Lovebirds- A Shivika ff Chapter 32

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Recap :

Chapter 31

This is the first time I’m writing an article directly, without proof read and editing. So, please forgive any grammatical or logical errors you find.

After listening to what Om had to say, everyone readily obliged and went to their rooms, while Om took Anika to his room.

@Om’s room

Om,” Bhabhi, sit here”,and he made her sit on the bed and himself sat on the floor on his knees, holding Anika’s hands in his. Anika was still a crying mess. She really couldn’t understand why Pinky hated her so much.

Om, ” Bhabhi,don’t cry. We knew that this day had to come up sooner or later, so why do you cry and make yourself weak in this situation ? You have to stay strong for Shivaay. He is all the more broken than you are and right now he needs you more than he needs us. You know, he feels very different when he is around you, more than us. He never breaks down before us, because he is the ideal big brother. But we have seen him expressing his fear, his insecurity, his emotions in front of you, something which he has never done with us. This time, you can only handle him because you are his strength. ”

Anika is shocked and confused.

Om,” Yes bhabhi. Although he never says or shows anything, we all can see what you mean to him. It’s Shivaay who is behaving like Duffer Singh Oberoi and is not realizing anything. You are his strength.  You never wanted him to break down, so now if you will be so weak, then how will you complete your wish of not letting him break down ? So, will you stay strong for him ? ”

Anika couldn’t help but nod. Om smiled and wiped her tears. She got up and hugged him, mumbling a thank you. Both smiled at each other and Anika went to the room to look for Shivaay. Not finding him there, she looked for him in the pool area and found him sitting there with his head in his hands and feet dipped in water. She went and sat beside him, keeping her hand on his shoulder. Shivaay looked up and found a brown pair of eyes looking in his. She observed that he was trying not to cry.

Anika, ” It’s okay Shivaay, you can cry. It doesn’t mean that you are weak. This morning has been extremely unkind to you and it’s none of your fault. You can let your grief out.”

Shivaay looked into her eyes and put his head on her shoulder, letting tears slide down his stubbled cheeks and onto her blouse. Both sat in silence till the evening.



Everyone gathered as decided. Dadi was supposed to pronounce the verdict for Pinky.

Dadi,” Before anything, we need to find out what happened with Mahi on that day. How did he escape and why didn’t we find him over these years? What is Kamini’s relation with this? And since Pinky is related to this, I would like if she stays here till this matter is solved. After that, it is solely her and Billu’s decision. ”

Everyone agreed because they knew that Dadi was a really far-sighted person and she could say the best.

Anika, ” I have a plan .”

(Muted )

Sorry for the really short update but will try to update soon. Thank u everyone for ur wishes.

Until next time , 🙂

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  1. interesting…update soon..i liked the part where shivaay lets out his grief in front ofanika..finally ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Pui

      Hi Mrinal !!! Thank u for ur support. There is a lot more to come 😉

  2. Niriha

    Awesome…update next part soon

    1. Pui

      Thank u so much Di !

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

    1. Pui

      Thank u Di 🙂

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Omika ka scene is amazing..Then shivika scene, i always love the way he lets his emotions in front of anudi…Will be waiting for the next..till then Take care and Love you..

    1. Pui

      Hi Prabha Di ! Thank u so much if u found it good…..Love u too <3

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