Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Mayura comes back homes

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 9th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ashu says to Omkar thank you. Omkar says if you hug me I will feel like I am worth something. A father’s hand is only for blessings. Ashu says Mayura all people said it, but today I would say it, you are very lucky to have a husband like Omkar. Not everyone gets this lucky. Which SIL calls his FIL his father. We also got lucky. Omkar asks Piyush to take everyone home. He says I will do the paperwork. Omkar goes with the inspector. Mayura looks at him. She’s confused.

Omkar does pooja. Mayura comes back home. Omkar does arti. Mayura walks in the house. Mayura holds his hand and joins him. Mayura looks at him. Manjali smiles. Omkar recalls telling Piyush that Mayura will come back. Manjali says maika was your ace card and my Omi played that game on you. Omkar gives her arti. He walks towards his room. Mayura says Omkar ji, thank you for what you did for papa. It’s a small world. omkar says he isn’t your papa only. He’s my papa and I did my duty. I don’t need any thank you for that.

Scene 2
All the neighbors apologize to Ashu. Ashu says thank God, my reputation is saved. All of this happened because of Omkar ji. I got him so wrong. I would want Mayura to live with him happily forever. She is so lucky to have a husband like him.

Omkar walks. Mayura says Omkar ji.. What happened today morning, Omkar says shouldn’t ever happen again. Mayura says I didn’t want anything like that. But you said you loved my beautiful face. I didn’t like it at all. People always looked at my beauty, no one looked at my personality. You understand me. Why did you say it then? Why did you say that you can’t tolerate a stain on my beauty? Omkar lights a matchstick. He is about to put it on his hand. Mayura says stop. He says why did you stop? Do you care about my physical beauty? Nautre should be good that doesn’t mean you should hurt yourself physically. I realized on the wedding night rashes that your skin is sensitive. That dirt could cause you an allergy. I love you with all my heart. You are my crown, but I am the crown of this house. You made a mistake of leaving this house. Never repeat the mistake again. I made all the rules in this house, you are new here. If everyone follows them they will stay happy. When people are happy relationships are strong as well.

Scene 3
Mayura sits on the stairs. Piyush says would you tell me what are you thinking? Mayura says I felt like I know Omkar but now I feel like I don’t know him completely now. I am confused. I know he cares for me but he feels like a riddle that I can’t solve. Like I am unable to understand our relationship. How will I handle it? I have arranged marriage, I didn’t get time to meet or understand before the wedding. It isn’t easy for a girl. New house, new rules, new family, new ways. It isn’t easy. I will have to understand. Omkar looks at them sitting. Piyush sits closer to Mayura. Omkar looks at them. Piyush says to understand something, you have to take the first step which is to have an intention to understand it. When we get a haircut, it takes time for hair to settle. This is a marriage. Things will settle soon. Trust me. They shake hands. Mayura smiles.

Omkar looks at them. Manjali comes to him. Omkar says ma did you look at Mayura’s face? Manjali says yes she has cried a lot. She looks stressed. Omkar says do something. The truth is that she’s stressed. It will ruin her beauty. I can’t tolerate that. Manjali says she will be all smiles tomorrow. Omkar says do whatever you want but I want my smiling Mayura back.

Scene 4
Mayura wakes up. She says I worked so hard for this day. My result will be out today. She looks for Omkar. Megha comes. Manjali says to her friends see this is Megha, that boy Sanjay who roams around me. She is his wife. Megha says I am a lawyer as well. Manjali says but you’re seen here more. Megha says yeah someone close to Megha should visit her often. Manjali says Mayura come here. Mayura says how are you all? The friend says how is it going with the in laws. Mayura says good. Mayura hugs Megha. Manjali says this is what I called her for. Otherwise I won’t let her enter my house. Mayura says sorry di I asked you to leave that day. Megha says it’s okay. Mayura says where is Omkar? My result. Manjali says he’s busy. Come sit with us, we have our ladies gang.

Manjali calls Radha. She brings it beauty apparatus. Manjali says we do this lady’s beauty kitty party every month. Mayura says my result. Manjali says sit. These are my friends. Mayura sees omkar. Mayura says to Omkar, my result would be out today. Can you please take me to college? If you aren’t free, I can take a taxi. Omkar says you stay here, I will ask Piyush to get the results. Mayura says I waited so long for this day. I wanted to see.. Omkar says why do I have to repeat everything. The result won’t change if you see it or Piyush. Manjali says bahu come here. They all sit for manicure and pedicure. Mayura is worried about her result. She keeps looking in her phone. Megha gets a haircut too. Sanjay looks at Megha and says she doesn’t need any beauty treatments. SHe’s already so beautiful, talented, and confident. Beauty is of the personality not skin. Omkar looks at Mayura. He says what degree or results. People who are beautiful don’t need anything. You just maintain your beauty. Nothing is more important than that.

Precap-Mayura asks Piyush what was my result? Piyush says you topped. Mayura says I want to work in a government hospital. I want to serve people who can’t afford treatment from private hospitals. Omkar says you won’t work anywhere. Piyush says it’s okay I understand that you don’t want Mayura to do a job in the hospital because you care for her. There are different people. But it’s her dream, it’s very important for her. Omkar says you shouldn’t get into all this. For Mayura’s job I won’t listen to anyone.

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