Thahaan – a new start (episode-40) jealousy

Hi this is Juveria n I’m back with my ff thahaan-a new start..first of all I’m really sorry that I kept u guys in a long wait n secondly I’m glad that I received such love from u guys..u were requesting to continue my ff but I was busy with my exam preparations plzz forgive u guys need to know one thing about me I don’t leave any work at its middle..sooner or later I try to complete it n I will never leave any story at its middle..I will complete this story even if it takes Time..guys before I start I really want u guys to know that I aim to become a writer so ur few words will encourage me a lot plzz make sure u comment..n also I will give short updates now on as it will take a longgggg to type a big one..

Recap-manish gets his leg hurt n jigyasa offers him to stay back until he gets cured manish n samaira together have some cute moments n manish is attached to samaira
Because of samaira manish’s leg pain gets worsened n jigyasa shows her concern..later at the dinning table samaira says indirectly that she misses her father n asks jigyasa about her father..

Manish was very effected by samaira as today even he is infront of her but could not show his authority on samaira as a father.but seeing his little princess sad he thinks to sort all the differences as sooner as possible.he wanted to get his jigyasa back again.

He was laying on his bed thinking all that when jigyasa came in with a doctor n manish looks at her.
Jigyasa:well Doctor ken he is the patient.his leg is hurt can u plzz see him.
Doctor ken:sure miss VANI n he proceeds towards manish n manish sits properly..
Manish:vani what was the need of this??.
Jigyasa:u need it to get cured as soon as possible..manish looks at her..doctors ken gets a call.
Doctor ken:it’s a call from the hospital.may be any emergency.plzz excuse me.
Jigyasa:sure Doctor.n he leaves the room

Manish:so someone wants me to get cured n go from here as sooner as possible..
Jigyasa:u never understand me mr manish.u never tried to do..u misunderstood me years ago n even now.
Manish:I understand everything jigyasa..jigyasa looks at his angry n emotional eyes.
Doctor ken enter in the room
Doctor ken:sorry it was a call from the hospital n I had to attend.
Jigyasa:it’s ok Doctor.plzz check ken nods.he checks his leg n it pains manish a lot.

Doctor ken:it’s a major sprain in the leg..the blood circulation has stopped in the leg n that’s why it’s paining a lot..don’t worry I will give few tablets n injection plzz give it regularly n mr manish u should take rest don’t walk excessively it will increase the pain..but a small walk everyday will help u..manish nods.
Jigyasa:how many days will it take for him to recover.manish looks at her.
Doctor ken:ummm about like 20 to 25 days..jigyasa sighs n manish sees hurts him a lot..Doctor ken gives him an injection n asks vani to take care n leaves.
Jigyasa sits beside him asks to take the Medicines but he refuses..jigyasa makes an angry face.

Jigyasa:I’m already messed up today don’t mess with me now.
Manish:y because I will be staying here for the next month right.he said mockingly.
Jigyasa:manish now don’t be stubborn eat the medicines I have to go office.
Manish:keep it on the table I’ll have it later.
Jigyasa:I know u won’t take them.i know u very well u do n say like that always.u never take ur medicines on time n trouble me I won’t leave u today u have to eat them right now infront of me..she said quickly n in an ordering way n manish kept on looking at her.jigyasa realized what she said n looked away.manish smiled.
Manish:well u know me very well then.he smiled wider n took the medicines n ate them infront of her n she looked at him..

Jigyasa:now take rest.
Manish:I can’t I have to go some where.
Manish:I have to go some where with you today.
Jigyasa:with..with me.she stammers.he nods.
Mary aunt comes in the room
Mary:vani have u seen samaira I have seen everywhere she is not there.she said worriedly.
Jigyasa panics n gets up.

Jigyasa:samaira where did she go.i think she is hurt n she went some where oh god what do I do now..she thinks n Mary tries to calm her down.
Jigyasa:no no I need to find her..I’m going.she starts to walk when manish holds her hand.
Manish:u both don’t need to worry samaira is fine n she have gone to her play school..
Jigyasa:play school but why..
Manish:I asked her to go.she was sad thinking about a father so I asked her to go to school n enjoy.

