Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update – Ganesh leaves with mata paravati.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh serving & making his mata aditi to sleep silently while mata paravati comes in front of him & he stops pressing feet of mata aditi steering mata paravati while mata aditi looks who has come & gets shock. Mata paravati goes in front of vinayak’s idol & bends praying while mata aditi understands what brahmadev had told her that vinayak will come once in form of ganesh to meet you & that it is ganesh who has come to meet me hence it’s obvious mata paravati will be restless without her son so she has to take him away.
Mata paravati trying to explain mata aditi about her helplessness but mata aditi instead tells her I can very well understand what kind of emotions mata has towards her son which I have gone through & as you are ultimate devi of mata so you do not need to explain me hence you can take him away while ganesh feels very emotional.
Mata paravati tells mata aditi that at the time of sankashti when you do fast ganesh will definitely come to meet you so she gets delighted while ganesh & rishi kashyap are smiling. Mata paravati tells ganesh it’s time for us to leave as ganesh takes blessings from mata aditi & rishi kashyap & ganesh leaves holding hands of mata paravati as mata aditi seeing starts weeping vigorously.
Narayan appreciating to devi laxmi about mata aditi’s willingness to make ganesh leave with mata paravati which mata can only understand true love towards child of his mother but devi laxmi expresses her helplessness of becoming mother & asks him where should I cry my feelings & whom to ask of my willingness also to become mother while narayan thinks about mata paravati had given curse of devi’s not becoming mother due to which devi laxmi is unable to have own child’s love. Narayan is unable to answer laxmi & laxmi tells him now I’ll also search my answer from that able person & she leaves.
Mata paravati is expressing her care to ganesh asking what you wish to eat & I’ll prepare that as ganesh expresses about laddoos while they are feeling trouble in air as ganesh asks mata paravati see what is happening to my body as mata paravati too feeling some problems & mahadev comes to explain her the trouble is from devi laxmi due to childless as mata paravati understands her mistake about she had wrongly said of mata’s love to her child which she won’t understand so she asks mahadev what to do now but devi laxmi comes to ask mata paravati where I should cry to have child when you itself have given curse & mata paravati is unable to answer but laxmi asks paravati can you take back your curse & paravati tells her if it was in my hands then I would had as narayan too arrives in their conversations.
Mata paravati hugs her while mahadev intervenes explaining her it’s in hands of ganesh as if you wish child then you have to do what mata aditi had done & they both decide to do meditation for ganesh in form of brahmadev.
Devi laxmi & narayan begin their meditation & getting impressed brahmadev arrives in form of ganesh & they express their wish to have a child & he suggests them initially you need to serve food & dress to saptarishi’s & then to start journey of asht-vinayak through mayureshwar dham of all forms of ganesh to visit & then only they will get their boon & they assure brahmadev about doing it purely.
Narayan & laxmi serve food & dresses to saptarishi’s & then reach mayureshwar dham as they start their journey in simple human form.
Narayan telling devi laxmi story of mayureshwar dham how mahaganadhipati took birth here which happened through rishi gautom & devi ahilya.
A king & queen were meditating in front of sun god for wishing of a child but by mistake when sun god arrived & she felt her husband in him inspite her king husband standing beside her but when king called her she came out of the thought expressing her mistake to him due to which child was born to them but an asoor as raj sindhu & due to whom mahaganadhipati took birth to kill this evil who was spreading terror in this world.

Precap : Asoor raj sindu’s took birth as evil to king & queen & because of whom maganadhipati mayureshwar took birth for his end of terror in this world.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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