My Love My Life My everything twinj ff part 24

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My love my life my everything twinj ff part 24

Days passing like this twinj missing each other so much kunj is very guity for his mistakes and want to ask forgiveness. Twinkle not giving him chance to speak to her she using so much harsh words for him which hurting him so much but he didn’t said her anything he is trying his best to make her happy . And twinkle too melting for his care and love but not showing it because she suffered lot and she is bit angry with him for everything. Aman trying his best to impress twinkle but thats not happening because twinkle always thinking about kunj only and he tryed to manipulate her saying kunj is very bad and he have affair with some other girl.

Twinkle working in office aman comes to her

Aman- Hi twinkle

Twinkle- hello sir

Aman- no dont call me sir

Twinkle – hmm not looking at him

Aman – where you lost? Smile please you look really cute when you smile

Twinkle- I cant smile without any reason and I am lost nowhere.

Aman- yar come lets go to canteen and have something

Twinkle- I am not hungry aman you go snd have

Aman – please na yar please you are my friend right please come he requested her many times twinkle said yes later he said not to canteen but to food court at mall and took her there.

Aman- do you want to shop anything?

Twinkle- no

Aman- ok but please help me i want to buy dress for my sister so help me na yar

Twinkle- but

Aman- please

Twinkle- ok Twinkle selecting dress while she remembering the memories which she spend there with kunj…she remembered how kunj helping her in choosing her dress and how he use make her feel special everyday. She was lost in his memories and aman only talking to gain her attention but not happening.

Next scene

Yuvi and Ananya busy in staring each other

Yuvi- why you staring me

Ananya- because you are staring me you started first

Yuvi- oh oh haan haan ok.

Ananya- what haan ok??? tell me now why you staring at me?

Yuvi- oh haan I am your boss

Ananya – so? You stare me ? Boss should stare his PA is it any new law or rules?

Yuvi- oh not like that ..I…I was looking at your…your…

Ananya- mine what?????

Yuvi- earrings…haan earrings I am thinking to gift same  earrings to my future wife so was staring at that not at you haan (pov hope she believes it )

Ananya- oh I already have it na so dont want that slowly

Yuvi- what???

Ananya- nerthing

Yuvi- hey you helping twinkle right Ananya shocked

Yuvi- no need to be shock i got to know everything and yar kunj is not happy without twinkle

Ananya- twinkle too same not happy but still bit angry on him hope everything will be fine in somedays.

Yuvi- hmm we both will make plan and make them one what you say?

Ananya- good I am with you she checked mobile and read twinkle message that she is in shopping mall with aman and she tells her to join because she is not feeling goid with aman.  Ananya said it to yuvi

Yuvi- we will also go with kunj ok he is upset because he didnt got chance to look at her . Ananya node in yes yuvi went to kunj

Yuvi- chal na yar please

Kunj- dont have mood to shop

Yuvi- please yar I want to buy earrings help me please


Yuvi- arey not for me for my future wife please bhayi come he dragges him kunj sat on driver seat Ananya at back seat yuvi opened back seat door Ananya looked at him and questions him through eyes..hmm?

Yuvi – hey I was just checking the door is correctly closed or not? What you thought haan ill sit with you no baba no he closed door kunj controlling his laugh Ananya too

Kunj- slowly yuvi what is this? You started to feel for Ananya

Yuvi- no

Kunj- I can see it in your eyes don’t lie me ok i didn’t saw this love in your eyes for mahi and yuvi I think you are not sure about your feelings for mahi i think you dont love her but Ananya i just said what i felt

Yuvi- yes about mahi what yiu said is true i dont feel for her thats true i dont trust her yar dont know why i feel that she tells lie and she is cheater and also I feel she isn’t that girl i loved because our feelings and likes and dislikes matching when we are away from each other when i didnt looked at her face too and now when she is with me i think its not matching and some time she makes me to doubt on her is she only that girl or no? Because she is different from what she said

Kunj- what ? Ok dont worry we will find out they reached shopping mall they coming near shop twinkle didn’t looked at them aman looked at kunj he just dragged twinkle outside before they look at each other but kunj saw twinkle and he got angry looking at the way anan dragged her out

Twinkle- stop it yar leave me aman

Aman- oh

Twinkle- mad why you did like that haan?

