Kumkum Bhagya 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya gets doubtful on Tanu

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The Episode starts with King telling Dasi that he got an important call. Dasi stops him. King says I will talk to Pragya and tells that he has played a fun game with them. He sees Pragya upset and asks if she is hiding anything. Pragya says no, and says you might be hiding something from me to divert me. Abhi and Dasi go. King thinks something is bothering her. Tanu says so according to plan, Aaliya will bring Pragya near the chandelier, and I have to cut the rope. She searches for knife and scolds John. John asks what do you need? She says tissue papers. John says he has kept it. Tanu scolds him and asks him to keep tissue papers. John goes. Tanu gets the knife and talks to it saying it will cut the connection between Abhi and Pragya. She says my revenge will be fulfilled now. Abhi looks at Pragya. Kaisa yeh ishq hai….plays….They cross each other and their hands touch each other’s hand.

Pragya and Abhi recall eachother’s words. Abhi recalls Pragya telling that King is her husband now. Robin comes to Pragya. Pragya asks how are you? Robin says everyone here missed you and asks can I do something for you. Pragya asks him to take care of her and everyone. She goes. John comes to Robin and asks why he is emotional. Robin tells that Pragya is real wife of Abhi and best bahu of the house. John asks who is Tanu? Robin says she became his wife forcibly and tells that he is staying in the house for pragya’s promise. He tells that Aaliya and Tanu are bad, and he wants Pragya to return.

Purab and Disha come to room. Disha says guests are waiting for them. Purab asks how did you identity me. Disha says she has identified him just like that. Purab gets romantic. Hawayein song plays….Purab asks how do you identify me? Disha says from your smell, not perfume smell, but your smell which makes me mad. Purab says I will hug you. Aaliya comes and asks what is happening? Purab says romance, do you have any problem. Aaliya goes upset. Disha tells Purab that today her problem is solved as she was always worried because of Aaliya. She says your support is the best anniversary gift till date. Tanu comes out from kitchen and collides with Pragya, knife falls down from her hand. Aaliya thinks why did she hold the knife in party. Pragya asks what you are doing with knife? Tanu says you shall not interfere. Aaliya comes and asks Tanu why did she bring knife for cake cutting. She gives knife to Servant and asks him to give later. Pragya asks why did she hide if she brought knife for cake cutting. Tanu says she doesn’t want to answer. Aaliya tells Tanu that Pragya is their guests and asks her to come. She asks Pragya to come as well. Aaliya scolds Tanu and asks why did she collide with Pragya. She asks her not to complicate their plan and asks her not to argue with her and do as she said.

Mitali says even Tanu have to play the game and asks her to beat Disha’s timing in the game. Tanu says I don’t want to play the game. Mitali asks her to think this game as Mrs. Universe contest. She asks where is Abhi? Raj asks Abhi to play. Abhi says no. Taya ji asks him to play. Abhi comes there. Mitali asks Abhi and Tanu to play. Abhi refuses. Pragya thinks what knife was doing in Tanu’s hand. Aaliya tells Tanu that she has to play the game as Pragya is doubtful on her. Tanu asks are you scaring me. Aaliya asks her to see her. Tanu says she is staring me. Aaliya asks her to divert her till she finishes her work. She collides with King and wonders if he heard their conversation.

Tanu asks Pragya and King to play the game and prove that they are also best couple, and challenges Pragya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. What criminal Tanu is 2 yrs old always talking about some stupid challenge

