Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Shri Ram is born, Maruti greets his Aaradhya

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 2nd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jaamvant liking the decoration of Shri Ram’s room which Maruti has done. He asks Maruti, how he will make the cradle swing. Maruti swings the cradle with his tail and tells that he will make Prabhu sleep like this and will sing lori for him. Dasharath and his wives come there. Maruti greets him. Dasharath asks who is going to come? Maruti tells that his Prabhu is going to come. Dasharath asks who is your Prabhu? Maruti says he can’t be described in words and sings Ram shri Ram jai jai Ram. All the Gods look on happy hearing his bhajan. Dasharath asks where is your Prabhu? Maruti says I shall ask you this and tells that your would be child is my Prabhu. He says I have come here for him. Dasharath gets angry and tells that he can’t become a father and he has no kids. He says if you was not a kid then I would have punished you surely. Kaushalya asks Dasharath to calm down and tells that Maruti is a child. Dasharath says if you are done then I will leave after sending you from here.

Maruti comes to Rishi Vashisht and asks him what is the reason for Dasharath’s anger. Rishi Vashisht tells that he will show him that painful moment rather than telling him. He takes Maruti to a place and tells that some incident had happened here. Maruti asks what was the reason? He looks at the (Asthi Kalash) pot and sees Dasharath killing Shravan with an arrow accidently. He apologizes to Shravan. Shravan tells that he is not sad about his death, but worried about his old parents, who will take care of them. Dasharath takes the asthi kalash to Shravan’s old parents. They ask him about their son. Dasharath gives his introduction to them and tells that their son was killed by him accidently. Shravan’s gets shocked. Rishi Shantanu, Shravan’s father curses Dasharath that his death reason will be separation from son. Dasharath says no and cries. Fb ends. Rishi Vashisht tells that until he stops feeling guilty, he will not wish to have children. Maruti says he has forgotten his duty of a king and tells that he will make him remember his duty.

He comes to Palace. Dasharath apologizes to Maruti about his behavior and asks why he wants to know about his ancestors. Maruti tells that he wants to know about them. Dasharath tells about his ancestors, Raja Ashfagu, Raja Harishchandra and Raja Raghu…He tells that he is proud of his Kul. Maruti asks why are you stopping your Kul? Dasharath asks what do you mean? Maruti asks if I do something wrong then will you punish my parents or Sumeru? Dasharath says no. Maruti says like wise, that curse was on you and not on your family. Dasharath tells that he is repenting for his deeds. Maruti asks if you go to jungle then who will take this legacy forward. He asks do you want your Kul’s greatness to end with you. Dasharath sits down and cries. He says stop it Maruti. I will cancel my wish to go to Jungle and swears to his ancestors that he will get a son. Rishi Vashisht comes there and tells that they have to do a yagya so that Dasharath gets a son. He says your son will be known for year. They do havan. Agni Dev comes out and asks him to make his wife have the divine kheer. He says you will get a son who will set the dharm which you have never thought of. Maruti asks Dasharath to give the divine kheer to his wives. Dasharath comes to his wives and asks them to have divine kheer. Maruti sees Dasharath’s wives sharing the kheer and thinks who is my Prabhu’s mother among them.

Later Dasharath waits for his son’s birth. Maruti asks Shri Ram to come and tells that he is waiting for him. A son is born to Kaushalya. Maruti gets happy hearing baby cries. Dai Maa informs Dasharath that son is born. Maruti says my Prabhu has come, Jai shri Ram. He comes running inside the room and walks towards the baby. He looks at the divine feet of the baby and touches his feet. All the Gods bless Maruti. Maruti greets him and looks at Shri Ram’s face. He says my Aaradhya……

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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