Jigyasa:school but she didn’t want to take part in the speech competition.
Manish:yes she didn’t but I asked her to take part n say everything she knows about a father n I believe she will win this competition today..
Jigyasa:ur mad u will hurt her feeling more this way no I won’t let her take part in this competition.
Mary:no vani manish is right samaira is very small now n misses her father this will be the best way that she can speak up about her feeling n how much she misses her father n she will feel happy to do so as a child she needs to be free of any tensions n being a fatherless child is the biggest tension eating her inside.she never expresses her feelings infront of us n also we will get to know what she feels n at least now u will think to marry again.she smiles n leaves the room..

Manish:Mary aunt is right Jigyasa.we should go watch her performance n support her.Jigyasa nods n leaves.
At evening 4 pm everyone gets ready to go to Samaira’s play school.
Manish comes in the hall with the help of a walking stick n a servent..they get seated in the car n drives off
At the play school
jigyasa helps him get out of the car n takes him inside.mary follows them.
The principle of the school welcomes them n greets vani n asks them to have a seat in the first row as the chief guest.

Jigyasa:thank u Mrs Laura..
Mrs Laura:it’s my honour to see u here coming n watching ur child’s performance at our play school miss vani plzz enjoy the program.every one gets seated
Anchor:hello to all the beautiful people out there n a very good evening to the chief guest miss vani oberoi..vani smiles n manish smiles wider.
Anchor:welcome to rainbow play school for our cultural fest..everyone clapped.
Anchor:plzz gear up ur seats n enjoy our cultural fest n ur kids performances..
Everyone clapped n all the programs started one by one..
At the end the speech competition was announced n all the parents were excited to see their kids all of them our thahaan were also very excited n waiting to see their little bundle of joy on the stage..jigyasa prayed for her n was very nervous manish saw that n held her hand.jigyasa sees him.ranjha naaaaa plays in the background
Manish:don’t worry ur daughter will be fine n she will do her best.she promised me n I know that she will win this tittle.jigyasa looked on at his confidence.
The kids were really scared to come up on the stage the teachers directed them the speech n they looked cute

After few kids speeches the most awaited girl came on the stage in a white Frock holding a mike she was made stand in the middle in the spot light n she sees jigyasa manish n Mary.
Mary:oh Jesus help my samaira plz plzz plzz.manish n jigyasa smiled at her.
A teacher came near samaira n asked her to speak about her father.samaira stood quite for a minutes n the teacher said few lines in her ears secretly to speak..
Teacher:repeat after father is very strong..she said..but still samaira didn’t say a word.jigyasa n Mary were worried for her but manish smiled at her..
Samaira closes her eyes n thinks about manish..

Manish limped on his feet walked to Samaira’s room.she was upset n manish smiles at her.
Manish:hmm so this little princess is upset.
Samaira looked at him. N gave no expression.
Manish:now u don’t want to talk to me too I’m ur super uncle u can share anything with me .he said n sat beside her on the bed
Manish:come here I want to talk to u.he spreads his arms.samaira sits on his lap n he hugs her..
Manish:princess I think u should take part in this competition.
Samaira:but I know nothing about a father.
Manish:hmm what do u think a father does to his children??..umm according to u..
Samaira:that they drop kids to school n buys chocolates.they take them on vacation n buys nice clothes for them..

Manish:umm that’s it??.samaira nods cutely.manish smiles n hugs her tighter.
Manish:no baby a father does much more then this.he protects u n mumma from dangers.he sacrifices his needs n his favorites to give u the best.he always supports u.he never expresses his feeling as he is scared to loose u while a mother expresses her feelings…………………………………………………..

Samaira opens her eyes.the teacher asks her to speak.she holds the mike straight infront of her mouth.

Samaira:a father protects his children from all the dangers..father sacrifices his needs n his favorites to give u the best..he always supports u.he works hard to earn money to fulfill ur needs..he always tries to give u what u want.he always makes sure that ur happy.he gets u educated n to make u stand on ur feets.he works day n night.he never complains..he is happy when ur happy.he cries when u cry..fathers never express their feelings as they are scared to loose u while mothers are expressive..when a daughter gets married fathers cry a lot as they can’t see their daughter going away..fathers work hard to provide u a strong nest n which u live happily..thank u soo much..everyone in the hall were shocked by her speech even Jigyasa n aunt Mary..the teaches were awestruck..but Manish was happy he smiled wider n wider.he got up from his seat n clapped loudly for his daughter n everyone followed him.jigyasa smiled brightly.