  2. I love it that Robin was given some screen time. After all, he is a permanent and key member of the Mehra family, which was turned into a criminal enterprise by the two parasites and their enthusiastic helper Mithali. p.s. I LOVE this actresses work, as Mithali. When Tanu dropped her knife she once again showed how afraid she was of Pragya and truth.
    I want to say thank-you to Geeta and Naz and others for their support. We viewers have to remember that we are not setting the tone of the discourse or discussion. We are reacting or responding to the show. The show is setting the discourse by what it offers. When you set the stage with trash characters you will likely receive trash reactions and responses. All this talking about the trolls and the haters, are the show people… dare I mention the characters name… denying the fact that they provide the material. Their paycheck depends on the viewers becoming involved. Ekta works hard to make sure that the viewers remain involved. Want a paycheck? Comments from viewers come with the job. How many times did we watch the character Tanu doing evil and whenever she was caught doing so, she blamed anyone, everyone, anyone else for the problem. So did Aliyah. It was treated as joke. Anything went wrong, it was always Pragya’s fault We see children dong this until they are taught better/honest behaviour. The same has happened with this show. So ugly is the discourse in this show that when confronted with the ugliness many viewers see and take offence. The lovers of this show including and especially the actress who did the publicity stunt… not able to deal with their own actions…or accepted role, she’s being paid… blames viewers by calling them haters and trolls. This is a simple manipulation used by immature people. We have all seen this manipulation in our personal lives. We have all met immature people (not children) who do not think that they should be responsible for their own actions. Put out a show with vile and vulgar action, repeatedly… and then be shocked at the response? Please! Take a look in the mirror. Except if you are Tanu. Seeing yourself in that silver bag dress …strictly from a design viewpoint… might breach your, oh so tender and pouty sensibilities. If you slap someone, they will react or respond…unless they are a yogi. Otherwise, nothing new in this show. Again, we are reminded of the limits of the producer. Murder, Mayhem. Money for status. Disturbing fashion for one or both of the criminals and the Mehra family who do absolutely nothing for Pragya, yet continue to expect Pragya to save their sorry butts. I simply do not understand why they can’t drug Aliyah and Tanu and take care of everyone’s problems. Once the two are drugged, they can be easily disposed of. See that? This is not my personal thinking. This is my response to the unending criminality of the show. Even a yogi will tell you… a yogi, a real one..not the western version of ‘yogi’… once said to me, “Sometimes you must fight fire with fire to end the conflagration” . Sometimes I like to think of myself as a firefighter. And I miss Cathy’s comments. Intelligent and subtle. I heard you, Cathy. I’m working on it. Thank-you to everyone who is opening my eyes and helping me learn… obviously, I’m here so much, I truly love reading the comments. To the designer of that gawd awful dress. A diaphanous dress requires soft, flowing, draping type of material. You turned a slim actress …who can’t dance… into a vision of a silver balloon with a snakehead sticking out of the balloon/bag. Use better judgment in your material choice! Dear Dannycomments…. this is my effort at humour, so sorry, if you don’t get it. The woman looks so ridiculous and I am laughing as I write. Not in derision Danny. I’m laughing because the dress choice is just too funny. I’ll try harder to indicate humour vs derision.

    1. Akituster, you said it all. ?

  3. BTW Danny, you said, “everyone is entitled to their own opinion with all that free speech and whatnot..but you cannot…” What does the “whatnot” mean or imply? Just a reminder, it is not free speech if it comes with conditions. But I am interested in understanding what the “whatnot” is, that you are referring to. Your logic/rationale is faulty. When you write that my comments are stupid you are doing exactly what I am doing…expressing myself. You have that right. Blaming me for doing something that you do as well … is well, rather telling, exposing, of who you are. ; )

  4. Wat wrong with tanu abhi don’t want her n sdhe cannot force him to love her n I hope pragya leave n go home with king

  5. Thanks Maria! (on twitter) I came across your posts quite by accident on twitter. I don’t twitter… yet. I was sad to see that the posts were removed. But thank-you! Your comments brought sincere smiles to me.

    1. Hi Akituster, I’m sorry I used your comments without your consent but I really really like to read your posts. It’s more than just funny comments, it’s a really good psychological description of the characters, actors and mostly Ekta. The truth is I don’t even watch or read the written episodes but I can’t skip reading your comments. I was off line for few days and I just saw that someone isn’t happy here but like you said we all have the right to express ourselves if someone ain’t happy with that they don’t have to read it. I’m happy I get read your thoughts on the show that’s why I shared few of them in Twitter and I can tell you most of kkb die hard fans loved them too. So thank you and keep giving us more of those “inside the head of Ekta and her puppets” funny accurate posts. Plz if you join Twitter let me know I’ll be your first follower. Thank again and keep having fun and enjoy your life.

    2. thx Maria! I have been away from life almost 20 years… health not jail! although it felt like jail of physical toture sometimes. Ha! Most of the time. Just purchased my first cell phone or i-phone, ever. I can text but that’s it! I’m trying to learn as quickly as I can. Finally understood what a browser is, on the internet. So I am gearing up for an internet presence as I return to regular life and you already know I have a lot to say about what I am discovering. Struggling to get through all the changes with technology. There is so much to understand. I really like knowing HOW things work and WHY before I use them. I cannot believe how communication has changed!!! Twitter, Whatsap Snapchat…omigawd this is like a new universe for me. But it was delightful to learn that you and others are interested in my observations. My first experience of ‘meeting’ people electronically/through tech. I look forward to ‘meeting’ you on the Twitter system.

  6. Nimarike

    Actually they are just prolonging this series, how many weeks will Dey use to go party. Plot and story lines as if kindergarten kids are the audience.

  7. What a stupid slow slow slow show

  8. Akituster! Is there a twitter war happening? i have resisted but i may have to sign up now…this show just makes me laugh i can’t look at abhi now without thinking “man you need to drop some weight buddy”, a rock star you do not look like..i understand the fatigue or boredom you might have with what you have to do each day..there is no more passion. Pragya, honey grab King and run for the hills that guy is easy eye candy and very yummyhe likes and respects you and loves Kiara…Tanu Tanu Tanu, break up with the costume designer you are probably and only second to Alyia as the worst dressed female on Indian soaps, cudo’s to whoever dresses pragya. Did i hear a rumour that King and Alyia are hooking up? i sure hope not i think i may throw a rock at my TV if that happens. OH one other thing..Pragya lose that hairstyle, you look older then me and i’m old. 😉