Kunj- oye saale how dare you to touch her haan ? Above to punch him Yuvi stoops him from doing so

Aman- twinkle i drag you out for this only you dont want to look at his face also no and ge is here i thought he will harm you so was taking you out from here

Kunj- shut up

Twinkle- no aman no one can harm me now I am already broken now no one can break me again because I am already broken her words pierced kunj heart ..she continued… and I am not scared of any one his presence will not affect me ill also shop here only now she went inside kunj her behind

Ananya- hope they don’t fight again yuvi

Yuvi- no yar may twinkle fight now but not kunj he know how to handle his doll not now may be but one day for sure he will convince her

Ananya- hmm yuvi and Ananya shopping something yuvi selecting dress for her

Yuvi- baba I am confused what girls actually like huh

Ananya- anything which there loved one present her

Yuvi- oh costly gifts?

Ananya- no yuvi not about money its costly or cheap doesn’t matter in love if they gift anything with love that enough to make the other happy.

Yuvi- oh I am impressed

Ananya- your girlfriend?

Yuvi- arey why you take her name now yar she is headache

Ananya- na tell me will she accept all your gift

Yuvi- haan

Ananya- ok take this and gift her its rate is cheap gift her with rate tag only I am sure she will accept it happily for you (pov you will get to see her true face )

Yuvi- ok ma’am and you take this one giving her one dress …you look good in it Ananya took it happily and went to trial room after wearing it she comes outside and shows yuvi saying really i liked it yuvi got mesmerised by her beauty he went close to her ananya stepped backwards and stopped by door yuvi blocks her way keeping his hands against wall looks at her and said beautiful while she gave shy smiled yuvi looked at her lips  and comes close Ananya closed eyes some voice came

“Such romantic couple”

They both got senses seperated themselves awkwardly yuvi muttered sorry and went from there.

Yuvi pov ( why i did this do i love Ananya and when i talk to her i feel like i talked to her  before also i feel like i know ger from long time.why this is happening to me I have to find out..)

Next scene

Kunj- twinkle…

Twinkle- what?

Kunj- why he came with you for shopping?

Twinkle- hey no I came here then he was also here kunj its coincidence

Kunj- what coincidence? Why he will come for same mall and to same shop he followed you twinkle.

Twinkle- oh now you feel its not coincidence and he is behind me that time i also said same to you that rashmi follows you and comes in between us but you said its just coincidence…then why not now huh….leave it and today I only came with him for shopping first he said he is hungry then we came here then he said he want my help in choosing dress for his sister so we are here got your answer happy and wait…..why I am telling all this to you who are you???

Kunj- yar twinkle sorrrrrrrry please talk to me like before see ill hold my ears too sorry cutely he said twinkle came to him and made him Leave his ears

Twinkle- sweetly “why you saying sorry to childish people kunj go and butter to rashmi she is your good employee and very good women . Now her engagement broken may she is crying take som tissue and run to her ok wipe her tears and convince her ok”

Kunj- twinkle please yar dont talk like that only you are important to me not that rashmi dashmi ….

Twinkle- acha huh go away from me i dont want to talk with you

Kunj- but I want to talk with you

Aman- she is telling na man go away from her dont trouble us

Kunj- phir aa gaya thu ???

Twinkle- huh she went to other side

Kunj saw aman also following them

Kunj- abey haddi go from here anan node in no

Aman- where is twinkle?

