Savitri 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 6th March 2013 Written Update

Savitri doesnt see the Mayavi book. Instead she notices the clock has stopped Mishti tells he to go to sleep as its late.

Ashtanemo tells senior Baba he stopped Gulika from stealing the book and has left it in a place where she cant get to it. Gulika will do anything to take revenge and also to get the book. Senior Baba tells Ashtanemi their aim is to protect Savitri and the Mayavi book by all means until Savitri and Satya become one.

Gulika, the bird, is flying over Kolkata. Satya is in his car talking to himself that he will go to the chuch and propose to Savitri and tell her how much he loves her.
On the way he sees a bride whos car has broken down. He gives them a lift saying he is also going to the church.
He reaches the church where Savitri is playing the piano. He walks behind the bride until the altar. There he sees Savitri and winks at her (Aww he looks cute )
Everyone gives him a clap for helping the bride get to church He thanks them and everything and everybody in the church. He starts ranting which amuses everyone in the church. He then starts praising Savitri which she blushes to Satyua starts to talk about himself to Savitri telling her all that he can do (first time i’ve seen a proposal like this on indian TV, watch the scene its really good ). The bride tells him to get to the point quick

Satya takes a red rose out from his pocket, goes down on one knee and holds it out to Savitri who is surprised. Everyone in the church looks on admiringly. He tells Savitri he loves her and will she marry him. Savitri looks happy. Everyone in the church tell her to say yes. Mishti tells her to say yes or else she will run away with Satya Satya also urges Savitri to say yes. She takes her hand out slowly to take the rose. She has flashbacks of when Satya touches her she gets flashbacks of RK. She takes her hand back and tells Satya she cant marry him Satya is shocked. Savitri apologises to him and quickly runs out from the church. He covers up his sadness in front of everyone saying it was his first time proposing and he’ll try again. Mother Superior, Mishti and everyone in the church are sad for him
He tells them all not to worry as they next time they all meet, hopefully it will be in the same atmosphere as today but he will be the groom and his Savitri will be the bride (he says meri Savitri ). He leaves the church but is really sad.

Savitri is in the kitchen when Mother Superior comes, grabs her arm and angrily takes Savitri to the church which is now empty.
She takes her to the front of the church and tells Savitri to tell her the truth that she does not like Satya. Savitri doesnt answer. MS tells her everyone gets a life partner but not a real life partner. It took a lot of guts for him to propose to her in front of everyone. Why did she turn him down. Savitri in tears tells MS she hasnt the strength to tell him her life is not normal. How she can see and talk to the dead. Satya is a very straight person but her life is full of riddles.
MS tells her she cant spend her life in a convent because of this fear. She has to step out of this church and live her life. Jesus has sent Satya into her life as she deserves all the happiness which she never got. True love is what comes looking for you and Satya has found you. Dnot lose it. Savitri thinking about what MS just told her.

Bengali song on and Satya walking sadly. He sees the two men whom he first gave a lift to on his bike.

Update Credit to: FIZK6

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