Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep kidnaps Vedika

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chawani says vedika is nowhere. I found her bracelet near the gate. Arohi syas I hope she is fine. Deep says to vedika sorry I had to do this. We are nice hosts. But sometimes we have to do this. i dont’ kill nice people like you. Just answer my questions. How can you call Roma your mom? You wanna defame her? She says why would I defame my mom. Deep says she has two kids Virat and Tara how are you third? She says someone told me on message. Deep says who?
Arohi says we have to find her.
Vedika says someone was texting me to help me. Then they texted me her photo and said that she i my mom. I felt orphan all my life so i trusted them. Deep says roma is so nice to people that she becomes like a mom. That doesn’t mean you can defame her. She says I just came here to find my mom.
Deep says I have sympathy for you. i know what an orphan feels like. Just give me the number who told you all this.

Arohi calls DEep and says where are you? mom was asking about you she is worried. press conference has started. Come home right now. He says I am coming.
Deep says Vedika i feel for you. I will unite you with your mom. deeep says in heart Roma can’t have an illegitimate child. Arohi is dead. Who else can do this? He leaves.

Arohi calls Vedika. She says with changed voice where are you? Vedika tells the structure of the room? Vedika says i don’t trust you roma isn’t my mom. Arohi says soon you will get a proof that roma is your mom. Arohi texts her roma’s picture with pritvhi and the baby. Arohi says we have more proofs like your birth certificate. Deep is fooling you. We will open the door. Arohi says the door is open. Go and tells everyone who you are. Ask your mom why she doesn’t own you. You have to get whats yours. We have opened the door. Vedika steps out.

Roma starts the press conference. Arohi is worried. Deep comes to Arohi. She says where were you? Its so late. you always do this. Roma says i can’t see people sad. i can’t do injustice. And my family is my strength. This is Virat my son. Thats Tara.. My daughter. She doesn’t take Deep’s name. Deep is upset. Roma says these two are my strengths. Vedika sees downstairs.
Vedika says I also have to add something. Deep gives her stares. roma says sure come and tell me. She says I want to say that.. Lights turn off. Veidka is lost when lights turn on. Arohi looks for her everywhere. Virat says she came here to praise mom. But i think she got shy.

Deep has kidnapped her. Vedika says I have to go out. He says I told you stay away from roma. She shows him the photo. SHe says I am daughter of Prithvi and Roma. Deep says it can be a conspiracy. Vedika says truth is that Roma is my mom. Deep says even if its truth you wanna defame her? Vedika says what should I do? i want to live with my mom. Deep says I know your pain. Give me one day’s time I will talk to mummy ji. She hugs him. DEep says in heart I know who is using you as pawn.
Precap-Deep texts Arohi from Vedika’s phone I am leaving this house. Arohi says I have to stop Vedika.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Can any plan of Aarohi can go smoothly
    Aarohi really needs to get rid of Deep
    I really wanted Vedika to reveal her identity
    3 times Deep got the plan failed
    Im seriously fed up seeing Deep with wicked expression

    1. Hi imm

    2. Hi lutfa..we were having the same idea, deep is just like donkey which use all of his energy for his boss but finally the return is stick lol

    3. Sonakshi5

      I agree with you both..

  2. Hi evry1… i rly felt bad when Roma introduce both Tara and virat but didn’t mention deep and yet he is stil helping Roma despite what she did to him nwai is he dumb or what serously deep its time you walk up and see the worst side of Roma and stop being mute

    1. Hai lutfa.deep only help Roma.but all credit goes to virat.she is selfish women.

    2. Hi lutfa..yap were having the same idea..he is just like donkey which use all of his energy for his boss but finally the return is stick lol

    3. Sonakshi5

      Hi ,I don’t think he will wake up even kumbhkaran would have woken up by now ??.
      Deep will support Roma even if he come to know about her doings ,he is baap of katapaa ?.
      As he already knows about some of Roma’s bad doings .

  3. Hello friends.
    Nice episode.
    Why deep trust Roma.she is not a good person. Am waiting for the day deep slaps Roma.virat find out Tara(arohi).Tara is come back very all the dialog.

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hi rhivanya ..
      I too am waiting for it .
      Deep is loyal because Roma took care of him from childhood and provided shelter and any orphan would be indepted to her.
      I was commenting on the previous update thinking it’s yesterday’s . Stupid me.

  4. Hello are you all..oh poor deep,he does evrythng he can to make sure Roma is safe and respected but he has any value in front of her..I real feel bad for him.

    1. Hai r u?
      Am fine. I felt bad for deep.

  5. Hi dhara dii, Rhivanya, sathya, sanaa, Sayanika, Sonakshi, Sobhana, Babe, Mohit, saras, Arpi, arohi&deep, lutfa, Nayana, Avensha, salley, Tanya, Sonia, Moneera, imm, Hj, Shey,arya,deeyana, cherry, priya, emli, Ashi, vicky, arya,adhira, amaira, mo, nabs, critic and all sorry if l miss anyone. ……..How are u all???????

    Well l am back guys…….Now l am feeling much better. …………..
    Coming to episode: Boring episode for me….An another dumbo join immj #vedika
    l mean she is not using her brain before trusting anyone….she is not like Roma or Prithvi…An emotional fool like deep and arohi……..
    Deep …..feeling so bad for him……But he deserve it……..I am so irritated by hearing mummy ji mummy ji mummy ji……
    Now a days……Arohi is only making plans…..And always gets flopped
    Virat……..Wow atleast he is using brain……against deep
    Prithvi. ………What to say. ……..just like puppet

    @Writer’s please stop this track. ..Its so boring…..Concentrate on deep character
    otherwise fans will be so disappointed. …………And please bring tara back………

    1. Yah u r right..even if there is no humour scene that people will enjoy some time

    2. Sayanika

      Hi Shifa. Happy recovery. The ongoing track is veryyy verryyy boring. I have stopped watching the serial also because I have my University exams coming up.
      IMMJ really needs a new writer and not a new character.