Kunj acted like he is selecting some pant and shirt for him and said “twinkle like it if i wear it ill look good in it and its her favourite colour too”

Aman pov (oh then i should wear it and impress twinkle)

Aman- hey kunj i saw it first its mine give he snatched it from him and rushed to change it in trial room kunj smirked aman kept the shirt and pant on door like hanging it there and he turned and removed his clothes and put on door again as soon he placed everything there someone pulled his all dress from 0therside and put it on floor and locked his room from outside aman didnt got anything to wear  he got its kunj idea to lock him there like that so he cant disturb twinj and now if someone open door too he cant go out in that state he started to scream for help while kunj escaped from there and reaches to twinkle who is busy in selecting her dress. He too joined her twinkle made faces kunj smiled at her both touched a sky blue colour dress at a time and both went into flashback.


Kunj’s birthday is next day  and twinj at shopping mall

Twinkle- kunj

Kunj- yes darling

Twinkle- kunj tomorrow is your birthday so what you want tell me ill give you

Kunj-  hmm?? tomorrow my birthday and will you gift me whatever i ask?

Twinkle- haaan cutely nodes in yes kunj looks at her and comes close to her and he looking at her very romantically twinkle going backwards

Twinkle stopped by wall and kunj smiled at her and he pick up saari from there which is sky blue colour

Kunj- i want you to wear it and come date with me will you? ???

Twinkle- its beautiful but kunj …i dont know how to wear it

Kunj – oh its bot big problem ill teach you come to trial room now he dragges her to there he pulled her with him inside and locked door

Twinkle – kunj go outside what other people think

Kunj- shh now ill make you wear it he touched her top while twinkle showed him big eyes like why he us opening it he made it bit up by rolling it till her chest and her waist is visible twinkle in shy mood kunj tease her more by pulling her close by her waist and tickled her there then he startes to make her wear saari romantically when he hand touched her bare body it send cold shiver in her she moaned his name like this in very romantic way he made her to wear saari and she looked beautiful in it . Then he took out her gair clip and made her hair free and she looks gorgeous now he kissed on her forehead

Kunj- my girl is pretty twinkle kissed on his cheeks …ill help you in removing now

Twinkle- hahaha dont want go out she put him out and closed door.

End of flashback

Kunj – you look beautiful in this color

Twinkle- huh i dont want it I hate that colour

Kunj- oh

Twinkle told shop keeper to show some saari

Kunj- haan bhayya hamare shadi hey tho kuch grand aur costly saari dhikavo

Twinkle lookes at him angrily

Kunj- and engagement ke liye lungi grand wali dulhan key liye

Twinkle- girls will not wear lungi

Kunj- then what you telling that he tryed to remember

Twinkle- its lehenga not lungi and i dont want leganga if you want take it

Kunj- its ok if you want to wear short skirt or crop top that is also ok darling bhayya silk short skirts with Golden border and diamond designer crop tops

Shop keeper – hein?

Twinkle- just shut your kunj dobt disturb me they showed her some saari

“Its 15k told shop keeper ”

Kunj- its very good

Twinkle- show me some costly saari its not good kunj also looking other saari for her



Kunj- yes

Twinkle- no show more


Kunj- not good so costly

Twinkle- its good

Kunj- yes really good

Kunj holding another saari

Kunj – huw much for this


Kunj- ok pack this two

Twinkle- wait that saari is costly than this huh show me more costly saari

Kunj- both for you only yar

” maam see its expensive 1 lakh”

Kunj – show methat one

“Its 1 lakh 25k”

Twinkle- more

Sorry last piece

Kunj smirked at her

Twinkle- huh you do one thing gove me this saari only for 2 lakhs

Kunj- pagal …..

Twinkle – you spoiled my mood i dont want saari huh and went from there kunj too

Someone helped aman and gave his clothes back

Aman- twinkle….

Twinkle- what? He said what kunj did with him and they went  to food court

Kunj goes to yuvi

Kunj- ill not leave that aman he is trying to come between me and twinkle

Yuvi- arey no one can come between lovers

Ananya- no yuvi some people tryto come and some came with there fake identify

Yuvi- fake identity ?

