Phir Subah Hogi 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 6th March 2013 Written Update

TVS and Sugni search for a shelter and TVS says he would have killed Divakar had he met me alone. Sufni is tired and cant walk a step and TVS carries her and she looks at him O re piya in the background. Reva and Naganiya blame each other for their plan failure .Reva asks her to get her water and Naganiya refuses and tells both are of equal status. Reva is thirsty she goes to find some water. RAMLILA is going on and Rewa sees SUMAN duplicate(look alike) there. She is scared
TVS knocks a door and says his car had a breakdown the precap scene showed and TVS stares at her disturbed. Nagainys is waiting for Suman and Reva comes and falls at her feet and she says she saw Suman’s ghost. Naganiya says don’t talk about ghost and Naganiya says she is mad and no one is there in the Ramlila. Then she turms and sees Suman there who is smiling and Naganiya runs away saying bhoot but sits back and that woman says do I look so bad and Suman says decide whether I am a Thakurian or ghost and then she invites them for the Ramlila and goes Reva and Nagainya plan and think she is not Suman and plan to go to the Haveli.
TVS gives money as rent to the women who fleeces money from then and says breakfast will cost more. Sugni is angry and TVS asks her why she said she was his wife and she says no one becomes a wife by just saying it . TVS sleeps on the chair and Sugni on the bed . She stares at him and in the background O re piya and she remembers all her current moments with him and then she also suddenly gets the visuals of the old life. All the lovely moments shown. A cute scene and she thinks there is some relations between them and she likes it.
Its morning and both Reva and Nagania are sleeping they wake up and see that no one is there. They see that the haveli gate is closed and Hukum comes there and says who are you. Hukum sees Naganiya who scolds him of ignoring her and cries Naganiya says when he came to know everything who replies he came to know when Suman poured water on him and beat him left and right with a stick. Hukum pretends Naganiya was dead and he says he is innocent but Suman does not believe him and she sends him out to guard the security of Mansion. Naganiya says you betrayed me but he pleads he is innocent. Reva says keep quiet lets plan something. She asks when Suman came to your room then they think that women is someone else.
Reva says there is a look alike of Suman and thinks she has won a lottery and now Suman will be wiped out of the mansion. Suman comes out and shouts at Hukum who are these women .Reva turns and she says how dare you come again near this haveli.

PRECAP TVS comes and says Chulbuli and when he sees her in a red sari he watches her mesmerized both look at each other and O re piya in the background.

Update Credit to: chalhov

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