Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 1st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Sargam devises a plan to control Asha Amar’s anger

Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 1st March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Asha Amar calls out Pinki jee asking why did she park her scotty infront of their gate once again, Pinki jee asks why is he shouting in the morning as people get up in the morning yet he still is ruining her morning, he asks if she did not see what they have written in front of their gate, Pinki jee says that it is written that she can park her scooty, Asha Amar insist her to come and remove her scooty from their gate when she asks him to do something else as when she would come down then would remove the scooty, Chedilal mentions how Pinki is saying he truth as he should focus on something else as he feels that Asha Amar might be sleeping with a hot pan.

Asha Amar enters the house and calls his lawyer friend requesting him to file a case against Pinki as only then would they be able to get free from her scooty, Appu asks him to get aside from the camera, Asthik is performing the pooja when Asha Amar says to his lawyer friend how he doesnot pay any heed to his degree then spits on the face of Asthik, he calls a client and tries to explain his policy however the caller finally ends the call after making the excuse of low network which irritates him even more, he finally stumbles into Alukik and is then not able to control himself so pushes him away, Sargam exclaims how he is once again really angry, Alukik exclaims how it is different this time.

The worker of the shop reveals to Chedilal how he has saved the money by walking to the bank, Chedilal says that he is his son, Alukik questions then what relation do they have with him, Asha Amar is dealing with a lady showing her the sarree however she doesnot like any which he shows, she is on the call with someone named as Babu, Asha Amar is not able to control his anger and when the lady once again asks him to show her another sample, he gets mad shouting at her mentioning how she doesnot look like Anushka Sharma, Asha Amar says how he would not even keep her as a mannequin in their shop, the lady gets mad then everyone tries to change her mind, Appu is ready to deal with her when Chedilal orders Asha to deal with the other women, she is not ready to deal with him, the lady walks out crying and meets Babu who is an inspector at the government, he threatens to ruin them.

Appu reads the notice which Babu has sent as then he would have their shop demolished because they believe that there are some Murti underneath his shop, Sargam says how the women is ready to stop the demolition if Asha Amar agrees to apologize and watch Ae Dil hai Mushkil. Asha Amar says how he would not apologize even when Chedilal says that he should not ensure that their last shop is demolished as then they would be forced to beg, Asha Amar leaves when Chedilal asks Sargam to do something.

Sargam calls everyone, Chedilal asks why did she call them when she asks what does she have in her hand, Appu calls to the bangles, when Dada jee mentions how they all know she is carrying the book, Sargam explains the book is focused with ideas to control the anger, Akki says to Asha Amar how the book is for him, Asha Amar orders him to be quiet, Sargam reads out the instructions in the first chapter, which states that the person should remove anything that is in his heart which is a method to remove stress.

Asha Amar starting with their father, says how he is really a minimizer as he pleaded for just five more rupees which Chedilal was not able to provide, he also named him Asha Amar which was the reason for his ridicule, he at one point was also confused if he was a man, he then turning to Asthik exclaims that he brought the proposal for him, he is actually the one who ruined his life and when he himself was about to get married, he took the path of being single.

Appu stops Asthik which turns the attention of Asha Amar to him, he revels to Sargam how her husband says a lot of bad things relating to her mother while Appu tries to signal how it is not the case, he is adamant to cut the hair of Alukik revealing that he doesnot like his stupidity at all and also says how Eklawya cannot even speak two words properly but acts as if he is really smart, he is about to turn his attention towards Sargam when they show him the statue of his divorced wife, he after shouting at her is about to break the neck when they all rush to stop him stating that it is just a mannequin, when he leaves Chedilal exclaims that he would not be able to control himself, Sargam is optimistic as it is just the first chapter.

Sargam asks Asha Amar that they should once again start it, he reveals saying how he has flushed out the anger when Sargam says that it would be family members who would say angry things to him, and he would not say anything.

Sargam pleads with Asha Amar to sit then asks the father to start and he exclaims how Asha Amar who is the eldest of his children is really stupid as he was not even able to pass the exam even when he arranged for anything which was required saying that one also has to study, he signals the Grandfather who also exclaims how they should have kept his name as the failure.

Chedilal signals to Asthik who mentions that even when the young are not supposed to say anything, he would only say how he feels like to punch him in the back till the time it swells, he also mentions how he is their elder and should not tease them as they also have feelings, , he also signals Appu who yells at Asha Amar mentioning how they also have feelings and when his wife used to say how he is the only one who failed twelve times in the exam, he would feel really nice as they also have feelings.

Alukik stands in front of Asha Amar, he says to Sargam that everyone has spoken what she wrote but he would also like to add something of his own, they hear the cries of the market association against Asha, he shouts in anger when Sargam advises him to remain calm while they handle it.

Chedilal asks Alukik to go out and talk with the association however he doesnot, Appu then leaves and comes back after some time holding his mouth not saying anything, Eklawya asks to say it clearly that he was beaten, Appu reveals how they have threatened to beat everyone in the house if the shop is demolished, they are shocked to see Asha Amar tearing the cushion in anger. Chedilal asks if he would be able to control the anger, Sargam apologizes as they might not be able to save his shop.

Precap: Asha Amar is dancing with joy when Appu says how her idea has helped Asha Bhai, he accidently drops a lantern which causes a fight between him and Chedilal so he also asks Sargam to stop her idea, Babu orders Asha to plead for forgiveness and get on his knees before apologizing.

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