Ananya- leave it kunj you have trust in your love right then nothing happens and twinkle only loves you I am sure abou it . You put your 100% in convincing her we will help you

Yuvi- yes

Kunj- ok until she comes out of food court ill think something a idea flashed in his mind he smiles to himself

Next scene

While having there food Twinkle just playing withfood and smiling like idiot thinking about kunj aman touched her hand Twinkle thought kunj

Twinkle- kunj i …and looked at aman

Twinkle-aman i told you please don’t do this all we are only friends

Aman – twinkle try again please

Twinkle- uffo aman its not maths problem if ans is wrong we can try again my opinion about you will not change ill never think about relationship its never going to happen i love kunj only yes i love kunj

Aman- twinkle he don’t deserve you he is not good. See what all hedid with you

Twinkle- i didnt told you how you got i what he did with  me huh leave it . Whatever he did he did with me and thats not your problem so you dont have any rights to come between us and speak better you stay away from our matter

Aman- believe me twinkle kunj is not gpod guy he have affair with other girls too he slept with many girls

Twinkle- just shut up ok dont force me to slap you ….how dare you to speak this cheap about my kunj haan he is my kunj i know how he is you better be away from my personal matter got it Twinkle started to go from here aman held her hands and pulled her

Aman- i love you please twinkle i love you leave kunj and come to me ill give you everything

Twinkle- shut up aman and leave me what you doing he pulled her more twinkle pushed him and slapped him hard

Twinkle – stay away from me i hate you…twinkle went from there aman touched his cheek

Aman- what a touch my darling ill not leave you for this ill marry you at any cost now

Twinkle- Ananya where are you in call

Ananya-come here

Twinkle saw kunj there

Twinkle- come Ananya lets go home

Kunj- twinkle please one chance ill never do it again I am sorry

Twinkle – Ananya ill be waiting for you near car please come soon

Kunj- from 3 months here I am waiting for you please give mesome time

Twinkle- so that you can break me again mr.sarna

Kunj- twinkle everyone does mistake I am not saying i was wrong i know i was very wrong I am sorry for that  please forgive me and come back to me

Twinkle- no

Kunj- today evening come to beach i will be waiting for you there if you dont come

Twinkle- what you will do ? Will you slap me again?

Kunj- no ill die

Twinkle- i wont come there and you are not going to do any stunt there

Kunj- tell me you are scared to come there you are scared if you love me again

Twinkle- no i am not

Kunj- prove then wear this gown and come there

Twinj went from there

Yuvi got mahi call Ananya looked at her caller id and got angry she snatched his mobile and cut her call

Yuvi- hey what you did and why you did so?

Ananya- I cant take it more

Yuvi- what?

Ananya- mahi is b*t*h she is cheater

Yuvi- what are you saying?

Ananya- do you feel mahi is same girl you loved you have eyes right cant you see cheaters around you find your girl by heart you have closed your eyes so you are not getting her presece …she went from there yuvi was confused he just recollectes her every words gave him some hints first he went to mahi to give her saari gift as said by Ananya in mean time he said it to kunj too asked him whether she like it kunj said “gifts costly or no that doesn’t matter in love whatever your loved one present you that is precious gifts … I gifted twinkle rose she was very happy and then initially when our relationship get started i gave her chocolates and she will be happy she didn’t demand anything she is  keeping that wrappers of chocolates too as memorable gift she is crazy”

Yuvi goes to mahi room

Mahi sensually touched his face yuvi didn’t felt good

Yuvi- I said you i dont like it please mahi dont come that close

Mahi – baby what’s that cover

Yuvi – its for you guess what is it

Mahi – a grand diamond necklace ?

Yuvi- no

Mahi- simply diamond necklace ?

Yuvi- no

Mahi- diamond locket atleast ?

Yuvi- no

Mahi- gold necklace ?

Yuvi- no

Mahi- ill open it and see she saw a simple but cute saari she saw rate tag too

Mahi- this?

Yuvi- haan you wear it in some party

Mahi- excuse me? This one ill wear you expect me to wear it huh this cheap saari i have many expensive dress with me huh can’t you give me any costly gift

Yuvi- mahi?