    3. Hai shifa.happy to hear your health is good. I also want end this vedika chapter. Make more some fun nok jhok.

    4. Hi Shifa,
      Get well soon ??
      Happy you are back πŸ™‚
      And Yeah the current track is boring,, Vedika character is of no use,,, They are keep increasing characters and connections but already shown ones are not yet cleared,,, even Kalyani’s not revealed properly…
      And Deep,, i feel like Tara should come back and kill him first ?

    5. hi shifa,happy to hear from u
      ya have to agree with u the current track is boring no use of vedika’s character and i think only after the london track deep’s character will be revealed and in an interview aalisha said that there will be another character intoduced [she added we may know her or even not know her] about vedika she is an emotional fool as u said but has a heart which her mother and father doesnt have…the old immj has completely faded from the current track just missing it their are no part of arohi and deep even now we got to know deep realy didnt help aarohi[tara] didnt admit her to the hospital[but we yet cant come to that conclusion,but yet how deep said arohi tho mar gayi hai….im too confused with the ongoing track.]felt bad for deep but yet he slaves around for his stupid mummy ji hope this cvs make the old spark of immj come back that masti that attitude[of tara], humor,intensity just missing all that now i feel the main character of this show are virat ant deep’s mummy ji because nothing abt deep’s character has been revealed or neither arohi’s revenge complete and these days i dont even see nikku only roma prithvi vedika’s circle is going on

      1. and also im fine get well soon
        the N had lost some of its letters

      2. Rhivanya,Sayanika, sathya, nabs……thank u guys….l am perfectly alright now……. ..This track is so boring ….lf they continue this trp will fall again

  6. today deep was thinking “who else could be behind this as arohi is also dead”…
    if we belive this, it means deep has not kept arohi alive(she may be alive without his knowledge )….

    deep is too shrud…. God knows what makes him belive roma so much….
    tara where are you come fast….

    1. Hai saras.I want Tara comeback with knife.

    2. Hi Saras,,, i also was thinking of that,, so Deep did’t kept her alive ? He is just his mummy ji puppet and has no feelings,,,

  7. Deep expect that roma will also take his name but today she show his place so funny…. Nd deep doesn’t keep tara, today he said ” arohi toh mar chuki hai”, it means he doesn’t know she is alive or not…

    1. Hai babe.exactly my point also.

  8. The loyalty of deep for roma is too much. Deep thinks Roma is a good human being. My question is how he thinks that she is a good human being when she ordered him to shoot niku without any reason……….. totally bullshit the writer have no idea what they have shown and what they are showing……Now I will stop seeing this show still they will show ardeep romantic scene.

    1. Hai pls.I watch this show for arjun and Alisha act.

  9. Well I know that Deep loves Aarohi but his love is of no worth as his love for Aarohi comes beneath Mummyji’s order and loyalty
    But sometimes I think he doesn’t love Aarohi as he keeps on saying “Meri Tara Meri Tara”

  10. I would like to see a new positive main lead that should be a new life partner of Aarohi
    Not that disgusting and wicked Deep

  11. Just wanna say that Deep doesn’t deserve Aarohi

  12. Salley145

    Guys I m not so interested in the ongoing track of IMMJ as it lost its charm by killing Tara…I toh want her to come back
    Oh and please guys read my stories as it’s so discouraging when none comments.. Love u all
    I also want Akanksha Aswathi aka Riddhi/Aarohi’s bhabhi to come back so that Aarohi has an elderly person to take care of her n Niku…she should give Niku to her as soon as she’s found..i don’t think she’s dead

    She will be so sad seeing her baby has lost his voice and that inspector is a traitor

    Waiting for progress

  13. deep only wished he could love arohi… he doesn’t…. he loved nobody as he is numb… no feelings…

    this roma n party keep killing people…. n they think only arohi can be their enimy that’s to silly…

  14. Hiiiiii everyone…… I’m Maya from Chennai……. I don’t understand Hindi ….so I only read update from the first episode… a days I’m bored with arohi’s plan nd all that…..I’m waiting for London episodes…… When will they air those episodes….. Pls some one reply me?????dhara do,sonakshi di nd shivanya di I have been reading ur cmts from starting old rpy me

    1. Hai Maya.welcome.I am from tamilnadu.not Chennai.yes this track is boring. All viewers waiting for London track.

    2. Hi Maya,,, Welcome πŸ™‚
      Am also from Tamil Nadu Coimbatore

    3. Welcome maya……keep commenting

  15. Hi Maya…welcome girl n keep commenting

  16. Welcome maya…. They wil air London episodes from 19 April, i hope they will bring something new twist, if they won’t reveal anything about deep nd show unnecessary things again, then m gonna break my tv lol

  17. Sonakshi5

    Agree @moneera,pks,sathya,nabs,saras,babe,imm…
    @shifa ,take care dear
    Sorry for replying late…
    Will miss [email protected] ..
    @salley di I will read it after my exams…
    @maya , welcome
    I am from Andhra…
    I think as someone said earlier some visa problem or something but they can shoot in rajmoli film city too..
    Sorry for replying altogether but I have to our now.

    1. Sonakshi5

      *I have to go now.

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