Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Omkar and Manjiri fool Mayura

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Omkar exercising thinking about Mayura’s words. Manjiri comes there and tells that when he called her and said that Mayura is leaving, I thought this is the right way. She says Mayura has the heir of the family in her womb, we can’t fight with her, we have to make her stay at home. She tells that though you love her so much, but have to think of baby too. Omkar says I love Mayura so much, but will not let anything happen to my baby. Mayura talks to Akhilesh and tells that she had a misunderstanding, she took that decision in a hurry to leave her house and tells that Omkar is really changed and worries for me and the baby. Omkar tells Manjiri that he has to stop Mayura until baby comes in his hand. Doctor informs Mayura about the complication in her pregnancy. Mayura panics. Omkar asks what is the complication? Doctor tells that baby is weak and the heart beat is also slow. Mayura says Omkar…and hugs him. Shankar asks what Mayura shall do now? Doctor tells that Mayura shall not go out and shall take care of herself. She says she shall not move or walk. Mayura says walking and working is good in this condition. Doctor says that in your condition, you shall not walk much due to the complications. Mayura says she will do as she said and goes to pray to the temple. Shankar also prays with her. Manjiri gives money to the Doctor and asks her to work with them for 9 months. Omkar comes there and tells that Mayura and the baby shall be fine. Manjiri says I told you that Mayura will listen to the Doctor. Omkar says he is waiting for the baby to come and can’t take any risk.

Omkar lifts Mayura and takes her to the swing. Mayura tells that today she is happy as the godhbharayi function is happening and her parents, and Nisha is also coming there. Omkar brings food and makes her eat. Mayura looks at the spices bottle and take the achaar from the Servant. Omkar recalls Agrima Devi’s words that if Mayura eats spicy or sour thing then the baby might get blind. He throws the achaar spoon and scolds the Servant, tells that it is unhealthy for the baby. Mayura says it is sent by her mom and she herself made it keeping in mind, the health of the baby. Manjiri says doctor asked you not to have such things and asks shall I call doctor. Mayura says this doctor has restricted me from everything and tells that complication is not getting over according to her. She tells Omkar that they shall change the doctor and take a second opinion. Omkar looks at Manjiri and tells that they shall bear two more months, tells that everything is fine as per the doctor now. He asks her to bear for their baby and says I will make you have khichdi, with my love Achaar.

Later Mayura talks to her mother and tells that Doctor didn’t let her have achaar sent by her. Surekha asks her to do as Doctor said. Akhilesh comes and talks to Mayura, says you didn’t come home since 4 months. Surekha says do as Doctor said. Dadi comes on the call and suddenly faints. Mayura panics and calls Omkar, but his number is unreachable. She thinks she has to go there and asks Servant, where is maa ji. Servant says she is doing puja. Mayura asks her to inform Manjiri and asks Driver to take out the car. Mayura leaves. Manjiri sees her leaving and thinks what she will tell Omkar. Mayura reaches home and asks Dadi, how is she? Dadi says I am fine, will not go to heaven without becoming grand daughter. Doctor asks Dadi to take the medicine. Akhilesh asks did you tell Omkar that you came here. Omkar comes there with Manjiri and asks what are you doing here? Dadi tells that she had fainted and that’s why Mayura came here to see her. Manjiri says it is good that she came, but she should have informed us. Mayura says I am sorry Maa ji, you was doing Puja. She says Omkar’s call was not connecting too. Omkar says now Dadi is fine, we shall go home. Akhilesh tells that they shall stay here tonight. Manjiri holds Omkar’s hand and tells that tomorrow is godh bharayi, bahu shall stay in house tonight. They leave.

Omkar sees the toy on the bed and finds Sorry balloon in the cupboard. Mayura says sorry to Omkar. Omkar makes her sit and says I am not angry, just upset. He says when Doctor asked you not to go out, why did you go. He says if you had called me again and again, then I would have taken Doctor to see Dadi. Mayura says sorry Omkar. Omkar asks her to rest, says tomorrow is Godh Bharayi. Mayura says she is waiting for the baby to come.

Later Manjiri tells Omkar that Agrima Devi told that Mayura’s family Nakshatras are bad for the baby. Omkar says if their presence is bad for the baby then they will not come for the godh bharayi, says he can’t let any abshagun happen. He asks Mata Rani to give him success.

Precap: Omkar gets furious at Akhilesh saying how he dared to make a mistake of feeding Mayura with a steel spoon instead silver spoon. Mayura tells him how dare he talk like that with her father. Mayura’s labor pain starts.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. But I’m not understanding any more a tube!!!! Didn’t you realize that Omkare had changed? And now he starts again with his obsession with the support of his mother!!!!

  2. They should have end the story at the good note and happy ending the other day. But no, they continue to feed us this more shitty stories. I am quitting this show. Not worth it to continue. Mayura should just continue single and focus to be a doctor that come back with that crazy and fool Omkar

  3. Who Agrima Devi ? She’s good person or not ?

    sometimes it hurts to watch this serial, Omkar Ji don’t be old Omkar.

    -from Malaysia 🇲🇾

  4. Madhusree Bose

    Was a fan of this serial bcoz I really thought Omkar has changed but no the writers have to make him a illiterate, obsessed fool.I’m done with this show… 🙏

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