Mahi-yuvi come on you are yuvraj sarna you have to gift something match your level

Yuvi- in start of our relationship you told you love to live life in simple way you dont want luxurious life. You said you love everything what i give you its costly or cheap doesn’t matter you are changed why you became like this i think you are not the one i loved he stepped back and went from there looking at her rude behaviour…

Mahi – yuvi she called out he ignored it he was hurt by her behaviour towards him he remembered Ananya words snd he remembered something


Sometime before after mahi said him she was that girl who he loved

A courier came to sarna mansion in yuvi name sent by that girl

Yuvi- you are here only and yiur gift reached me now lets see what is there inside mahi’s expression changed to shocked

Mahi snatched parcel from his hand

Mahi- it reached you late leave it its nerthing important when I am with you why you need it haan forget it she said and took it away

Yuvi – but i want to see it show me yar

Mahi- no both fighting to open it some box from it fell somewhere yuvi tried to find but he didnt got it

End of fb

yuvi went to garden area where that box fell he started to search for it like mad he have some hope that it will give him some clue for sure a pot fell from his hand and in that mud he got box which covered with mud he took it and cleaned it he went to his room washed the box cleanly . It is beautiful box he opened it and found gold chain with heart pendant in it . He looked at it and think Ananya too have same kind of chain with her he touched pendent and opened it it has 2 pic one side yuvi’s and other side Ananya yuvi got shocked everything was clear now to him her each and wvery word gave him hint from many day her every look gave him some meaning he couldn’t understood that time but now it got clear . He got now who is cheater who cheated him and cheating him still and who is loving him still and waiting for him to come in her life .

Next scene

Twinkle got ready in gown looking hell cute

Twinkle- huh sadu thinks I am scared that ill loose no ill not loose ill go there and scold him by the way gown is nice no actually it is looking very good because i wear it

Kunj decorated beach area beautifully with ballons and flowers

Twinkle- its beautiful she entered in flower petals fell over her twinkle twirled in happiness . She stepped fowards and looked a heart shaped ballon sorry written on it

Twinkle- ? ? ?  ??? not bad

Voice – “no over yet siyappa queen come forward i am waiting for you here ”

Twinkle looked forward flowers petals fell all over her way she stepped on it and saw whenever she keeps step on it there becomes mark of her foot print with light.

” your each step in my life is memorable and remarkable  ill never ever forget each and every moments of us. ”

” you filled my heart with love and you are the only owner of my heart. You are my heart beat if you are not with me ill die”

” please enter in my heart again and give it life my heart will die without its heart beat and you are my heart beat please enter in my heart and give me life ”

Twinkle smiled and stepped in heart there flowers fell over her again then kunj came to her

He sat on his knees

Kunj- twinkle my life is nerthing without you please dont leave me ill die without you. Iam sorry for each and every thing i did i promise you ill never do it again. Please give another chance to our love . Please come back to me again my heart will stop beating without you.

Twinkle- kunj..

Kunj- You are the happiness of my life, you are the smile of my lips, I’m alive to see you anytime, your cute smile give me power please don’t ever leave me….I love you Twinkle

Twinkle- I love you too she held his hand and made him stand

Kunj- sorry holding his ears teary eyed” i promise ill never do it again ”

Twinkle- hmm its ok now dont cry i cant see you like this they both hugged each other tightly like there is no tomorrow

Twinkle- I missed you so much ?

Kunj- missed you too siyappa queen . You forgave me??

Twinkle- hmm promise me you will never do it again ?

Kunj- promise… siyappa queen ?

Twinkle- kunj when you stop calling me siyappa queen ??? you know tara thinks my original name only siyappa queen and started to call me siyappa chachi all because of you

Kunj- oh good …and ill not stop never ever you are my pyaari siyappa queen

Twinkle- you are my sweet kadus sadu sarna

Twinkle kissed on his cheeks kunj pulled her in lip to lip kiss and they seperated after good 20 min breathing heavily they spend some time romantically after they went home and told everyone in family that they have became one now and they want to get marry soon.

