Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 2nd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Gudiya realizes Sarla is really unwell

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 2nd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe trying to talk to Sarla. Sarla lies on the bed to sleep. Gudiya says who will make food now. Rajjo tells that just as she enters the kitchen, she gets gas problem. Sweety jokes saying what will happen if Bua ji goes to hotel. Radhe says Chanchal will make food. Chanchal says I will not make food. Gudiya says Bau ji will make food. Sarla laughs. Gudiya says you are laughing as if nobody works here and tells that my Bau ji will make food in mins. Radhe says yes, I can. He says she thinks that world don’t work without her. Gudiya asks Pappu to go and help Bau ji. Radhe says Pappu is his mother’s puppet. Pappu says I will help you and goes to kitchen. Sarla gets up and thinks she shall make tea for them. Radhe goes to kitchen and tells that he will make tea. Chanchal comes there and tells that even though she drinks coffee, but will make tea for her. Sarla gets upset. Gudiya asks Sarla to go to room and rest, says Bau ji is handling your responsibility. Radhe makes tea and serves to everyone. Nanhe lal asks him to give tea to Samdhan ji. Chanchal taunts her and takes the tea. Sarla refuses to drink tea. Chanchal asks Radhe to play cards with her. Radhe says lets go.

Sarla tells Gudiya that she is feeling fine after having tablet, but this lady..referring to Chanchal. Gudiya says you got a good chance to rest and asks her to go to room. Sarla looks at everyone playing cards with Chanchal. She is about to go to kitchen and make food. Gudiya asks her not to take tension and give rest to her body. Sarla says let me make food. Gudiya gives her promise asking her to rest. Sarla thinks what will happen with the food now. Gudiya signs her to rest. They go on planning. Chanchal says they are playing good. Gudiya says she is hungry. Pappu and Sweety tell that even they are hungry. Nanhe lal tells that he has ordered food from outside. Everyone gets happy. Bantu tells that Nani is not hungry. They start having food and find it too spicy. Nanhe lal says he will not leave the hotel guys. Pappu says we have to eat this food only. Sarla hears her and goes to kitchen. Gudiya says I gave you promise, you can’t make food. Sarla asks her to take back the promise. Gudiya refuses and asks her to go to room. Sarla goes. Gudiya comes back to Radhe and others. Radhe asks what she was telling her? Gudiya says Amma was showing sympathy on us and went to make food, but I told that bau ji and bhaiyya are not useless and will make food. Radhe says yes.

Pappu asks Radhe, why they are having difficulty to make food. Radhe says Sarla used to cut veggies before. Pappu looks at Sarla and cuts the vegetables. Radhe kneads the flour and makes rotis. Kawwa chala dekho hans ki chaal plays…..Sarla comes to the kitchen seeing their failure and asks Gudiya to take back the promise, else she will go to Mahua. Gudiya takes back the promise. Sarla goes to kitchen and asks Radhe to go. Radhe says we are making food. Pappu says we shall let Amma make food. Radhe goes. Sarla makes food and serves to everyone. They all eat food. Pappu and Sweety like the food. Chanchal says she couldn’t get taste as she is having cold. Radhe says food is good. Rajjo says Sarla has done wonders today. Gudiya notices Sarla as she goes to room. She finds everyone playing antakshiri while Sarla sleeps. She tells them that Kalyug came and asks pappu to see amma, as her leg is in pain. Radhe says she needs attention. Gudiya says Amma is not doing drama, I understand her. Radhe says I couldn’t understand her, then how you will find out. They continue play antakshiri with them. Gudiya takes Bantu to Sarla’s room and tells that she knows that Amma does drama sometimes, but this time she is not doing drama, tells that everyone shall understand that they shall not make her work in every situation. Bantu asks what we can do? Gudiya says she will take advice from Nanhe Chacha.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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