Teacher:I have never seen a kid of this age expressing soo much..ur speech really touched our hearts who made this speech for u??..ur mamma..Samaira looked at Jigyasa.
Teacher:then..Samaira looks at manish n points her finger towards him.he smiles at her.
Samaira:my super uncle
Teacher:super uncle??
Samaira:yes he is my super man..I don’t have my papa n I don’t know anything about my papa so I didn’t wanted to take part in this competition but super uncle insisted.he explained what father does..he is like my father..manish n Jigyasa gets shocked n looks at eachother.

Samaira:he protects me n fulfills all my wishes..he is my super papa she jumps in joys n runs towards him n hugs him.manish looks at her n smiles..jigyasa was completely shocked by what Samaira said now.samaira hugs her too.three of them share a family hug..
Teacher:now it’s time to announce the prize the third prize goes to Sonia..everyone claps..a cute girl comes on the stage n receives the prize
Teacher:the second prize goes to John..every one claps n a boy comes n receives his prize
Teacher:n the first prize goes to…..any guesses..
Everyone shouts Samaira n Manish Jigyasa smiles at her.

Teacher:yes ur right it’s Samaira oberoi..put ur hands together for Samaira.samaira kisses manish’s cheek n runs on the stage to receive her prize.the principal hands her the prize n she jumps in joy..she runs down towards Jigyasa n shows her the award n Jigyasa smiles at her.samaira hugs aunt Mary..
After the program Jigyasa goes to meet samairas teacher n Samaira runs towards Manish.aunt Mary also goes with Jigyasa.
Samaira:thank u super uncle because of u I won this prize.manish smiled.
Samaira:super uncle can I call u super papa from now..manish looks at her n remembers Jigyasa..
Manish in mind:I’m ur papa beta n ur asking that can u call me papa..I wish everything’s between me n Jigyasa sort outs soon n with no hesitation I could call u Samaira my Daughter n Jigyasa my wife..Samaira shakes him.
Manish:yes u can call me super papa..he smiles n hugs her.

Samaira:super papa ur crying??..manish detaches her
Manish:no beta these r the tears of happiness u won the competition na that’s y..Samaira smiles n pulls his nose.manish smiles.jigyasa sees this from far n insecurity raises within her.she feels jealous n worried to see manish n Samaira together.she runs out of the hall n sits in her car.she takes our her wallet from her jeans packet n sees a picture of hers n a three month old baby..jigyasa smiled at that picture n remembered few precious moments.
Jigyasa was in New York away from her family n she was depressed..she saw a garden n entered inside.she wanted some peace n lonely time.the guard of the garden stopped her.
Guard:maam u can’t go inside the garden time is finished we are about to lock the gate plzz come out.

Jigyasa:sir I want to go inside n spend some time alone with this trees n bushes n a sky with darkness.she moves inside saying so.
Guard:she looks soo depressed I think I should let her in she might feel good.
Jigyasa sat on a garden chair where there was no one.the sky was dark n the pleasant air was hitting her face..the trees were giving her pure oxygen n she breathed it closing her eyes.she remembered her past days..she was broken.she was alone.she was stressful.
Jigyasa:no Jigyasa u should not think about it again u came here to start a new life.a new don’t fall weak don’t look I have choosed this path n I have to walk alone.just then she heard a cry of a small baby..

Jigyasa:I think a small baby is crying but where,there is no one here with a baby..
She looks around her but couldn’t find any small kid..
The crying voice was louder now n Jigyasa was worried..she started searching the baby..she looked around the trees n chairs.she went near the guard of the garden.he was a mid aged person with a big heart.
Jigyasa:uncle there is some kid crying inside the garden n I couldn’t find..plzz help me.the baby might be in danger.guard nodded n they started looking for the baby.
Jigyasa:uncle the voice is coming from there she pointed n they rushed towards the place..the guard searched around a big tree but he couldn’t find any kid..
Guard:no child there is no one here.we searched everywhere in this garden but there is no one.I think we should go it’s time to close the garden.but Jigyasa was stick to that place.the voice was now stopped..