Usha- I am happy for you

Mahi- what?

Jeevika- why are you so shocked mahi we all are happy now go and call yuvi here

Mahi first called rashmi and informed her everything then entered yuvi room there lights are off and yuvi say on floor holding that chain

Mahi – yuvi she switched on the light and shocked looking at the state of the room

Mahi- what is this she didn’t looked at yuvi who is sitting on floor she looking here and there yuvi heard her voice his eyes already became red in anger he got up from his place and looked at her angrily he stood behind her mahi looked her behind sensitng some one presence and got scared looking at yuvi she fell on his bed being scared

Mahi- yuvi you scared me what happened to you?

Yuvi- get up

Mahi- haan?


Mahi- y…yu ..yuvi

Yuvi held her hand tightly and made her stand

Yuvi- who are you?

Mahi- yu…vi what?

Yuvi- you are that girl who loved me haan you liar

Mahi- no i am only that girl…yuvi slapped her hard she fell on floor he held her by hair mahi winced in pain yuvi didn’t cared about her he slapped her again she fell down again

Yuvi- get up ill kill you today you want costly gifts? Haan level right? Ill show your level now to everyone come he dragges her downstairs where everyone present and they all are happy because twinj united again Ananya too there with them sarna’s liked her behaviour too

Twinkle- today ill tell you all something shocking news too

Kunj- siyappa queen now dont say again you dont forgive me

Twinkle- no yar its about yuvi life .

Anita- about yuvi what?

Twinkle- Ananya is ….

Yuvi- she is my love Ananya is my love she is my life and this girl mahi cheated me all looked at him being shocked looking at mahi state yuvi slapped mahi other time she fell down

Kunj- yuvi what you doing

Yuvi- kunj this girl cheated me she is not that girl i loved she is cheater she betrayed me in name of love

Usha- what?

Twinkle- yuvi is right mahi kidnapped Ananya took her mobile and everything and she meet yuvi and said that she was that girl who loved yuvi

Ananya- yes she kidnapped me and told goons to kill me but i escaped from there and came here Twinkle was in hospital that time i said her everything and she helped me and allowed me to stay in hee home  i wanted to say everything to yuvi i was waiting for right time because it will be shockingly to yuvi he is too innocent so bit by bit i made him remind our days and that made him doubt on mahi because she wasn’t his love.

Bebe – besharam ladki kyu kiya yune ye sab?

Leela- chi mahi … I am ashamed to call you as my daughter why yiu did this?

Mahi- you just shut up you are not my real mother to scold me and why only your daughter should get rich family haan i also wanted to become DIL to rich family so i did this whats big deal in it

Rt slapped her

Yuvi- i cant tolerate you get out now

Mahi- yuvi please love me i love you we both will go to london and settle there only ok you leave this Ananya and come to me

Yuvi- you live my luxurious life not me dont take her name from you dont compare yourself to her got it now get out …he dragged her outside and pushed her outside he held Ananya hand

Yuvi sat on his knees

Yuvi – I am sorry for what all happened with you i couldn’t save you that time please forgive me…

Yuvi- will you marry me miss Ananya verma will you become mrs. Ananya yuvraj sarna Ananya node in yes

Ananya- love you too

They both hugged each other

All were happy now yuvi also got his true love mahi burned in jealousy looking at them days passing like this everyone happy and mahi is being ignored in taneja mansion too twinkle getting so much love from RT and leela

Kunj on balcony talking with twinkle on phone he saw chinki coming home now its too late some boy dropped her home he couldn’t see his face in dark he went downstairs chinki peeped in home and entered inside looking here and there

Kunj- stop there right now

Chinki- b..bhayya

Kunj- yes me only tell me from where you coming?

