Piya Albela 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Criminal attacks Surbhi leaving her critical

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Piya Albela 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Harish scolding Pooja. Satish asks Pooja to end the matter and make arrangements of Meghna’s marriage. Pooja says I understand your thoughts, but asks them to understand if she will enjoy her marriage if her criminal is around. Naren asks if she will start her life with Kunal? Neelima says it is best for her to marry and return to London. Rahul says she can marry at any time and asks what is the best deal? Surbhi says why Danish shall suffer being innocent. Kusum asks Satish to come and says pooja wants to disturb everyone. Shivani comes there and says matakali mami, you are always in hurry. Naren says you came early morning. Shivani says she thought they are available in the morning also. She tells that the case is reopened and also shows the sketch saying this is the tailor who knows the rapist. Pooja smiles and recalls asking Naren to make sketch of the tailor and asking him to make a sketch. Naren says I didn’t see him before. Pooja says I remember his face. Naren makes sketch. Fb ends. Shivani says criminal thought that he will be saved after kidnapping tailor and tells that she will come again tomorrow morning with him. She goes. Mr. Goenka, Sarita and Kunal looks on. Pooja says don’t know who is criminal. Naren says whoever he is, he will be punished. Supriya says she is very lucky to get Kunal as her damad. Sarita asks her to ask Pooja to drop the case. Rahul says it is matter of one day and says once he is caught then I will not leave him.

Hardik comes to Neelima and gives her tea. Neelima says don’t know who can do this cheap trick and tells that she is worried about Rahul. Naren says I still can’t believe that someone from our family is the accused. Pooja says Tailor didn’t identify anyone. Rahul helps Surbhi get up. Surbhi says my heart is saying that you are not a criminal. She says I guess everything will be alright between us. She says I wish our daughter will make place in your heart. She feels stomach pain. Rahul asks are you fine and says shall I call doctor. Surbhi says your daughter troubles me a bit. She asks him to get her medicine.

Naren meets spy who tells that once DNA report comes, it will be proved that he is the real heir of Vyas family. Pooja comes there and says real culprit will be caught, and for that we have to go home. Surbhi feels pain and thinks where did Rahul go? she tries to call him and thinks why is he not picking the call. She sees someone. Naren and Pooja are on the way and is stopped by a woman. She sits in his car and asks them to drive the car. Naren says we were waiting for you. Shivani uncovers her veil and tells that their truth forced her to help them in their plan. Naren and Pooja thank her. Shivani says you are doing this for justice and to prove Danish innocent. Naren says he will not leave the rapist.

Surbhi sees basement door open and thinks Rahul must have come to smoke here. She goes there calling Rahul and sees Tailor kept captive there. She says this is the same tailor, everyone is searching. Naren and Pooja are still on the way. Pooja says if criminal is not caught then I will take case back. Shivani says I will come in this get up and want to see who is the clever man. Surbhi tries to make him gain consciousness and looks for water, but there is no water. Surbhi sees someone coming there holding knife and asks him to move back. Man comes to Tailor and stabs him. Pooja and Naren come back home and hear Surbhi’s scream. Shivani says we shall check the house. Criminal then turns to Surbhi. Naren is checking outside. Man runs behind Surbhi to kill her. Surbhi sees his face and says you? She gets shocked and says she will tell everyone. She pushes him.

Naren, Pooja and Shivani come out of house, and say there is peace inside the house. He pushes her off the stairs. She screams in pain. Rahul comes there and asks what happened? Naren, Pooja and Shivani come there. Surbhi says basement. Naren says nothing will happen to you and your baby. Rahul says I will take her. Everyone come there and asks what happened? Rahul takes her to hospital. Naren, Shivani and constables come there and see Tailor dead. Naren says criminal must have pushed Surbhi off the stairs. Shivani asks if she saw his face. Naren says her life is still risky.

Doctor tells Rahul that Surbhi and baby died together. Everyone looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Gosh these writers were looking for any reason to kill off surbhi ???

  2. i dnt no y but i feel dt naren’s father might b de rapist

    1. Maybe but it seems like Rahul’s dad has a guilty, nervous look about him also

  3. Given that Surbhi is now dead, i feel as though they’ll try to push Meghna to Rahul, absurd but these writers seem to really like Rahul, his character does the stupidest things and is never punished :/

    1. there is no chance as they are siblings and rahul has a true love towards meghna + kunal is already going to get married to her and i have some doubt on harish and neelima husband as well. Lets wait for tomorrow and yeah i can see some positive character on Rahul by the way he neglects neelima and harsha silly thoughts

      1. Something about kunals character doesn’t seem too right…… Yeah I guess rahul seems to be affectionate to meghna more than anyone else cause he isn’t listening to the nonsense that his mother usually fills in his head….. Though I’m somewhat curious as to why the writers are willing to easily kill off surbhi after constantly letting her character fade off only to return!? ? maybe she’s in a coma, and pooja decided to hide the truth because the killer may become more determine to kill her (surbhi) hence declared her dead? And maybe also to make rahul understand her importance ?…….. I wonder who is the ‘actual real’ Vyas heir Naren is searching?? Or could the rape just be a distraction to keep the him(heir) from being introduce to supriya etc. ? ??

  4. leisa s morris

    I dont believe subhi is dead but rather being kept safe from d killer as she saw his face. Wt about harsha husband i dont remember wat exactly happened to him so he could b d one afterall surbhi does kno d person and if he is harish and supriya real son then everyone should kno him. Dey have gone through d list of probable suspects so who can it b.

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