Shakti 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya gets upset due to godh bharayi rasam

Shakti 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nani asking Soumya to wear the saree. Raavi says they shall dance first. Nani asks her to dance. Raavi dances. Chalka song plays…..Soumya also dances with her. Nani sings. Soumya gets teary eyes , but wipes her tears and continues dancing. Nani gives saree to Soumya and asks her to wear it with jewellery. Soumya comes back wearing the saree. Sadhvi does her aarti and asks everyone to fill her lap. They all do Godh Bharayi ritual. Soumya’s Nani blesses her. Sadhvi says God will wash away all her sins and asks her to go to her room where she is residing now a days and take all the stuff there. Sadhvi leaves. Surbhi says we will also leave. Nani says I will make everything fine. Harman apologizes to Soumya’s Nani when they come out. Nani asks him to take care of Soumya. Harak Singh and Veeran come inside house. They ask for food. Harman says he will go and see Soumya. Nani asks him to have patience and tells that he has made his wife as a mirror.

Preeto asks him to go to his room. Soumya thinks of Nani’s words and misses Aditya. She goes out and questions mata rani what she shall do with godh bharayi stuff. She drops all the stuff there and says why did you make me such. She says it is easy to be a kinnar, but difficult to become a woman from kinnar. She removes her bangles and jewellery. She says she has lost from her identity. Harman comes there and hears her. Soumya thinks she don’t have the right to be called as his wife. Jag begana song plays…He comes to her. Soumya says you will be broken like me one day. Harman says I will hold your hand even if you are kinnar in all 7 birth and says I am answer for your questions. Soumya hugs him and says you gave me so much, but I can’t give you anything and is tired of fighting. Harman says you have given me happiness and can’t return the same even if I make you sit on my eye brows all life. He says you are my wife and this is your identity. Preeto also comes there and smiles. She thinks I am proud that Harman is my son and says until such Harmans are there, Soumyas will not be alone. They come home. Soumya asks him to go to his room. Harman goes.

Sadhvi thinks she shall get more money from Nani and tells about the fake problems with Soumya. Harman comes to Soumya and makes her have biscuit. He says he will get peaceful sleep now. Soumya smiles. He comes to his room and thinks of Soumya’s pain. He asks Mata Rani why did she give her so much pain and asks her to show a way.

Sadhvi tells Harman that Soumya and him have some bad sights. Harman says they might have bad sight and asks Sadhvi to go. Neighbor asks Harman if his wife have some problem. Harman says he will tell them the truth. Harak Singh and Soumya get tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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