Chinki- oh my …oh i went to my friends home

Kunj- acha call her or else gove her number ill call her and ask what you guys doing till now

Chinki- oh oh

Kunj- dont tell me you were studying your college is over now

Chinki – haan oh we meet after many days so time pass kar rahe they

Kunj- ok who is that friend i know almost all of your friends who is she haan

Chinki- she she is pallavi

Twinkle- pallavi ..pallavi came back from london? Chinki

Kunj- twinkle you?

Twinkle- you cut call in middle do I am here what happened?

Kunj- nerthing tell me who is pallavi

Twinkle – mutual friends of mine and chinki who is in london now

Kunj- oh ho ok Twinkle do miss tell me you coming back from London

Chinki- not that pallavi different one twinkle you just shut up ok dont come between everything

Twinkle- chinki what i did?

Kunj- mind your tongue she is going to be your bhabhi

Chinki- sorry bhayya

Kunj – twinkle its late you go home we will talk later twinkle went to TM kunj held chinki hand and dragged her to his room

Kunj- tell me who is that?

Chinki- who bhayya?

Kunj- chinki angrily dont act too innocent i got yo know everything about you chi shame on you

Chinki- w..what?

Kunj- you have affair with abhay haan? He is our enemy what you thought no one will have doubt on you may i was busy im my life problems but i have some responsibility in you also i have kept eye on you before sometime when twinkle told me that time i got doubt on you but behaved like i didn’t believed her and then observed your behaviour your sudden outburst on twinkle simply making complaint about her and when we fought all family members trying to make us understand certain things but you said me to do break up with her.

Chinki- no bhayya that twinkle filled your ears against me

Kunj- just shut up …warning what you doing is wrong he isn’t good chinki now I am explaining you in calm way dont make me angry its not good for you get it from now you cant go out without my permission go now

Chinki want to room abhay called her and filled her ears against twinj

All got ready to go somewhere at some family function Ananya went out to meet her parents and to tell them about yuvi. Taneja’s and sarna’s going out mahi was in home saying she dont want to go chinki too stayed in home saying not well kunj too in home as he have office work usha forced and took twinkle with her to introduce her to everyone.

After everyone go

Kunj felt dizzy after drinking juice he went to his room to sleep

After some time

A girl crying thats rashmi she is in kunj room covered in blanket and kunj is shirtless

Manohar- what the hell is this kunj get up

Twinkle- kunj??? get up what happened to you? Rashmi why are you here what you did to him haan

Rt – twinkle dont go near him he is shameless characterless

Kunj got up looked at everyone

Kunj- twinkle , mom when you people came

Leela- talking like innocent now? Huh

Kunj- rashmi what you doing on my bedwhy iam like this ?

Twinkle – kunj she trapping you

Rashmi- kunj called me here saying no one at home come lets have some fun

Kunj- what?

Rashmi – yes and after i come here he raped me???? now he has to marry me

Twinkle- no kunj can’t do it

Kunj- yes Twinkle this rashmi is liar

Mahi- no she is telling truth

Twinkle- you just shut up

Manohar- rt leela ji its misunderstanding my kids are not like thisand kunj is good he can’t do this all

Usha- haan ji ye ladki joot bhol rahi hey

Mahi – ok I am liar but someone other also saw its chinki tell them chinki

Chinki- haan o…oh bhayya called rashmi here after that she went in room

Kunj- chinki…slapped her hard….you liar you joined hands with them hasn

Leela- see his sister only telling truth this marriage will not happen now come twinkle

Twinkle- no this 3 are liars my kunj only loves me

Leela- chal yaha seyshe dragged her out

Everyone was shocked sarna’s believed kunj but chinki statement making them confused

To be continued…..

