The Buddy Project 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 6th March 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 6th March 2013 Written Update

Buddies are talking in cafe. Piddi says that Banga had made a full plan to sabotage them via the viva. KD comments it was nice Banga didn’t ask Piddi any computer related questions. Piddi smiles sheepishly and says he only knows how to search and delete history on computer. Panchi asks Piddi in a clueless way as to why does he clear his history everytime he uses the computer, much to the Buddies’ discomfort but KD clears his throat and manages to change the subject saying it was nice JJ bought Hedge along with him else they were history! They are having a merry time when KD gets a call and he gets away quietly. It’s TSG still blackmailing him. Kiya notices KD talking and she signals RV to go listen to him. RV sneaks behind the pillar to listen in closely. TSG is saying that he didn’t want to do something drastic but KD left him no choice. KD angrily disconnects the call. He looks around at Buddies but Kiya looks away before he can notice her staring at him. Just then, RV comes from behind the pillar and KD is surprised/nervous seeing RV giving him knowing looks. JJ comes there and sees RanSh looking at each other and asks KD what’s wrong? KD says it’s nothing and JJ asks were the loan sharks on the phone. KD nods though RV doesn’t buy it.

JJ announces that Banga is no longer the principal of RA. This makes the Buddies extremely happy and they dance around a little in celebration. When they are done, Samar asks JJ if he’s gonna be the next Principal and JJ jokes that he’s not that old! For now, someone from the Trustees will act as the acting principal and then a new prinicpal will be hired for the next academic session. Samar comments this calls for a party and buddies cheer in agreement. JJ reminds them that it’s exam time. Bobby requests JJ to allow them some time to party and Kiya suggests they all should go for a treat outside. Juhi wants JJ to PWU – Party With Us. All the buddies plead JJ to say yes and he gives in. Buddies cheer. KD says he can’t go out with them, he has to leave for classes and the Buddies seem a little dejected. RV snaps, “Not done!” in his usual tashan manner, much to the Buddies shock but then he continues cheerfully that they will party only when everyone is free. JJ is happy seeing them this friendly. KD and RV shake hands and KD thanks RV by calling him “Buddy”. They make a plan for Sunday and KD leaves. Behind him, Kiya looks on worriedly.

KD arrives in class and sees his students look tensed. He asks them what’s wrong and apologizes that he was late. One of the guys says today is going to be their last class. KD asks them why? Is he not teaching them well? The guy says that they are getting threatining calls and texts that if they continue going to KD’s class, it won’t be nice for them. He shows KD some texts. Just then, TSG calls KD who says if KD wishes for the well being of his students, he should say yes to his offer else next time he would complete his threats and break someone’s leg. KD is about to retort angrily but TSG tells him to tread carefully, the exam he wants KD to sit in is extremely close to KD better say yes soon.

The call drops and KD looks worried. The guy asks KD what if someone harm comes to them and it’s exam time. KD tells them not to worry, they better go and concentrate on their studies on their own, he’d take care of the calls. He says he would refund their money. Another of the guys steps up and says it’s not about money, just that he’s sorry they couldn’t help KD. KD says it’s alright, things happen. The students leave and KD is left behind worried.

Kiya comes just as the students leave. She asks KD about them and KD makes up an excuse that their parents want them to study under a qualified teacher rather than a school student. Kiya asks him about his loan and KD says it’s his problem, he’ll deal with it. She doesn’t have to worry. Kiya is worried and she says now it’ll be more difficult to arrange money. KD thinks about TSG’s offer of money and that he has no choice. He says to Kiya that some solution would come up and smiles at her in reassurance.

Next day at RA! PanHi are walking and Juhi is excitedly telling Panchi that life has become like a fairytale now that viva is over and they’ve passed. Everything is beautiful and it seems like there is music all around them. Panchi comments that there is actually music playing somewhere. They go outside the classroom but the door is locked. Inside, RV has played music on his cell and he is enjoying seeing someone who has hidden his face under a dupatta dance. The door opens and they step inside. Panchi is super shocked! She scolds Piddi for bringing a dancing girl in school. Then moves on to RV who is throwing money at the dancing girl. Then to Bobby who is laughing. She threatens them to cut it out or she’ll report to school authority and RV just points in a “see for yourself” manner at the dancing girl who turns out to be, you guessed it, VATS!

