Udaan 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivaan shoots at Suraj and Chakor

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Udaan 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chagan taking care of Kasturi. She says I feel scared like something bad is going to happen. Chagan gets a call. He tells Kasturi that it was Tejaswini’s call, she said Chakor, Suraj and Saanvi are not in haveli. She worries and prays. Vivaan gets them somewhere and asks Saanvi to forgive him. He puts cotton in her ears. He gets Suraj and Chakor out from the car. Someone records this. Suraj asks what are you doing with us, we are not responsible, why are you punishing us. Chakor says you can’t punish me, we understand your pain. Vivaan says you will never understand, I had sworn I will not leave the person who has kept me captive. Chakor says think of some other way, think of Saanvi, she will become an orphan. Vivaan says no. Suraj says I told you Vivaan has changed. Chakor says yes, I did big mistake, my childhood friend could have not hurt anyone and Vivaan wants to kill us. Vivaan asks them to stop nonsense, none knows what he has gone through, they have to die. Chakor says don’t kill us. Vivaan shoots Chakor. Suraj looks on shocked. Vivaan shoots him as well. Dheere dheere…..plays….. Suraj and Chakor fall dead.

Imli says where did everyone go, are they going to make a plan against me. She gets a photo. She gets shocked seeing Chakor and Suraj dead. She says no, this is some joke, this can’t happen. She gets a lady’s call. Lady says I have given you big happiness, don’t thank me, I did big favor on you. Imli gets happy and thanks Lord. Tejaswini asks Archana what happened. Imli says I was praying for Suraj and Chakor. Tejaswini gets Chakor’s mangalsutra fallen there and worries. Imli says Aazaadgunj will come in my hands again, my attack will be dangerous. Kasturi says Chakor and Suraj should have come by now, I feel something wrong happened. Vivaan comes home with Saanvi. Tejaswini asks where are Suraj and Chakor. Imli thinks I respect Vivaan now, he has killed my enemies. Kasturi asks Vivaan to answer them. Suraj and Chakor come there with blood stained clothes. They all get shocked.

Kasturi asks what happened to you Chakor, what’s this blood, is everything fine. Chagan asks did any accident happen. Vivaan says no. Suraj says this is just a drama, scripted by Chakor, I did the acting and Vivaan directed it. Kasturi asks Chakor what’s the matter. Chakor says Vivaan came in our room at night…. FB shows Chakor stopping Vivaan. Vivaan says sorry, I m helpless to kill you two. He cries and says I have no way. Suraj says you have gone mad, lower the gun, will you kill me. Chakor says you can’t kill anyone, I believe you. Vivaan gets angry and says I m helpless, Imli is calling me again and again and reminding me the tortures, she won’t come in front of me till I kill you both. Suraj says Imli is dead. Chakor says you mean Imli has asked you to do this. Vivaan says yes, I want to kill her, else I would have not tried to kill you two. She says why didn’t you tell us before. Vivaan says none can harm her, you didn’t catch her. Suraj says she isn’t here, you are much worried, you lost your mental balance.

Chakor says fine, I agree we are wrong, but someone else is calling Vivaan, someone is our enemy. Suraj says fine, we should know who is that person, so that we can punish him. Chakor says yes, I m ready to die for Vivaan, attack on us, we will do a drama to die, make it a video and send it to that person. Suraj says Chakor’s plan is good, I m with you, that person should be punished. FB ends. Suraj says we had no way than to get that woman out. Tejaswini says who wants bad for this house. Vivaan says whoever it is can’t break this house, as Chakor is here, I was shattered, Chakor helped me. Kasturi says I pray for Chakor and family every day. Vivaan apologizes to Suraj. Suraj agrees. Imli clicks their pic. Vivaan waits for the call. He gets the call and answers. He says you got the proof, tell me who are you.

The lady says you can never see me, I think you are lying, Suraj and Chakor are alive, they are with you, its not easy to fool me, you did big mistake, now I won’t come in front of you. Chakor and Suraj hear the lady. Chakor says whoever you are, you can’t harm Vivaan and us, your game will end soon, Vivaan is not alone, his family is with him. Vivaan looks at her. Chakor says Vivaan has to live his life, he will become old Vivaan, he has to see Saanvi growing and help in village development. Vivaan says I will protect Suraj and Chakor now, even if I have to give my life, do anything you want. Chakor smiles. Suraj looks on. The lady changes the sim and lights a diya at Ranvijay’s pic. Vivaan thanks Chakor for making their friendship stronger by believing her. Chakor says its childhood friendship, it won’t break easily.

Suraj comes. Vivaan asks did you find anything. Suraj says no, when we came back haveli, there was no outsider, just Archana was here. Vivaan asks Archana to tell them, whom did she send the pic. Archana says I don’t know anything. Suraj says take this salary and leave, you can’t stay here in haveli now. Chakor recalls her challenge. Chakor thanks Suraj. She says I know what you have done, its better you leave Archana. Archana goes. Suraj says I wish your fears end with her leaving. Chakor says it will end. Suraj says you still doubt Imli is alive. Chakor says Imli is alive, but after Archana left, I will see whom Imli uses. She takes Saanvi with her. Vivaan asks Suraj why is it tough for him to believe Chakor. Suraj says maybe because we are not childhood friends. He goes. Archana leaves. Imli and Chakor look on. Imli says you just made Archana out, I m still here. Chakor says you can’t use Archana now, I m ready to face your attack. Chakor comes to room. She sees Suraj sleeping. She plays with Saanvi. She takes a rod along. She goes to Vivaan’s room. She says I m finding this Vivaan since long and I got you. Vivaan says I m still living in past, its not possible to forget it. She says your try will succeed. Imli comes there.

Suraj asks is Saanvi with Vivaan. He takes Saanvi and scolds Vivaan. Vivaan says I know you are worried for Saanvi. Chakor says my Suraj was not like this, don’t know what happened to him. Vivaan hugs her to console. Suraj looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Love triangle drama is again started ohh my gosh.. earlier it was inspector ajay and now it’s vivaan … plz don’t do it , we want to see sukor happy and together.

  2. That mysterious lady is Ragini
    I want to see her

  3. I don’t know how Imli is still roaming around after Archana was fired.
    Can the mystery lady be someone else other than Ragini and if she’s related to RV, how is she helping Imli his killer.

  4. I think after breaking sukor they will join the two couples. In last episode imli told chakor has broken her dreams. Was she talking about telling vivaan about imli’s fake pregnancy?

  5. Safiya Hosein

    There isn’t suppose to be a love triangle period, because Suraj and Chakor are now married and not courting!
    This season started off where Suraj was an example of a loving, supporting husband to Chagaan and now he is the opposite.
    Though it’s important to remember Vivaan and Chakor are best friends since childhood and would have a special trust and bond.
    And i honestly think Suraj shouldn’t be jealous and doubt Chakor, she loves him too much and she has proved it time and time again.
    From the time Suraj & Chakor have been married, they have spent the majority of time apart because of silly misunderstandings or because of other people’s evil doings. Sigh!

    1. Suraj should trust chakor otherwise it wl be too late n he wl have to suffer alot by all means..if sukor n Vivaan wl work together
      as a team they wl definitely defeat imli or anyone else but cvs want to drag the track n make drama..but pls dnt create mu again between sukor n dnt separate them..

  6. Lokesh

    Hmm again a luv triangle, Ranvijay ki sister ho Sakti hai wo lady. Not Ragini as she don’t have any connections with RV.

    1. Mona146

      his sisters were against him since he killed their lover/husbands.

  7. Lokesh

    It’s Ragini only as she told once he loves someone and that guy was RV.

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