Guard:see the voice is stopped now.child that small baby is not in this garden plzz come we should go.jigyasa nodded n turned to go.the voice reoccurred again n Jigyasa was sure that the baby is still here in the garden.
Jigyasa:no the baby is still here we should keep looking.she switched on her phones flash light n started searching.she goes near the tree a looked keenly.she finds a small bracelet with flowers attached to it .which would be of a small baby girls.

Jigyasa bends down to grab it from the leaves lying on the floor.when she grabs the bracelet she finds a small palm.she gets shocked..she covers her mouth with her palm n quickly starts removing the leaves n soon finds a small little girl lying on the ground n crying..the guard comes there n see her.he helps Jigyasa take out the baby..jigyasa takes her out from the mud n hugs her tightly..
Guard:oh my god who would have left this small angel here n like this.
Jigyasa:I think we should take her to the hospital.dont know from when she was here.the guard nods.
Guard:yes I will go out n find any taxi..jigyasa nods n the guard runs out.jigyasa also goes out with the baby.they take her to the hospital n the doctors diagnosed the baby.
Doctor:don’t worry the baby is all right n hurts no injuries she is fine..
Police comes there n takes the custody of the baby n thanks Jigyasa for helping.she nods n leaves the hospital.
After few days she finds that no one came to take the baby from hospital n also the police couldn’t find her real the police is sending the baby to an orphan age..jigyasa was very hurt by that news she decided to adopt the little baby n give her the love she deserves..

Jigyasa was very attached to that little girl..she kisses the photo of Samaira n reminisces how her giggles n her smile changed her life around n how she indulged herself in Samaira to forget everything happened in her past.samaira was her source of living.

Jigyasa:manish ur the one who took my everything.u snatched me from myself manish.u took away my happiness.u took away my dadu my chachu n ma…sob sob…ma..maasi u snatched everyone from me manish.i was lonely just because of u.u left me to die n never returned to see if I’m alive or dead.n now u came back to take my happiness again.u came back to snatch my Samaira manish I won’t let u do this.i won’t let u come in my life again n take away my u will see another side of this Jigyasa u will pay for whatever u have done to me in the past,now u will see what goes over this heart when some one betrays it.she cries.
Manish n Samaira comes near the car n manish knocks the window..jigyasa comes in senses.
Manish:vani what happen ur crying..jigyasa opens the car gate n takes Samaira in arms.
Jigyasa:these are the tears of happiness my Samaira won this competition that’s proud of u beta..jigyasa smiles at her samaira hugs n kisses her n wipes her tears.
Samaira:I will make u more proud of me mamma..manish smiles at her.aunt Mary slowly makes manish sit in the car n herself gets seated.
Samaira:n if super papa is there with me always then I will win anything in life.Jigyasa feels her ears getting numb hearing to her confession.her smile disappears n she sees manish in the front mirror who was smiling at Samaira..
After a silent ride they reached VANIs mansion n by then Samaira was slept in jigyasa’s arms.jigyasa comes out holding Samaira in arms.
Jigyasa:aunt Mary plzz help mr manish come inside.saying so she leaves with Samaira.
In Samaira’s room.

Jigyasa places Samaira on her bed n pulls a blanket over her..
She calls someone very impatiently but the person was not picking up her call she was frustrated.
Jigyasa:damn why the hell he is not picking my call?..she tries again n again.
Manish sees her from the door..
Jigyasa:why god why all the people around me r sooo irresponsible..I need to talk about some important thing n he is..what the hell he is doing? frustration she was about to throw he phone but manish holds her hand..jigyasa sees him n to relieve her anger she wanted to shout at him but manish shuts her mouth with his finger..they look into eachothers eyes n shared an eyelock..lo maan liya humne.track plays in the background..

Precap:Jigyasa announces a very shocking news with will lead to the separation of thahaan..

So I hope u guys like the episode.i I really got very few comments in my two shots.but still I thought to update this chapter..honestly I’m very disappointed..if u keep on doing this.i will end this story as soon as possible..because I feel I’m wasting my time on it..n I feel that very few people r interested in reading my stories its all upto u offense please..:-)Juveria..

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