( aman came twinkle home with proposal . Rt fixed there marriage locking twinkle in room)

Uffff finished…..guys really sorry for late update what to do bysy with studies and see i gave long update hope you like it hope i didnt bored you share your views

Making some time wrote such long episode so may i deserve your response and your precious time to comments on it ….share your views and suggestions forgive me if any mistakes no proof reading thank you for likes and dislikes bye love you all)

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  1. Shalu Choudhary

    Amazing episowe dear love aditi yuvi &kunj romantic scens and i hate this chinki very much and plz post soon

  2. Sameera

    Hell Amazinggg Anusha Di loveddddd it soooooo much …
    It was awesome loveddddd finally twinj reconcile ????lovely ..
    Yuvi got his ananyya back ..
    Everything was hell perfect each n every scene was described beautifully …
    Kunj apologising twinkle their beach scene and the flashback scene was too cute and hot to handle ?????
    You literally burned it ..
    Huh cheapo mahi gets slaps she deserved it
    Chiiii chii chinki also joined hands with them and trapped kunj ????
    Let’s hope for the best
    I wish these Aman and Rashmi gets married ???????
    Let’s see what happens bye love you ???????

  3. Wow yaa it was really too good
    Yes u wear right I was angry on u for late update but after reading I really felt very happy
    Please update soon I am die hard fan of your ff I just love reading your ff-episode so for your ff-episode fan’s post it soon

  4. Twinjsidminfan

    Amazing ??
    Plzzz plzzzz plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzz posy sooner
    i already cant wait anymore plzzzzzzzzz ????
    I wish i only could kill this Rashmi mahi and chinki ?
    Yippee our avneil are together and our lifeline twinj tooo ❤❤❤❤
    Plzzzz pllzzzzzz post tomorrow itself maybe plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzz ???????

  5. Awesome epi dear…..loved it a lottt….. precap is too much scary…….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post soon…..

  6. Awesome epi……
    What the hell chinky can’t do this….she sooo stupid….

  7. Wow what a proposal ….I loved location selection….
    blo*dy chinki……she is doing this with her own brother…..
    I wish they ask for a medical test

  8. Brilliant episode and finally kunj ko maafi mil gayi and uv got to know about ananya loved it and the romantic scene and pics were awsm I just loved them but chinki is such a worst sister how can she do this I can’t imagine it and how did this rashmi come to the house and this mahi also I hate all the three of them plssss do pat soon iw ant ti know what happens can’t wait pllssss anusha love u take care psot soon

  9. it was mindblowing…
    twinj r together…finally kunj got succeed in his mnaofying twinkle mission …
    yuvi & annaya r together finnalu her mission also completed….
    mahi cheepo got many slap from yuvi was best…
    what the hell ..chinki is such b*t*h how can she support them for trapping kunj…disgusting…
    otherwise epi was amazing…luved it..
    luv u
    post other ff also

  10. Sadhusirisha

    Hats off to u di for ur creations better than serials very much impressed and happy than twinj are back but I didn’t expect such sudden twist but over all awesome?????

  11. Awesome ??
    Loved it??
    Twinkle buying saari??
    Twinj patch up finally..but again that devil is causing problems
    Even chinki joined hands with them…disgusting
    Hopefully they ask for a medical test…
    Excited for next
    Plz post other ffs too
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤
    Stay blessed??

  12. SSK

    What an episode… Chinki also with enemies (hate her) and Mahi deserved to be slapped more. Anyways they should take Rashmi for a medical test so that it can be proved that she is a lier and all are trapping Kunj. Please post really soon and also am missing your other FFs too. 🙂

  13. Maddy25

    Anusha diii your story tracks are sooooooooo amazing!!!! But plz resolve everything soon between twinj. And can u plzzz show some more romance on twin. Plzzzzzz post thid one soon. And also the other ffs. Love uuuuu.

  14. Awesome amazing
    Finally Twinj United and avi too.
    Amazing year.
    Shane on reshmi and Mahi
    I just hate them both
    Loved it

  15. yrrr aaj ka episode to mindblowing tha matlb full package of entertainment ????
    Twinj unite ho gye aur phir separate ho gye bechare
    Uv ko mahi ka sach pta chl gya mahi ko slap pada wowwww
    Advi saath ho gye….
    Aur ye chinki itna galat kaise kr sakti h apne bhai ke saath kamini behen ….
    Plzzzzzzz post soon dear
    Luvvvv u

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