Piya Albela 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja throws Bela out of house

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The Episode starts with Bela burning wood with Naren’s name on it, and swears on her mayka that she will burn Praveen’s heart. Pooja opens the door and tells Naren that she loved him very much, and says he would have given a better accuse. She blames him for falling for Bela. Naren says it is only his heart’s fault. Pooja doesn’t believe him. Rahul hears them and thinks Bela is successful to create rift between them. He comes to Pooja’s room and asks for tool box, and tells Naren kept it in bela’s room. He teases them. Pooja bluntly asks him to leave and closes the door. She tells Naren that today one guy is teasing us, and marks a line with sindoor and asks him not to cross the line. Naren is shocked and tells that he is innocent. Pooja says I loved you truly, and asks him to let her go. Naren bends down and tells that it all started because of Pan. Pooja realizes seeing Bela asking him to have pan.

Naren gets up and tells her everything. He says Pan has become his weakness. Pooja says do you have pan now. Naren shows dried pan which he kept in his pocket. He tells that he will always belong to her. Pooja unpacks her clothes and tells Naren that she will wipe out reason of the line between them. She comes to Bela’s room holding suitcase and says if you don’t mind, shall I make pan. Bela is making pan and says Praveen ji knows its taste. Pooja says Naren is my husband and heart is just an organ.

Bela tells her that Praveen’s heart is calling his Bela and tells her that she can’t stop Naren from coming to her, even if she locks him. Pooja holds her hand and takes her to room. She tells that a wife can’t share her husband and asks her to return her mayka. Bela says even if I go to Mayka, or if you lock me, then also you can’t stop Praveen’s heart. Pooja says she will take care of his dhadkan and asks her to take money and leave. Bela says she is leaving Praveen’s heart with her, but will soon take it from her. Pooja thinks if I did a mistake by bringing her here and thinks she didn’t see her avatar before.

Bela is walking on road. Pooja comes in car and offers to drop her to her mayka. Bela acts mad and tells that she will go to her mayka with Naren and will sit beside him. She asks her to call Naren, and says he will come running to his Bela. Pooja gets down from the car and tells that she is letting her go alone. Naren worries for Pooja as sindoor is about to fall. Bela takes out hammer and breaks Pooja’s car front mirror. She tells Pooja that she will take everything which she got from her mayka, diamond necklaces etc, and also Praveen’s heart. She will return. She turns and sees Naren standing. She smirks. Naren looks at her. bela goes smiling at him. Naren comes to Pooja and lifts her, takes her home. Pooja apologizes for not believing her. Naren says when I couldn’t believe myself, how can you believe. He takes out glass pieces from her forehead and bandages her head. She feels pain and smiles. Oh Piya song plays…She tells Naren that tomorrow will be a new morning and Bela will not return in our life. Just then Naren sees Bela standing.

Naren wakes up calling Pooja and finds Bela on bed. Bela gets closer to him and asks him not to go to Pooja again. Naren looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Sapphire 11th Apr 2018 – 9:13 am
    Pooja has one fault she is too niaive and allows herself to fall prey to others too quickly my gosh she just met Bela but yet you are going all out of your way to bring her in your home knowing well that her actions speak louder than words because in the first instance she never want to donate her husbands heart to Naren yet instead of seeing through her you invite her to stay with you all and she is so obsessed with killing her husband she is blinded by blinders which is making her see her husband praveen in Naren just because Naren has his heart well well she has really gone off her Rockers she is building a Coffin for naren together with his name already carved out in wood too how psycho can she be lol some how i feel it has to do with her fathers death lets just wait and see anyway like i said pooja trusts people too quickly and that is her main down fall she has a tough road ahead with that mad woman bela so she better get ready to give it her all and fight to save her husband naren according to the one line that these writers use in all their serials quote “JUST WAIT AND WATCH” lol

    1. Cathy

      Sapphire…LOL glad you said that!! that over used phrase drives me crazy, i even use it when i talk back to the T.V (no im not crazy) i just vocalize my displeasure loudly. i dislike the character Pooja on this show, she is just a “Welcome mat” to every one on that show..i think they should replace her quickly and bring in someone that has a backbone and will kick some ass.

    2. Sapphire dear, I agree with you, Pooja loves to bring in unfamiliar people in her home as if they are lost cats….and this Bela, I didn’t know she was so talented, the woman is a damn good joiner, her woodworking looks neat and nice, her electrical capabilities needs brushing up on though….

  2. I feel there is no feeling from naren for bella bc of parveen heart, he is being drugged by rahul so he leaves with bella or his character is questioned so dadaji and haresh disown him. Before, even though naren left viyas house he was ensuring naren never returns by provoking haresh and now that he is back with all respect and rights, rahul is being too calm. So maybe he is drugging naren or hypnotising him so naren gets attracted to bella and pooja & everyone believe it is bc of naren heart transplant, leaving rahul out of doubt. The other possibility can be bella drugging naren to make him close to her and then kill him. That could explain why she is so confident in front of pooja for naren’s heart.
    This track looks like the pooja turning childish track, we are thinking of something that looks absurde but all clues make us believe it is true but at the the it is something else

    1. My goodness Pia… You’ve got a valid point on Rahul drugging Naren..in these serials, you just never know!!!

    2. Naz, at the end everything is in the hands of the writers. I just hope they don’t portray in bad light the noble action of donating heart once the person is dead to some in needs. Otherwise in real life peple might think twice before donating or taking the heart of the defunct based on the consequence shown in this serial.

  3. Hi there Cathy glad to know that there are others on the forum who share my views, Naz and Jayashree are also my forum friends who also share my views we go way back; anyway girl that damn line always gets me riled up i am so fed up of hearing it man it is high time these writers change their way of thinking when writing their scripts for the serials if you observe carefully it is a pattern with all the serials on ZTV hence the reason i took a long rest from watching them their contents have no substance whatsoever and so the storylines become monotonous and boring and then we the viewers become so frustrated that we have no alternative but to take a rest off of them woh apna sa that and all gone down the tubes and as for kum kum bhagya well i have used up the whole dictionary i cannot find words to describe it anymore my gosh i have never come across two dotish people yet like Pragya and Abhi and as for that pretensive one alliyah who tried so many time to kill her own brother in the past yet now she make a 180 weeping Crocodile tears for abhi and cussing up poor pragya to tell the truth i just dont know what to say again about these serials which commences on a good not and down the line get lost some how and can never reveal the evil ones or even come to a proper ending

    1. Cathy

      I have given up all hope for KumKum Bhagya and it kinda makes me sad, that show and Jodha Akbar were my first entre into Indian serials..But this show just infuriates me to no end and poor Mehek and Shaurya on the other show are once again struggling after Shauryas mother kicks them out. geeeeeeeez!!

  4. correction commences on a good note

  5. Cathy my first entry with the Indian Serials was Jodha Ackbar which i owe it all to my daughter for introducing me to it as she knows i like watching Indian Movies and this is from growing up as a teenager and then there was this serial that had me pissed Bhandan which was based on a little girl and her Elephant whom she called her brother he always protected her she lived with her father and mother my gosh everything went wrong in that serial i actualy l cried when everything went wrong in that serial there was NO JUSTICE and as usual the EVIL ONES got away with it all. I said never me again to be hooked on a serial but then i went to Jodha Ackbar which also end bad no justice again evil ones win and it goes on and on with all the serials same shit different actors some of the time.

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