stay in Pooja’s body. Angraj is shocked. Satish and Dr. Kiran help Pooja there. Surbhi asks Naren to leave them. Naren says he wants Angraj’s surgery file. Rahul goes to bring it from Neelima’s room. Surbhi faints being scared.Angraj says I am your brother, leave me. Naren asks him to stay in Servants’ quarters and kill 100 mosquitoes. Angraj says ok. Naren says if he thinks of Pooja then he will enter him and make him do commit suicide. He asks him to remember that there is no traffic signal for ghosts.

Pooja signs Satish and Dr. kiran. Angraj finds Pooja vanish. Anuj comes to Rachel and asks her to remarry. He says he is sending someone for her for whom she shall make a place in her heart. Rachel refuses to marry. Neelima doesn’t believe on what Rahul says. She comes there. Neelima says ghost. She gives him blue file and asks him to leave them. Naren checks file and says he will come again. He places his foot on the glass piece and then walks away. Neelima sees blood stain and tells Rahul that he might be Naren or Angraj, as blood don’t come out of ghost.

Pooja tells Naren that Angraj must be sure now that he saw your ghost. Naren shows the file. Pooja checks and says Neelima gave you wrong file.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. It was a hilerious episode!! hope they keep the game play on!

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