Kya Hua Tera Vaada 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 6th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Bulbul chides Vihaan for lying about employing people in his company..! She chides him for giving people false hope… just to become HERO ..! She tells Vihaan that he has increased trouble for Shyam.. ! Bulbul tells Vihaan that she hates lies..! Vihaan self thought..that he loves this aspect of Bulbul that she is worried about others more than herself..!

Mona tells Rano to wake Rajbeer up and have breakfast.. ! She notices.. Rano all decked up..! Rano tells that professional grooming classes are starting n she might get late.. so not to worry! Mona says..fine..! Rano turns to leave .. n Mona asks if she does not have anything else to say? Rano says. .nope..! Mona tells that she had shared that she got an order for making 250 tiffins.. so..! Rano hugs and congratulates Mona n takes her blessing n leaves! She tells Mona that she is not doing fair with Bulbul by giving tiffin to her! Monas mom asks her to keep an eye on Rano..! Mona says.. nothing like that.. n Rano will do big things n her mom warns that hope they are not big troubles..!

At home, Vihaan is lost in thoughts of Bulbul ..! Jatin asks him what is the matter ..? Vihaan says.. he is lost in thoughts..! Jatin says that as if he was in a condition to think! Vihaan says that someone scolded him ..n still he is smiling..! He asks if Jatin thinks he is nuts? Jatin asks if he is in love with this girl? Vihaan says.. no ..n that there is no place for love.. but there is a connection. .n he cares for her.. she has a large heart.. n thinks of others.. always..n helps all..! He says.. she is ..n Jatin smiles..! Vihaan says..he is not in love.. ! He says that no one can return to him what Anika took from him..! He says that.. he cares for this new girl.. as she reminded him to care..! Jatin says..he understands .. as he knows someone who worries for others more than self..! He asks Vihaan to have coffee..!

Anu calls Rano in her cabin n introes her to her assistants..! She excuses herself..! Rano greets the others.. n they are b*t*hy with her..! Rano praises the girls shoes.. n the girl says..its outdated..! The girl taunts her about her top..! Rano shares that she bought from roadside..! The girls say.. roadside people .. n roadside style..! Anu tells Rano that she will show her the office…! Rano says.. AUNTY n then says Mam. .cant do dont deserve it..! Anu says.. to call her Anu Aunty.. not Mam..! She says that she will set right anyone taunting her.. n that she deserves to work there. so get to it..!

Mona asks Rajbeer to hurry or they will get late..! Rajbeer offers to drive the car .. but Mona says.. he isnt 18 so no…! Rajbeers cell rings and he is shocked to hear…! Mona asks the matter..! Rajbeer says ..that he will talk to his friend later..!

At the office.. Vihaan greets Bulbul n says that he wanted to talk to her about whatever that happened..! He says..he wants to explain…! Bulbul says..she doesnt wanna listen..! Vihaan says.. if he can get coffee? Bulbul asks if farmer suicide file is ready? Vihaan tries to explain. .but Bulbul cuts him short n says..that..sorry to ask him to work… as he is the owner.. n will manage..! She walks past him! Vihaan offers to help..! Bulbul taunts him that he should set big targets for the employees..! Vihaan tears a paper to help Bulbul .. but she fumes n says.. what use talking to someone who does not value money!

Part 2

Jatin is talking to someone to ensure that the 250 lunch contract goes thru well ..! Bulbul barges in. .says sorry n then starts to crib .. about how Vihaan blew it.. n that they need to fire him! Jatin asks ..who is she talking about? Bulbul says.. the biggest idiot in the office.. VIHAAN! Jatin asks the matter? Bulbul says.. about the matter .. n Jatin compliments n then Bulbul talks of how Vihaan made job offer …! She talks about how if Jatin does not give the guy job .. there will be trust issues..! Bulbul is all hyper but then requests not to fire Vihaan…n give him a chance n to appoint Shyam! Jatin proposes to appoint Shyam under her..! Bulbul says . .no ..! She requests Jatin not to fire Vihaan..n that he needs money for his grandmas treatment..! Bulbul blabbers on as to how to accomodate Shyam n offers to give her salary to Shyam..! Jatin asks to let him handle it! Bulbul turns to leave n sees Vihaan n tells him that she tried to save his job but he will get admonished.. a lot!

Vihaan asks Jatin the matter? Jatin says.. Bulbul is the girl who cares for all n if he wants to know about her caring for him .. then she cares for him n asks him to tell Bulbul the truth.. before its too late! Right then an assistant comes n informs Jatin that Mona is there!

Part 3

Jatin eats and Mona looks on ! Jatins cell rings and he says he will call later as he is busy! He tells Mona that the order will be Monas .. as he had promised.. but .. if she can do 249 instead of 250! Mona says that he cancelled his order? She says..she should have asked him before cooking..! Jatin says nothing like that..! Mona says.. so he din like it? Then why give order to her? IF he is disappointed? Jatin tells Mona that when he was a kid.. his granny used to pamper him so his habit got ruined n he got fat..! He says that. .if he eats food cooked by Mona he will get lazy.. so who will work! Mona laufs. .n says..he scared her n his jokes are like jalebis..! Jatin says.. to pack jalebis for him n Mona says he had cancelled his order? Jatin says.. he can eat from anyones tiffin as he is boss! He tells her that he is giving her the order for her amazing cooking! Mona thanks him n says that wonder how he looked as a rolly polly kid.. n that she too was rolly polly! Duo lauf..!

Precap — Bulbul asks the matter? Vihaan asks Bulbul to drink water n then closes all the blinds of her office! Bulbul wonders the matter..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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