Juhi takes out her cell and starts doing her usual photography. Vats pleads them to take no photos then goes on to say that he always liked them, he was just influenced by Banga wrongly. Thank God Banga is gone! RV tells him to dance and Piddi says that Vats should entertain them well. The dance continues and Juhi hands the phone to Panchi and joins Piddi and Vats in dancing. Panchi is clicking the pics and accidentally opens Juhi’s pic folder. She is confused and STTC that Juhi has so many pics of Samar in her phone. Is she obsessed with Samar? She gets fbs of Juhi being hurt over Panchi going to NYP with Samar. Epiphany moment! OMG! Juhi’s in love with SAMAR!!

Juhi notices Panchi smiling like a Cheshire cat (I dedicate this idiom to my best friend Sam who always uses the point of annoyance ) and asks her what’s wrong with her? Panchi shows her the pic of Samar on her phone and asks what’s this? Juhi tries to snatch the phone from Panchi but Panchi runs away with Juhi following her. As Panchi is running around RV, who is sitting on the desk, holds her hand (Me = You guys have no idea how much I missed this casual skinship!! <3) to stop her as Juhi takes hold of Panchi from behind. He tells her to stop it as it's not a chicken sandwich and asks her to return the phone to Juhi. Panchi breaks free and says it's a secret in her phone and runs away from the class. Piddi is curious about the girls and RV suggests that they go check out the big secret. To Vats he says, "Chamiya. Your item is over!"Outside, they start playing pass the phone Juhi is going from Buddy to Buddy for her phone. Piddi passes it to RV who throws it and KD catches it. She begs him to return it and he asks what's in the phone? She doesn't answer so he doesn't return. She frowns and KD asks Panchi what's in the phone. Panchi teases Juhi as she is about to answer but she doesn't. Piddi emotional blackmails Juhi that it's no big deal to tell what's in the phone. He goes all dramatic to get the answer but Juhi is tight lipped. Panchi tells them that Juhi is in love. Piddi says what's the big deal if she's in love with Justin Beiber? Panchi says it's not a celeb crush but it's love! RV adds Ishq Wala Love and Panchi affirms. She spills the beans that Juhi is in love with Samar much to Buddies' surprise. Piddi becomes excited and tells her to go propose now. Juhi is about to say something but stops as she notices Samar coming towards them with a curious expression on his face. Juhi begs them not to tell him anything and Panchi says they won't but when will she tell him? She promises to do it ASAP. Samar comes there and asks what's happening? RV pinches Samar on the cheek and leaves. Panchi playfully punches him and leaves giggling. KD holds Samar from the shoulders and leaves after saying, "Nice Nawab!" Samar is getting confused now when he sees Piddi giggling.Kiya at TBC and RV brings her a coffee. He sits beside her and asks what's bothering her. She says that the tuition money won't be enough for KD to pay his debts and tells him everything that happened at the CC. RV says if nothing happens, he'll give money to KD. Kiya rolls her eyes that if that was possible, all this problem would've been solved ages ago. She is worried that KD might do something wrong for money and tells her about KD with TSG. RV says that won't happen, KD maybe egoistic but he isn't demented that he'd do something illegal and ruin his life. Kiya is not assured. RV says if she thinks something or someone is bothering KD, he'd go and ask him directly. He knows that they aren't enemies anymore and not yet bosom friends but it's something that even a new friend can ask. He puts his hand on Kiya's arm and tells her not to worry and concentrate on her studies (Eargasm Part 2. A BG music with piano and guitar...are the music people on roll? It's effin' AWESOME!!!) Just then Panchi comes and sees RV's hand on Kiya's arm. RV notices her and quickly takes off his hand from Kiya's arm with somewhat a guilty expression on his face, which Panchi doesn't fail to catch (and the music changes to that of a electric guitar! Now I'm screaming like a mad fangirl! AAAHHH!!!!!) and she leaves from there. RV watches her leave and has this worried expression on his face (Eff you CVs. Two days back to back with awesome blossom RaHi moments? But not gonna hope much! All I can say is, keep em' coming! )Precap – KD giving some money to loan sharks and asking for some more time to pay the full money. KD agrees to do TSG’s job.

Update Credit to: Mais

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