Mere Sai 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Tulsa Follows Sai’s Words

Mere Sai 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai asks Brijen to look at the big pot and says if you see carefully then you will realize that you have so much work to do, but time is less. He asks him not to concentrate on what people say or taunts. Brijen says I have understood and will do my karma. Sai says medicine or medicine is not needed to heal the wound which happened with mouth, but inspiration is needed and asks to become careful with words. He asks everyone to have patience. Boys follow Tulsa and taunt her. They call her monkey. Woman says don’t know where she goes with water in her mouth. Bheeva says she is Mhalsapati’s wife and will make kids mad. Tulsa thinks of Sai’s words and people’s taunt doesn’t affect her. She smiles and starts walking. Dinaram tells his son and friend that Sakharam is right and Mhalsapati’s sister is mad. They see Tulsa coming to well, while kids call her monkey. Tulsa fetches water from the well and goes. Dinaram says she has made her mouth swollen and says we shall not get bahu from such house. He says don’t know why Madhav and Bhama hide this from me and disapproves the alliance.

Tulsa comes to Sai. Sai gives her shell. Tulsa gets emotional. Om Sai plays….He says you have to spit the water after going home. She nods ok. Tulsa is going back home with shell in her hand. She sees clothes hanging in a house and thinks this is like my daughter Manjiri’s clothes. Woman of the house pushes her out of the house and asks her to leave. Just then her grass root top falls down. Tulsa is still having water in her mouth. Woman looks at the roof top and then at Tulsa.

A villager comes to his house. His wife asks what did he bring? He hides from her and asks her to go to her father’s house. Sai falls and so is the man. Wine bottle falls down from man’s hand and he scolds his wife. Sai asks why are you scolding your wife. Man’s wife complains to Sai about her husband’s drinking habit. Tulsa comes home. Malhari shows the shell which she had kept somewhere. Tulsa runs behind him to get the shell. Malhari gives it. Parvati asks them not to run in kitchen. Tulsa offers help. Parvati asks her to put water in the boiling water. Tulsa says ok. Gauri informs Parvati that Bhama came. Parvati goes to talk to her. Tulsa looks at the rice and thinks it is dirty and washes the rice.

Sai asks Vinod to scold his wife and says you shall be happy that she cares for you. Vinod says she shall understand that I can’t leave this habit immediately, and says he drinks once in 10-15 days. He says I will leave it slowly. Sai asks him to take a decision and says you shall not wait for special day to leave this habit. Vinod says I didn’t understand. Sai asks him to pluck the grass without harming the roots. Vinod plucks the grass by its roots and gives to Sai. Sai asks him to pluck a small plant. Vinod plucks it and says I didn’t understand. Sai asks him to do last work. Vinod says don’t ask me to pluck the tree. Sai smiles.

Tulsa saves a cat from coming under the wheels of the bullock cart. Just then the man sitting in the cart suffers an attack and blames Tulsa.

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