Barister Babu 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Anirudh searches for Bondita

Barister Babu 9th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anirudh asking the people to insult him. The villager says man can’t be called abandoned. Anirudh asks why this injustice happens with women, can any man imagine his life without a woman, no, because every woman is someone’s mum, daughter, wife and sister. The men bow down. Anirudh says my wife left me, she isn’t unlucky, the man who left her is unlucky, I m the live example. Bondita is in the flower basket. He recalls her. Rishta tera mera…..plays…. He says I can’t meet anyone’s eyes, abandoned woman bears pain, every woman should get justice, Bondita didn’t need our pity, she could fight her own justice, she just wanted love and respect for her mother. Sumati wakes up. He says we all did injustice with her, we are the culprits, so she left us, don’t know where did she go. Sumati comes out and asks where is Bondita, I know someone came to take her. Mami says no one came, you were unconscious, how would you know, she has run away. Sumati says this can’t happen, tell me where is she, there is some other matter. Anirudh says Maa. Sumati says enough, when you have left my daughter, is there any relation between us. Anirudh cries.

Sumati scolds him. She coughs. Anirudh rushes and gets water for her. She throws the water and says if I drink the water, then what face will I show to my daughter. Anirudh folds hands and apologizes to her. He says punish me. She says you won’t be forgiven, just go. She goes inside the house and cries. She says where were you when my daughter was hearing the taunts, you came to get rid of the burden, its easy for men, tell me Anirudh. He says no, the burden on my heart will end when I get Bondita. He prays. The man’s cart wheel gets stuck in the mud. Bondita gets conscious. The man says do something fast. Anirudh keeps a burning diya on his hand. He says I swear I will get bondita back to you. He says I won’t go back home until I get her back, I made her leave, now I leave my house. The man sprinkles water on Bondita and says get up. Anirudh’s hand burns.

Sumati says I will come along to find Bondita. He says no, I know I broke your trust, I will get her back. The man takes Bondita with him. Bondita asks Sumati to just take care of herself. He says if my repentance is true, then I will find her. He cries. The man takes Bondita. Her slate falls. Sumati says go and find Bondita, my blessings are with you. Anirudh says take care of Sumati as Bondita took care of Sampoorna’s marriage. Mama says what are you saying, Bondita used to talk of Gandhi ji and sing Raghupati raghav….. Anirudh recalls the man he met. He thinks that man was kidnapping Bondita. He goes to ask someone about the cart. He says two ways are there, don’t know which way Bondita went. Sita ram….plays…. A girl drags Bondita’s slate. He sees it and recalls Bondita.

Trilochan says prepare to welcome Anirudh and Bondita. Munshi says they won’t come, we got a news that Bondita left her village, Anirudh also went after her. Trilochan gets shocked. He says what sin did I do, I sent Ram and Sita on vanvas. Bihari says why are you blaming yourself. Trilochan says I m the elder one, I didn’t stop Anirudh when he made Bondita leave. He cries. Anirudh asks where did you get it. The girl says some girl was passing by, this fell from her bag, is this a toy. He says no, its a thing that makes one independent. She asks do you know her. He says no, I know her now. She says then give this to her. The man asks Bondita to sit, he will get the ticket. He goes.

Bondita gets to see Anirudh and Saudamini’s pic in the newspaper. The shopman takes it from her hand. She asks him to give it. He asks her to give money and take it. She says I don’t have it, it has my husband’s pic, just give one paper to me. He asks her to go. She says I can do some work instead money, I will clean the shop, will you give me the paper. He asks her to go. Anirudh comes there and asks the men about her. The man sees Anirudh and says how did he come here, if he sees the girl, it will spoil everything. Bondita goes and takes Anirudh’s pic. She smiles. The man says where did she go. He sees her and asks her to come, its time for the train. Anirudh asks the shopman about a little girl who argues a lot. The man says she was just here. Anirudh asks where is she. The man says she wanted to get a newspaper and said it has her husband’s pic. Anirudh asks which pic. The man says she had torn the paper and took it when I refused, she got me a loss.

Anirudh pays the man. The man says but the paper price was less. Anirudh says after that girl touched it, it has become priceless. He asks others about her. The train leaves. The man says the little girl left in Kolkata train. Anirudh is shocked.

Bondita says what place is this, it looks strange. The man throws her down. The lady says think this is your house, you will get a new name. Bondita asks new name? The lady says yes, Munmun. Anirudh says I have come to Kolkata, where shall I find you.

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  1. Arthi

    I hope Anirudh gets Bondita….

  2. Anirudh realised his mistake but it is not too late , anirudh will not stop until he finds his beloved wife Bondita.

  3. Such an emotional episode.
    Kaka Sasur Ji termed Anirudh and Bondita as Ram and Sita.Don’t know what he will do when Anirudh gets Bon back from Hira Mandi.His over-religious,orthodox mind can create problem.
    Ram-Sita will return for sure.Society will accept Ram but will it spare Sita without making her go through “Agniparikshaa”?Or both Ram & Sita will burn this time?Time will tell.
    Anirudh’s eyes are showing so much pain and agony.This is just the starting.

  4. Cannot imagine any other actor playing the role of Anirudh than Pravisht!
    He is just amazing💖
    And the episode was just as I thought, the way Ani paid for the paper, the way he said,”my wife left me”
    Pain was felt!
    And Bondita is smart and witty, she ll surely find herself a solution to the problem she is in.
    Trilochan loves Bondita as he loves Batuk! Just a small kid, yeah his religious mindset is a problem, but he genuinly cares a lot about Bondita apart from Ani, koyeli, Batuk and Bihari. Due to his respect for traditions only, Bondita is still considered the bahu of the house. If he did not agree to Anirudh, Bondita’s life would have been more miserable.
    Overall a great epi.
    It ll take another week or two to find Bondita.
    Can understand due to limited crew members story is dragging, but if we are given Ani and Bondita’s cute memories for a day, we are happy!
    Kudos to the team for working to entertain us in this situation💖

  5. Such an emotional episode . Will you please update Aladdin naam toh suna hoga episodes also.

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