    1. Cathy, I’ve missed you on ISA, the forum is almost desolate these days, I haven’t been up there for today though. You know that i don’t comment here like I used to long ago,certainly seems like long ago because Abhi is looking old-er and Pragya is dressing like my grandmother these days, how unflattering her outfits are, even I won’t wear those, as for Mrs Universe Tanu, what on earth is she wearing these days…that silver bag Akituster mentions, is very apt, when I open a garbage bag to collect my kitchen remains, that just how it baloons out when i flick it up and down…and goodness me, Tanu really can’t dance, those are my moves when I’m dancing to impress myself, in privacy!! She just cannot dance!! It really does look like the actors are doing their own thing, their own dialogue, whatever comes out of their mouths, they say. The only bright spot on this serial when I see Sunny and Kiara and of course Disha but what the heck is wrong with Purab’s hair and lips? Was this actor’s lips like this when he was in Vishkanya?? As for Aliya…she’s so horrendously shameless, lusting over Purab after all these years, she must have eaten up half of her insides already because jealousy does that. I thought that by now writers would have found her a man…maybe she secretly is attracted to Tanu…things happen you know…in all this, I just wish and hoped that Pragya would have grown a backbone and stop being a mute spectator when the two witches are dishing out insults to her…as if they have cast a spell on her…all Pragya does is glare, frown…she has frown lines…and stutter between her teeth which looks closed halfway when she’s speaking…I also think that she should run far away from the toxicity of the Mehra family…with King…he subconsciously loves her but also don’t you think it’s funny how so many furtive glances, hr long stares passes between Abhi and Pragya and King doesn’t see half of it…..one look is enough for my antennas to work….hmmmmm….

    2. I lurk a lot on ISA but i do see every ones comments and put my thoughts occasionally, i really do love that show and keep my fingers crossed that it doesn’t end up like all the other Zee serials..i still haven’t forgiven what happened on Mehek or Piya Albela. I better stop lol i feel a rant coming on.

    3. Hullo Cathy! I missed your comments! Does the twitter system do war? Thanks for the read. And I agree regarding Pragya’s hairstyle. I want to see her younger look. I keep watching as I am fascinated by this actress. She is good. Her natural grace, her natural empathy with her work crew and for her role, is amazing. Usually people with this quality of empathy do not have the discipline that this actress seems to come by naturally. I have only seen her flinch for a split second in a scene with Abhi many many episodes ago. She was a little awkward for about 2-3 weeks. They both were. Then, whatever was the issue seemed to be resolved and they regained the full depth that they share…differently. The passion. I see Abhi drift and then return to focus here and there. I do admire his ability to return to focus…and recognise that he has drifted. I didn’t like the acting to begin with but now admire his skill. Aliyah too. It is recognizable that she has made a strong effort to become skilled. It is visible and I admire this actress for her sustained effort and achievement. I believe that she is likely intelligent. And I do wonder if that is possibly a reflection of her subdued role. We’ll wait and see how she is positioned in the next layer of nonsense. Her character of course is simply ridiculous. And Tanu, so outclassed in every way by Pragya. Tanu behaves like a terrifying 3 year old who experienced bad, abusive parenting and will never look in the mirror to see what she really is. Why bother? She is busy looking at all the ones who are staring at her. Poor little sod. Her complete identity depends on men paying for her life while she happily commits cowardly acts on the man’s defenceless relatives. Sort of like the United States only picking on those who can’t fight back. Yeah, Tanu and the US both convinced their exceptional.. But that’s the idea! I must admit, Ekta sure knows how to pick the right people! On the other hand she’s a cheater. She doesn’t actually do the choosing from her heart like a true creative producer. Does she? Poor Ekta. She still thinks that she is an empty human, way deep down. She is seemingly proud that she has others to do her thinking and her feeling for her. That socially responsible astrologer, of hers, you know. My observations come from an energetic perspective.

      And Naz, liked your comment. I would imagine that King is just the current lynchpin trying to make sure that the ‘mystery’ of his silent watching is a set up so that the plot… what! Did I just say ‘plot’… sorry…. in one single coffee….or green drink session with Ekta the writers can decide how much muddled malice to dish out for their next go around on the merry-go-round of their circular thinking. Being accused of circular thinking was an insult at one time. Here the writers, or director or Ekta’s instructions all seem to take pride in their ‘achievements’. You have to wonder if these people party together. Are they truly only capable of one single dance move? Sad. So much of this production is brilliant. So much talent. And all that talent locked up in a room not allowed to look out the window. I feel angry sometimes when i see what such energy could be creating. Magic. But Ekta has her vision. Could somebody please ask Ekta to take her blinders off?? And consider maturing her attitude? What a shock she’ll have when she figures out how efficiently she’s being used, by her betters. I write from an energetic perspective.

  9. My god my god I likes Al your comments. I’m laughing in my room. My children are asking me why I’m laughing. I told them I like the way you all are describing the actors,becauce everything is true

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