Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Akbar does second marriage to Tara Bai

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The episode starts with Maharaj coming to Maharani in the room. Maharani demands her gift locket. Akbar says he was caught by enemies, what if he had lost the war only because of a necklace. Changez, the lion laughs. Maharani was upset that he is no more her old Maharaj, it is rightly said that she turned worthless after marriage. Akbar was offended that he never casts an eye on any other girl except her. At that time, Maharani’s brother come to take Maharaj to the guest room, where he kept his guest ladies. Maharani goes to see the guests. Maharaj was furious over his brother in law.

In the guest room, Shekhu also joins in to meet the guests. The lady steps out of her cart. Shekhu’s eyes pops out. Maharani looks towards Akbar quizzically. Akbar stammers as he introduces Tara Bhai, the older lady. Shekhu goes to the younger girl and complements her. Maharaj was angry at Sheikhu. Maharani sides her son, then tells him to stay silent and let her understand the matter. Akbar explains to Maharani that when Raja Arjun Rana was defeated, he said that these ladies were his servants. Tara Bai was furious. Akbar intervenes and says she is Maharani, he will have to explain it to her. He continues to Maharani that Raja Arjun Rana pleaded him to take these ladies along, as they acquire a status of family. He requested to keep these two in his special supervision. Maharani asks if he said a yes at once. Akbar says he took his time. He tells Maharani that they were Dasi. Maharani wonders why they are wearing clothes of servants. Akbar claims they were special to queen and wore similar clothes as queen. Maharani asks why he is replying in their place? Maharaj says they are dumb by birth. Maharani was softened at heart and apologizes Tara Bai. The younger girl introduces herself as not a deaf, and special dancer. Maharani allows both of them to stay here, Tara Bai would stay in the room besides her, and act as her Daasi. The ladies go inside. Akbar stops Sheikhu from going inside.

At the back yard, Akbar takes an aim of an apple in pendulum. Changez was appreciative. Akbar wished Changez was his son instead of Sheru. The younger girl comes there. Maharaj tells everyone to leave. Tara Bai had come to fight Maharaj. Tara Bai questions how it feels when a filthy shawl is hung over someone’s golden face? And how does it feel if someone is prohibited from jumping off the roof? Thirdly, she asks the height of the palace from which she will jump in three days (on the day of Karawachot). She married him after being impressed by his attitude and here, he turned her into a Daasi. Akbar requests to wait for the right time and moves towards her. She forbids him to come closer till he can acclaim their marriage.

In the room, the younger girl compels Tara that she wishes Maharaj accepts her in front of Maharani as soon as possible.

The people were worried that Maharaj has implemented tax even on rain. All at once, it starts raining gold coins. People recognizes Insaf. Insaf distributes the gold coins. Insaf speaks to Ram Bhai that it seems his wife has gone to parents; his dress is filled with flour stains and he looks upset as well. He speaks to another fellow about his work as well. Lal Langot takes Insaf’s attention that Maharaj would be even furious.

In the court, Akbar inquires the ministers in court. Minister’s face was covered in black stain and they were unrecognizable. Akbar was furious and instructs his brother in law, Vijay to read Insaf’s letter. He reads, May Akbar live long so that he can meet him, he will come to palace to meet him and will take a priceless jewel in return. Hopes he would not mind.

Lal Langot was scared about going to palace. Insaf says Lal Langot always acts as coward. Lal Langot clarifies that his name is Rafiq. Insaaf was unmoved.

Akbar decides to provide justice to his subjects and show their strength. By capturing Insaf, they should rid their people of fright and any fear. Vijay and Shekhu do not understand his meaning of Insaf. Maharaj decides to announce a celebration. Insaf will surely come to the celebration and feast. Insaf was determined to go to feast and unveil the injustice of Maharaj.

PRECAP: A thief was captured and brought to Maharaj. There, Maharani confronts Tara Bai and finds about Maharaj. She points a sword towards Maharaj, Tara Bai screams and runs aside while the sword struck Maharaj.

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