Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Mayura rejects Omkar’s proposal

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 1st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Omkar’s mom takes evil eye off him. She asks the servants to crush the lemons. Kundan’s family comes to the house. Mayura welcomes them. Mayura says give me money first. Everyone says what? Mayura says this is ritual. Kundan gives her money. Mayura says welcome. The servant says the lemon came out. I hope everything works fine.

Megha is worried. Mayura says it’s your day only. Don’t worry about anything. It will all be fine. Omkar says today is our day Mayura. You will be mine only. He imagines her has a bride. He’s on his way. He texts Pyush missing you.

Megha is brought downstairs. She sits with Kundan. Mayura coughs and says eye locks. Mayura is in tears. She recalls her moments with Megha. Megha says come let’s take a selfie. They take selfies together.

Omkar is on his way. Mayura’s dad says it’s a happy day. Don’t cry. Mayura dances with her friends. She brings Kundan and Megha on the floor as well. The entire family dances together.

Scene 2
Omkar and his mom come there. She says there is already decoration. He says it’s pooja as well today. A girl says that Omkar. Are they here for Mayura’s proposal. Omkar enters the house. Mayura takes selfie and sees him in the camera. Mayura is shocked. Omkar looks at her. She falls on him. Mayura says what are you doing here? I am sorry but.. You here? A man says that’s sangemarmar sartaj ji. Mayura’s dad says you? Surekha says would you take tea? He says are you Mayura’s mom? He touches her feet. Omkar says to Megha and Kundan happy wedding. Today is double happiness. Your both daughters will get married today. Everyone is shocked. He says maa come in. Everyone is confused and in a shock.

Omkar’s mom makes Megha wear a necklace and says diamond necklace. Looks good on you. She gives Kundan a gold watch. Kundan’s mom says we are lucky. Omkar’s mom says your fate is written by Gold. Omkar fell in love with you the moment he saw you. He came here for your proposal. My Sangemarmar sartaj came himself. She says do Omi and Mayura’s shagun today as well. She says bahu (DIL) come. She is about to make Mayura wear chunri. Mayura throws it and says no. I don’t want to marry Sangemarmar Sartaj.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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